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A mini-tower case will typically have only one or two external bays. Outside of the United States the term is often used interchangeably with mid-tower. The computer case is sometimes erroneously referred to as the "CPU" or "hard drive". Most cases also have a power button or switch, a reset buttonand LEDs to indicate power, hard drive activity, and network activity in some models. Such a case will also normally include the wires needed to connect these ports, switches and indicators to the motherboard.

Major component locations[ edit ] The motherboard is usually screwed to the case along its largest face, which could be the bottom or the side of the case depending on the form factor and orientation. Many larger ATX cases can also be used with motherboards of other form factors. The top of the case, usually allowing the PSU's built-in fan to act as an auxiliary exhaust fan, but causes the PSU to be fed air heated by the internal components of the case, thus causing PSU efficiency and lifespan degradation.

The bottom of the case, with a often filtered vent in the bottom of the case allowing the PSU to draw cool air from the outside. Regardless of the mounting position, the PSU will usually be attached to the case with four screws to support its weight.

Most cases include drive bays on the front of the case; a typical ATX case includes 5. In modern computers, the 5.

computadora definicion yahoo dating

Vents are often found on the front, back, top, left side panel, and sometimes on the right side panel of the case. Regardless of their placement, their purpose is either to let cool air into the case, or to let hot air out.

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Larger vents usually allow cooling fans to be mounted via surrounding threaded screw holes. Newer cases include mountings for larger mm or mm cooling fans for quieter operation than the 80mm fans formerly common. Internal access[ edit ] Accessing the interior components of a modern tower case is done by removing the side panels.

Looking front-to-back, accessing the motherboard, PSU, drive bays and most case fan installation points is done by removing the left side panel.

computadora definicion yahoo dating

Removing the right side panel is done less often to access the space behind the motherboard mounting plate. This space is devoted to cable management, as cables routed in front of the motherboard may disrupt the flow of air within the case causing increased temperatures. To prevent the buildup of performance-degrading dust within the case, many models feature dust filters in front of the air intake fans.

While the exact method of accessing the front filters depends on the case model, it usually requires the removal of the entire front panel. Removal of the front panel itself may or may not require the removal of one or both of the side panel.

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If there is any doubt, consult the user's manual if possible. The keyboard and display limitations made it unpopular for word processing.

Because such a razor and blades business model requires that such products be its own[13] TI kept strict control over development for the machine, discouraging hobbyists and third-party developers. He believed that TI recognized its mistake and would change.

The Boston Phoenix predicted that "most [software developers] just won't bother making TI-compatible versions of their programs". It eventually came to achieve a cult following among retro-computer hobbyists. Third-party devices such as expanded memory cards, improved floppy controllers, and hardware ramdisks are very stable and popular additions to the machine, although there are no current known sources for these devices.

Also, a number of emulators for the TI exist today for PC-based systems. Inthe "Turbo XT" was introduced by Triton. Successors and clones[ edit ] See also: The University of Southwestern Louisiana developed system software.

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Designed by Texas Instruments, but abandoned in the prototype stage. Some prototypes are known to exist. A toggle switch was mounted to the side of the PEB to allow insertion of wait states to bring the computer down to the same speed as the original console, allowing compatibility for games and other timing-critical software.

This machine uses two FPGAs to emulate the entire architecture of the Myarc Geneve and the TMS microprocessor, thus eliminating reliance on obsolete silicon devices. TI TMS3. Distinct in being the only chip on the TI motherboard with a heat sink on all models.

Early models also have a heat sink on the clock generator, the TMS A single bit is available in hardware for coincidence collision detectionand the console supports automatic movement via an interrupt routine in the ROM.

There can be no more than 4 visible sprites per horizontal scanline. Transparent is intended for the 's genlock functionality used in conjunction with TI's Video Controller Card. This feature was demonstrated in October at an international TI meeting near Stuttgart, Germany.

This requires a hardware modification to the console itself, as the video input line is not routed on the motherboard.