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Spanish , Elementary Spanish I

revista conversacion sin barreras online dating

Revista: conversación sin barreras. [José A Blanco] WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Learn more ››. Blanco José A. Revista: Conversación sin Barreras. The course schedule provides you the dates in which these assignments will take place. You are expected to contribute to our “Online conversations and discussions” with your peers to. Find great deals for Revista Student Edition: Conversacion sin Barreras by Jose A. Blanco, Marie Cinta Aparisi and Maria Isabel Garcia (, Online Resource.

Students participating in university-sponsored events will be given reasonable opportunities to make up missed assignments and exams. Students enrolled in freshman or sophomore level courses numbered or may during the spring and fall semester miss no more than twice the number of lectures, recitations, laboratory sessions, or other regularly scheduled class activities that would normally be scheduled during a week.

In determining whether excessive absences should result in a failing grade, consideration shall be given to the maturity and class standing of the student, the quality of academic work being accomplished by the student, and extenuating circumstances related to such absence.

SPAN Spanish Conversation. Spring Syllabus | Kevin R Sedeño-Guillén -

If you are absent from class, you are responsible for making arrangements to have work turned in on the due date and for informing yourself regarding the information covered in class during your absence.

To be well prepared for the next class meeting, you will need to make up for the work missed independently. Tutors are available to assist you in your learning progress, but it is your responsibility to assure that you do not fall behind in your work. All work is accepted only on or before the due dates specified in the syllabus.

A regularly scheduled test may be made up only in the cases of documented illness or an authorized university activity. No other make-up work will be assigned or accepted. We expect you to arrive to class on time. It is up to the discretion of the instructor to count tardiness as an absence; hence be certain to avoid tardiness and know that tardiness will affect you ability to obtain good grades in this course.

revista conversacion sin barreras online dating

We also appreciate if you arrive to class with proper dress as in the target culture you are studying attention to such details is very important. Inclement Weather Policy as per Student Handbook The university remains open for academic classes and all other services during inclement weather except in extreme circumstances determined solely by the Chancellor of the University. Regional and local news media will publicize the closing.

Commuter students are encouraged to use good Visit World Languages and Cultures online: The student is responsible for all missed assignments during inclement weather within a time frame to be determined by the professor. Disabilities Policy If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to succeed in this course, please contact me as soon as possible.

Your privacy will be respected and every effort will be made to meet your needs. If Disabilities Services determines you should be able to take tests in their office, it is your responsibility to schedule the test for the same time and date as the exam is administered to other students. Academic Misconduct as per Student Handbook Arkansas State University enthusiastically promotes academic integrity and professional ethics among all members of the ASU academic community.

Violations of this policy are considered as serious misconduct and may result in severe penalties. If you directly quote works written by someone else, enclose the quotation with quotation marks and provide an appropriate citation e. Research, as well as the complete written paper, must be the work of the person seeking academic credit for the course. Faculty members may respond to cases of plagiarism in any of the following ways: Return the paper or other item for rewriting; the grade may be lowered.

Give a failing grade on the paper or other item-"F" if a letter grade is used or zero if a numerical grade is used. Give the student who plagiarized a failing grade in the course. Recommend sanctions, including disciplinary expulsion from the university. Cheating Visit World Languages and Cultures online: Giving or receiving assistance during an examination period.

Using class notes, outlines, and other unauthorized information during an examination. Using, buying, selling, stealing, transporting, or soliciting, in part or in whole the contents of an examination or other assignment not authorized by the professor of the class. Using for credit in one class a term paper, book report, project, or class assignment written for credit in another class without the knowledge and permission of the professor of the class. Exchanging places with another person for the purpose of taking an examination or completing other assignments.

revista conversacion sin barreras online dating

Faculty members may respond to cases of cheating in any of the following ways: Allow the testing to progress without interruption, informing the offending student about the offense-and award a failing grade on the test-"F" if a letter grade is used or zero if a numerical grade is used. Seize the test of the offending student and give a failing grade on the paper. Give the offending student a failing grade in the course.

Cell-phones and Other Communication Devices Cell-phones and other communication devices must be turned off and out of sight for the duration of class and exams. These devices may not be utilized at any point during class sessions.

revista conversacion sin barreras online dating

The schedule and content of assignments may be changed at the discretion of the instructor upon oral notification in class. Changes may involve additions, deletions, substitutions, or changes in sequence or due date. The instructor will assess preparation and participation with oral exams, quizzes, and written exercises. All academic work, written or otherwise, submitted by students to their instructors or other academic supervisors, is expected to be the result of their own though, research or self-expression.

When students submit work purporting to be their own, but which in any way borrows ideas, organization, wording or anything else from another source without appropriate acknowledgment of the fact, the students are guilty of plagiarism. Using essays or other materials done for another class also constitute plagiarism.

The minimum penalty for plagiarism at any level will be a grade of 0 in the assignment. All cases of plagiarism will be reported to the chair of the Department and the Dean of Students. That is, you should be courteous with your professor and classmates at all times. To make optimum use of class time, you should come to class prepared. When sending emails to the instructor follow e-mail etiquette. Also, in any communication with the instructor, include a formal salutation and put a message and a closing line, no matter how brief, in the body of the e-mail.

Smartphones, cell phones, and other electronic devices have to be turned off and put away by the time that class begins. Texting, checking your e-mail, Facebook, etc.

revista conversacion sin barreras online dating

All students will be expected to participate actively in all class activities and discussions, talking only in Spanish, and arriving with all assignments done and ready to discuses them. The instructor will assess preparation with short unannounced quizzes and written exercises. A participation grade based on the quantity and quality of participation showed during each class period and demonstration of a positive attitude will be assigned regularly to each student.

Each unexcused absence will result in a 10 points deduction on your participation grade for the period covered by the absence. University policy states that faculty should refer students with excessive absences to Academic Advising. If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to contact a classmate and find out what was done and what is due next class.

Arriving to class on time is another important element of your engagement in the course.

Spanish 1013, Elementary Spanish I

Consistent tardiness will negatively impact your grade. Homework assignments or web-based assignments are to be completed before class. Each chapter includes one debate topic: Homework will be due at Each student will sign up to give the Bienvenida individual at the beginning of class at least once throughout the semester.

The Bienvenida individual will take minutes and must include the following: No notecards will be allowed. There will be no make-ups for oral exams outside of class time.

Revista : conversación sin barreras

In the assigned dates, students must record at least six 6 posts, one every date, of 1 minute each one. This assignment will be due at Comments may be published until the next day at This is the address for the group: On the days indicated in the syllabus, group of two students will meet with the instructor by appointment during and outside of class time to speak in Spanish about topics covered in class for minutes.

More details about this exam will be given in class. There will be no make-ups for oral exams. On the days indicated in the syllabus, students will again meet with the instructor by appointment outside of class, but to speak individually in Spanish about topics covered in class for minutes.

At the beginning of the semester, the class will be divided into groups of The instructor will provide group topics. Each group will have approximately minutes including a couple minutes for questions from classmates at the end. Every student must participate equally as each will be given separate grades.

No direct reading from the note card is allowed and if it takes place will result in a drastic reduction of the grade.

The course grade will be determined as follows: This policy will apply to all students who submit a degree program after the end of the Spring semester.

All changes will be announced in class and via Blackboard. If classes are canceled due to inclement weather the instructor may choose to substitute in-class work with assignments completed via Blackboard. W Febrero 28 Mid-term Oral Exam with a partner.

M Abril 9 Final Oral Exam. M Abril 30 Presentaciones de grupo.