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En la cúspide de su carrera, el DJ Ickarus está de gira alrededor del mundo, hasta que su consumo de drogas lo lleva a un hospital psiquiátrico. Ve tráileres y . Berlin Calling, película grabada en formato documental interpretada por el reconocido DJ de música electrónica Techno Paul Kalkbrenner, que interpreta a un. Jan 23, This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age. Watch Queue. Queue. Watch QueueQueue. Remove all.

Some pieces of the recreation were made from inexpensive wood, with one being destroyed by rain during production.

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Handke believed it bordered on a silent filmaside from some music, and lacked much of the notes he had sent to Wenders during filming. Handke thus proposed adding his writings via voice-over.

Much of this was improvised, though Wenders still supervised by telephone. Seeing the angels were discontent, he wrote a different score employing a choir, voices and whistling.

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The concept of angels, spirits or ghosts who help humans on Earth had been common in cinema, from Here Comes Mr. Powell and Pressburger 's A Matter of Life and Death presents an early example of spirits being jealous of the lives of humans.

Overstreet characterized them as "whimsical metaphors, characters who have lost the joy of sensual human experience". Ozu had taught Wenders order; Truffaut the observation of people, especially youth; [43] and Tarkovsky, a less clear influence on Wenders, consideration of morality and beauty. Academic Laura Marcus believed a connection between cinema and print is also established in the angels' affinity for libraries, as Wenders portrays the library as a tool of "memory, and public space", making it a miraculous place.

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Essayists David Caldwell and Paul Rea saw it as presenting a series of two opposites: East and West, angel and human, male and female. Paul recommends that Ickarus take a break from his music and touring to recover in the hospital under her care. She emphasizes that Ickarus's commitment to the hospital is purely voluntary.

Although Ickarus agrees to stay at the hospital, he continues work on his album by having his laptop and recording equipment brought to the clinic. Ickarus leaves the clinic and relapses into drug use after visiting with Erbse. Alice, the head of the record label Vinyl Distortion to which Ickarus is signedtells Mathilde that the release of Ickarus's new album is indefinitely delayed.

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Upon hearing this, Ickarus visits Alice and destroys her office when she refuses to speak to him. Upset at Ickarus's lack of progress, Mathilde moves out of their apartment and in with her lesbian co-worker Corinna.

After receiving a 25, Euro tax bill, Ickarus tries to visit Mathilde at Corinna's apartment, but she refuses to see him. Paul tells Ickarus that since he refuses to follow his therapy schedule and leaves the clinic without permission, he must leave the clinic.

That night, after Dr. Paul has left, Ickarus convinces the clinic's intern to allow him to throw a going-away party. The party quickly gets out of hand when Ickarus brings drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes.