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The collection Examining these sources, the researcher can reconstruct the film repertoire and assemble almost a complete list of domestic and foreign films shown on screens in Russia; he will find in them a detailed description of pictures, reviews by critics, censored materials, etc. In addition, they contain extremely valuable information about other forms of contemporary entertainment culture - the theater of miniatures, cabaret and music hall.

This unique collection of Russian film periodicals published during the last decade of the tsarist regime includes sophisticated, bimonthly periodicals as well as more popular weeklies released by major Russian film studios, distributors, and theater owners.

These journals — which contain, for example, interviews with movie stars and screenplays that are now irretrievably lost — will prove an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in the history of the silent movie or in the Russian entertainment industry on the eve of the Revolution.

The collection demonstrates developments of cinematic forms and devices that enriched popular culture in pre-Revolutionary Russia. It vividly illustrates the flexible reception of cinema and its social transformation from a single technical invention into a national art form, and provides an adequate and comprehensible panorama of Russian film culture in the twilight of the tsarist era.

The researcher will find in them a detailed description of pictures, reviews by critics, censorship materials, chronicles of film production, advertising, etc as well as valuable information on other forms of entertainment culture of the era.

The new collection offers unique materials on the culture and history of Russia, which no modern historian can afford to ignore. However, in the dynamic of its development and in the tempo of its reproduction and distribution, it far outstripped publication of all other contemporary genres and directions, and this fact alone vividly reflects the general popularity of cinema in Russian society.

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Because neither the documents connected with the history of the early Russian cinema nor the overwhelming majority of materials on film have survived, these publications constitute a rare collection of testimonials about the general and particular characteristics of the Russian cinematographic press of the s and s.

The Russian cinematographic press evolved rapidly during this period of just less than twelve years. It arose as an informational intermediary between film producers and the authorities who oversaw the repertoire and its distribution, but soon outgrew these narrow limits and became an influential branch of journalism that attracted many distinguished authors to its pages.

Cinematographic publications preserved for history contain not only first examples of cinema theory Valentin Turkin, Fiodor Otsep, young Lev Kuleshov, and othersbut also a very wide range of reflections on the artistic consciousness of the art of the new age, ranging from traditional realists Ivan Bunin, Aleksander Kuprin, Konstantin Stanislavsky to modernists Nikolai Evreinov, Leon Bakstsymbolists Andrei Bely, Leonid Andreevand futurists Vladimir Maiakovksy, David Burliuk.

The Establishment of a New Art Form The new collection comprises a wide range of cinematographic periodicals that were published in Russian capitals St. Its publishers recorded a wide range of cinematographic life, including its general trends, special hot issues, and specific local aspects, which marked the growth of cinematography in the cultural life of the country.

The film publications carefully documented the dynamic growth of film production and distribution, traced the actions of the authorities in controlling screenings, and noted many other factors and circumstances that affected the establishment of the new art form. In addition, these publications contain rare information on other forms of entertainment culture of the time — the theater of miniatures, cabaret, circus, and music hall — that had flourished in Russia since the early s.

As with many discoveries, this by unique audio tracks, containing new soundtracks by collection was found in a garage where they had been Ukrainian musicians and commentaries from historians. No-one in the family knew when or how they got there. Interestingly, the oldest of the films, The The page anthology includes present-day ana- Temptress from was in the best condition.

The museum will make 4K scans dition notes about filming The Eleventh Year and using wet gate transfer and perform digital cleanup Unprecedented Campaign; and notes by the famous in-house, and then will use outside sources for creating poet Mykola Ushakov on Kaufman as cinematographer.

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The book is illustrated with 50 unique photos and posters gained from Ukrainian, Russian and Austrian archives. We hope that you will enjoy The Film Prayer which we found recently when inspecting one of the new ad- A publication of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Cen- ditions to our collection.

Archivists, de- velopers, strategists, curious onlookers - all welcome! Angela will lead on developing the collections of the BFI National Archive and BFI Reuben BFI discovers tantalising first glimpse Library, managing curation, conservation, information of Louise Brooks in colour and library teams and leading on strategies to develop, interpret, care for and deliver access to the collections.

The BFI announces the discovery of a cache of ex- She will oversee development of the BFI Filmography tremely rare Technicolor film fragments from the s and the Heritage strategy, digitisingtele- held by the BFI National Archive, including previously vision and other works held on obsolete video formats.

The event is free to attend, and registration, call for proposals and sponsorship are Shiraz in India now open, at the event website https: A Romance of formats and standards for digital audiovisual preser- India - the epic tale of the love that inspired the vation, including the FFV1 and Matroska combination, majestic Taj Mahal - screened in concert halls across In- open source development and the archive communi- dia, with a new score composed and performed live by 02 News from the Affiliates - www.

Events were a highlight of the UK-India Year of Culture in association with the Brit- ish Council and attracted massive, sell-out audiences. The images are accompanied by a new score fusing western and Indian music from acclaimed composer and sarod player Soumik Datta. The It will also create an annual exchange space for rescued Ministry of Culture will soon conduct the selection pro- and restored material from different FIAF archives.

It will include a silent cinema section with live music, a seminar on film archives, a Mtra. Arcadia seeks to showcase the importance of film restoration for preserving artistic memory and com- 02 News from the Affiliates - www. La scuola al cinema. There were five events pany, in order to carry out business production, digitiza- held over three days: Part of the staff accepted to conversation with Dean and Nolan.

The institutional The various events explored the differences of activities Film preservation, Book library, Museo del Cine- shooting on film and why it is essential to keep it avail- ma, will continue to be managed by the Fondazione. The latter, created in by Maria Gra- zia Mattei, is an international social enterprise and a plat- form for startup ideas and events focused on innovation and the promotion of digital culture.

Cinema will have a prominent place in the new project named MEET, which in- tends to be a creative lab open to the public, and to launch film screenings and events together with Cineteca. Luisa Comencini 02 News from the Affiliates - www. The film, which presents performances the theme of the sea in the cinema.

Early Russian Cinema Online - BrillOnline Primary Sources

The film features modern wars. Everything smells like adventure. Au grand 02 News from the Affiliates - www. Dorsey, USalso held by the museum. The topic chosen for the gram. In the course of event, a curated two-day program of early films from Jared Case to World War I from the George Eastman Museum Curator of Film Exhibitions was presented with live music accompaniment.

For de- tails on the papers presented at the conference, see www. Paolo Cherchi Usai 02 News from the Affiliates - www. In Bologna there will also be a rare screening precarious conditions. AndacolloLos tio, colours and design of inter-titles.

All the restorations were presented at major film festivals such as Cannes, Venice or Locarno from to Both festivals paid homage to Ms. Since last November, the Central State Film Archive of Al- bania has begun organising weekly screenings of national and international treasures from our collection. We look forward to collaborating with other archives worldwide with the aim of enriching our cinematheque programming.

The box set includes you can share with us. In addition, it includes Director 02 News from the Affiliates - www. This included a selection of graphic materials and equipment from our non-film collections, including posters, scenography, Film online: A selection of these mate- Truthnewsreels realized frombelong to the rials was also exhibited at the Instituto Cervantes in greatest treasures of all cinema.

For the first time in Madrid from 20 April 20 to 3 June. Not only do they Nuria Castellote offer free access to these digital copies, but they also provide a glossary and an abundance of carefully col- [es] lected additional information, descriptions and subtit- les in both English and German.

Here are some nual fee is not received in the next few weeks; of the main decisions taken during those meetings: He also visited on their key activities of the year, and discussed recent the Arhiva Nationala de Filme — Cinemateca Romana. Adding more key re- sources to the restricted area of the website will ensure that more colleagues register and log in regularly. It is more than ever a major platform to increase our visibility in the wider world.

We wish her all the best in her future endeavours which will involve lots of travelling, it seems! In May, we posted a job ad to find a successor to Jacqueline. We received 85 applications and invited six candidates for an interview and tests. Elsa is currently being trained by our chartered accountant and Jacqueline Renaut.

She will officially After our usual campaign urging our affiliates to send start in her new position on 1 September. Three complimentary copies of the Directo- ry were shipped to each FIAF affiliate and Supporter, Over the last six months we have added a number of and delegates of the Prague Congress received a com- new resources to the FIAF website the disaster recovery plimentary copy.

The paper version of the Directory is resources list, a PDF file of the FIAF Directory, the still appreciated by many in our global community; it is Annual Reports, the Madrid Project search engine, also an important benefit for our Supporters, who are the reorganised scanners forum, the FFV1 and Matroska all given a page each to promote their activities and reading list, newly digitized historical documents, etcproducts. Funds have been allocated to the publication while others are being developed and will be introduced of the FIAF Directory in the budget.

Our excellent web-developer is also introducing a number of new back-office functio- Note that a PDF file of the Directory is available for nalities which make our work on the website more effi- download on the FIAF website restricted accessand cient, and allows more people to add content themsel- of course the search engine on the website remains the ves.

Nearly employees of our worldwide community most up-to-date version of the Directory. These two collections will failed to meet that statutory obligation. As before, be added to the general catalogue and will eventually be each Annual Report received can be consulted on digitized, as promised to Mrs de Vaal.

This is a nice, un- the FIAF website. A full volume including all the annual expected addition to our 80th anniversary celebrations. All FIAF present our ever-growing collection of digitized histor- archives will have the opportunity to document and ical documents, and on a chronological map showing promote their celebrations via the usual online form on the geographical development of our community.

Following an active emailing campaign by the Secre- tariat, 79 FIAF Members out of 89 and 41 Associates The FIAF historical archive has welcomed two new out of 75 have now filled in their statistical ques- collections: Preserved until now by the should be published in the autumn. Kramer, who served as the direc- — a special Honorary Member medal. Congratulations Film Museum in Vienna.

Experimental filmmaker and from all of us on this great honour! There must be someone who has had an impact on moving image archiving in your country whose life and work should be documented for the future. If you look at the FIAF website http: If so, perhaps articles in the JFP would be one way to learn more about them.

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The Journal can also be a forum for sharing Congress and other presentations with people unable to attend such events: Having been able to use colour printing for the past few issues led us to consider, for issue 98, some ar- ticles on several colour topics rather than colour films 05 Journal of Film Preservation - www. A total 84 scholarly journals. Since the indexers from 29 institutions located in 18 different P. We continue to countries.

We can also rely on a pool of 10 freelance increase our journal coverage in every quarterly batch.