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kw in ps umrechner online dating

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Participants performed one practice trial in each block to familiarize themselves with the procedure. The first of the two 7-point rating scales then appeared on the screen and participants gave their rating by mouse click without any time constraints.

After both ratings were entered, the next trial was announced. All 37 faces target faces and foils were randomly presented. The musical primes were not rated for their affective content in order to avoid demand characteristics and due to constraints regarding the acceptable length of the study.

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In the musical priming block, the 20 opposite-sex faces were repeated four times and randomly combined with one musical excerpt of each emotion quadrant, yielding 80 trials. Seventeen distractor trials to prevent demand characteristics were added by combining same-sex faces with musical excerpts that could not be clearly assigned to one of the emotion quadrants, see [ 25 ].

Participants were asked to look at a small white cross presented in the middle of the screen while listening to the musical prime 25 s in order not to miss the onset of the presentation of the face 2 s after the end of the musical excerpt.

As in the control condition, participants rated each face for facial attractiveness and dating desirability.

kw in ps umrechner online dating

After the experiment, participants filled in a self-developed short questionnaire. Women also provided detailed information about their menstrual cycle. Three additional standardized questionnaires were administered but not evaluated. The experimental session lasted around 90 minutes. Participants were paid or assigned course creditdebriefed and thanked. Women were also informed that they might be contacted again to offer information about the onset of their next menstruation.

kw in ps umrechner online dating

In the case of violations of sphericity, Greenhouse-Geisser corrections were performed. Effect sizes are reported whenever appropriate. Confidence intervals CI for effect sizes of between-subjects comparisons were computed in SPSS with a script downloaded from http: This script is not suitable for the computation of CIs of within-subject effect sizes.

Data accessibility The dataset supporting this article has been uploaded as part of the supporting information S1 File. Results Matching of participant groups Prior to the main analysis, we investigated how a range of background variables that were considered as possible confounds i.

In each of the three participant groups, mostly non-significant small positive and negative correlations emerged for several background variables. Interestingly, several correlations differed considerably in direction and strength across groups: Here, we refrained from employing analysis of covariance to test for the effect of background variables because covariates are known to affect the interpretation of within-subject factors and because it is not clear whether non-significant covariates should be included in the statistical model.

Since it cannot be ruled out that the current background variables contribute cumulatively to ratings of sexual attraction in each group, we decided to keep average values of these variables similar across the three groups to make the groups more comparable. Eight participants in the group of fertile women and another eight men were excluded to create a homogenous sample of participants in terms of age, mood prior to the experiment and musical background variables.

Importantly, all three groups equally enjoyed listening to the piano music presented in the experiment. The two block and rating orders were counterbalanced across groups i.

Effects of music on ratings of sexual attraction The musical priming paradigm interspersed the trials of interest with distractor trials. Because women and men were exposed to different sets of opposite-sex faces in the critical trials, separate statistical analyses were conducted for women and men. A set of four orthogonal contrasts within the framework of mixed-design analysis of variance ANOVA was used to test our hypotheses regarding ratings of facial attractiveness and dating desirability, respectively.

Contrast 1 compared the ratings of the control condition with those of the four musical priming conditions. Contrast 2 compared the two low-arousing with the two high-arousing music conditions. Contrast 3 compared the two pleasant with the two unpleasant music conditions. C as Zoe Lister Online dating love bombing.

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kw in ps umrechner online dating

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Misattribution of musical arousal increases sexual attraction towards opposite-sex faces in females

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This does not preclude the citation of self-descriptive materials published by a subject in this case YWAMmade us feel self-conscious.