Halal dating yahoo groups

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halal dating yahoo groups

It is Islamically permissible for a couple to meet in chaperoned, or group environment. . "This "Sex and the City" group consists mostly of Muslim men who date. well there is a halal dating that shia do u can try it as well if you want to!! Its called MUTA. % free loves to make strong groups web yahoo. Possible duplicate of dating is dating is sex before marriage, his christmas gift for that it is a year. My. Ote: is.

Unlike previous Yahoo products, this product was designed to allow much deeper levels of user control over creation, membership and overall direction of communities. Development was led by Doug Hirsch [5] product management and Matt Jackson lead engineerboth of whom have since left the company.

Clubs quickly grew to be one of the largest traffic-generating products within the Yahoo! About eight months later, the new Yahoo! Groups product was launched which merged eGroups. The resulting product is typically one of the Top-five page-view-generating sites across the Yahoo network. Groups functionality remained static between and This has created what some view as an "underground" atmosphere for Yahoo!

While it is unclear whether the intention of Yahoo! Ina revived ability to generate revenue through targeted search-related advertising resulted in renewed interest, which has slowly received new features since then.

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Answers module[ edit ] In Yahoo! Groups introduced an option to add a Yahoo! Answers module at the bottom of group homepages.

Group managers can control whether the module will appear on their Group homepage and if so, the type of Yahoo! Answers category to be included. Advanced Message Search[ edit ] Also inYahoo! Groups introduced an improved message search that includes an Advanced Message Search allowing a search by on any combination of message date, author, subject and message body.

Profile [10] replacing the Group profiles and Yahoo! The use of "adult" profiles was discontinued at that time. Before this new feature was introduced, Group managers had to use their personal address even when making official Group announcements. Forward button removed from Yahoo! Groups[ edit ] On Feb 4,the Yahoo! Groups team announced that the Forward feature had been removed from the web interface. The removal of this feature was announced as a spam-fighting counter-measure.

The team claimed that spammers had been misusing the Forward feature to mail Group messages to up to 50 recipients each time. Islam has given this freedom of choice to both young men and women - they cannot be forced into a marriage that they don't want. Qur'an and Hadith on Chastity However, we need to keep in mind the following Islamic commandments: GOD knows that you will think about them.

Do not meet them secretly, unless you have something righteous to discuss. Do not consummate the marriage until their interim is fulfilled. You should know that GOD knows your innermost thoughts, and observe Him.

You shall maintain chastity, not committing adultery, nor taking secret lovers. Anyone who rejects faith, all his work will be in vain, and in the Hereafter he will be with the losers. And they avoid vain talk. And they give their obligatory charity Zakat.

And they maintain their chastity. Only with their spouses, or those who are rightfully theirs, do they have sexual relations; they are not to be blamed.

Those who transgress these limits are the transgressors. This is purer for them. GOD is fully Cognizant of everything they do. They shall not reveal any parts of their bodies, except that which is necessary. They shall cover their chests, and shall not relax this code in the presence of other than their husbands, their fathers, the fathers of their husbands, their sons, the sons of their husbands, their brothers, the sons of their brothers, the sons of their sisters, other women, the male servants or employees whose sexual drive has been nullified, or the children who have not reached puberty.

They shall not strike their feet when they walk in order to shake and reveal certain details of their bodies. All of you shall repent to GOD, O you believers, that you may succeed. In this, there are sufficient proofs for people who think.

halal dating yahoo groups

They have relations only with their spouses, or what is legally theirs - Qur'an Chastity is defined Quranically in There are clear verses in the Quran against the natural results of dating; from the seemingly innocent kiss to the more obvious.

According to the Qur'anic commands unmarried men and women should maintain their chastity until marriage. The Prophet peace be upon him also reportedly said, "Whenever a man is alone with a woman, Satan Shaytan is the third among them" Tirmidhi.

halal dating yahoo groups

When young people are getting to know each other, being alone together is a temptation toward wrongdoing. At all times, Muslims should follow the commands of the Qur'an Friendship with Opposite Sex Is it wrong for two people of the opposite sex to be very good friends at school and outside of school? Muzammil Siddiqui answers " Muslims should have good elations with all people, males as well as females.

At school, at work, in you neighborhood etc. However, it is not allowed in Islam to take a non-mahram person or persons of the opposite gender as a very close friend. Such friendship often leads to Haram. The Prophet - peace be upon him - said, whenever two strangers of the opposite gender are alone with each other, Satan becomes the third one between them.

A question arises as to how they met each other before their marriage? Was it a marriage arranged by their parents? They had probably met at work and dated each other. In the past Muslims did not date because of arranged marriages. Are parents in North America going to arrange the marriages of their young children as is done in some Islamic countries? In Islamic countries there are matrimonial brokers and agents who work to match the brides and bridegroom.

Parents have the support of the community in finding spouses for their children. Relatives, networking, social gatherings particularly weddings, make arranging marriages easier.

In the United States, parents are left alone and cut off from these networks. Wherever you are, there are people waiting to meet you!

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