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Jeff Bezos is dating former news anchor Lauren Sanchez: Sources Chris Pratt Enjoys Breakfast with Girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger's Dad, Arnold!. Apart from "my" FS32 Yahoo group and the G1MRA Yahoo group and Looking back, I find the "Yahoo Group" format dated and limited and. "Discussion" of our efforts have kicked off on the G1MRA Yahoo group, .. and to 10mm scale, it was made by Harry Dumas and dates from the.

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Has anyone noticed a lack of pulling power from their Ruby? I'm getting long enough runs, but it seems she has a bit of trouble pulling herself up a grade. That hasn't been my experience at all.

In fact, I regularly pull a heavy metal tender maxitrack and a couple of cars all four axle Paterson Bruce, in response. I have ended up working with 3 different Ruby's and by this thread and pure stumbling have started to learn a little about steam.

70th Year News & AGM

My Ruby ran well out of the box this engine is now being kit bashed into a Baldwin type Plantation engine. The second engine belonged to a local dealer. We found that the screws had loosen on the eccentrics and were able to adj and lock them.

The third engine came to me after it had been modified. Two of the three engines now have 3jets, I have seen some improvement is run time, however I am now worried about the possibility of running the boiler dry as a full charge of iso-butane will out last a boiler with 80cc of water at startup.

Concerning the safety valve, I have observed that the earlier models were not consistent in release point. The newer production models seem to done away with this variation. I have not been as successful in slowing the Ruby performance as I have the FrankS.

I am using a single servo in both, it looks like I will have to add a second to the Ruby to control the throttle.

I would really like to have a finer thread on the steam throttle as adjustment is very course currently. Thanks for your input. On Wed, 20 Sep While running the locomotive on test rollers, not just suspended between two blocks, to maintain some rolling resistance we ensured that both the forward and reverse positions of the Johnson Bar steamed the locomotive equally.

Just setting the little mark in its proper position according to the Accucraft instructions was not adequate as it ran considerably better in reverse. The correct adjustment ended up being inside the cylinder cover on the new loco. I still have the original safety valve unmodified on my locomotive. It runs well and pulls well without a new safety valve and because I set the gas valve as low as I can it never pops off but just maintains sufficient steam to continue running at the desired speed.

I did put in a 3 gas jet from Sulphur Springs to cut down on gas consumption to extend the run time. Not sure if this helped as the runs were about the same length as before to change. Are you running on level track? Paterson Bruce, would your or members of your steamer group be willing to share with this thread your timing procedure? Charles Clark Lord wrote: Make a run with a boiler full of white vinegar. That will make a new girl out of her. Paterson Expanding on Vance's comments. I have been working with a poor performing Ruby belonging to one of our club members.

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Increasing the safety valve pressure release to approx 40 psi and tightening all of the steam fittings has produced and engine that runs like a scared rabbit in Australia.

A quarter turn on a fitting will make a difference. I am now changing the gas jet to a Sulphur Springs 3 and will provide info on the results. I attribute it to two problems: No complaints here, just an observation. Second, the safety valve pops off at about 25 psi, which is pathetic. Accucraft fixed the first problem by sending a new rear cylinder cover. Installation was very simple. I haven't had an opportunity to run it since installing the cover, but I'm convinced that this was a large part of my problem.

Watch your engine for signs of condensed steam oil on the front driving wheel. Also, check for steam leaks in other places e. Bob Paule of Sulphur Springs fixed the second problem with a 40 psi safety valve.

This really adds a lot to the pulling power and repsonsiveness of the engine. Slaters haven't produced anything new for Gauge One for a while but have successfully moved premises, so hopefully some new developments are in the pipeline. As far as I am aware this is still likely to be a Midland brake van as David told me a while ago that a pattern for what will be another cast in oner resin body had already been made. The very talented John Dale of Old Originals has sold the rights to his Manning Wardle to Trevor Cousens of Mercian but still has his superb Ruston 48DS kit available - build-able into several variations, notably "key hole" or enclosed cab types.

Complete with all etches and castings, with the buyer to source wheels, motor and gears. If John sells more 48DS kits he will probably develop another kit or two, which would be very welcome - so get on and order one now! Tower Models and Finescale Brass continue as the sources of imported brass RTR in this scale, mostly big engines and all track powered. It looks especially lovely to my eyes and I'm still tempted but other projects, the cost, and the need to change all the wheels have so far kept me away from it.

This will be well worth getting hold of based upon my conversation with Graham and the high qulity of everythng ele he has produced. I very much enjoyed putting on a modelling display at Stoneleigh with Derek Pollard back in November and we both had some very jolly conversations wth lots of G1MRA members and visitors. It was especially nice to meet and talk with Chris Ludlow our current chairman, who provided a beautiful David Brutnell built locomotive for display, and Chris Tolhurst was also there - together with the pair of Britannia's that he and Derek are "breathing on" - quite amazing models.

Although it will be "without" G1MRA it is in no way intended to compete with or replace the association but rather to complement it in the promotion of Gauge One model railways. I shall announce more details here as things develop. Although it is growing and changing its emphasis slightly as a result which may diminish its appeal from my own point of view it is where I have been posting the results of my own G1 endeavours, and I can recommend it to anyone else with a similar outlook.

It tends to focus on the larger modelling scales and on the whole attracts people who are interested in building things rather than just buying them. Looking back, I find the "Yahoo Group" format dated and limited and don't really understand why some people are so wedded to it to the exclusion of better "forum" alternatives. I am very tempted to extinguish my own FS32group in favour of recommending a section on "Western Thunder" as an alternative.