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In most cases, integrated ticketing is made possible by electronic ticketing delays from the project start date in but the Leap Card system launched on 12 . "Trenord - Single Tickets - MULTI-DAY PASSES [Io Viaggio in Lombardia] ( Io. Yes, students who use urban and interurban lines may purchase monthly or yearly passes. Both yearly and monthly passes for interurban lines include. In most cases, integrated ticketing is made possible by electronic ticketing tec. delays from the project start date in but the Leap Card system launched on . "Trenord - Single Tickets - MULTI-DAY PASSES [Io Viaggio in Lombardia] (Io.

Annual passes can be purchased at any time and start from the first day of the current month if purchased by day 21, from the next month if purchased from day Do passes purchased from the Trenord e-Store need to be activated? Passes purchased online must be activated at the station selected during the purchase procedure, by scanning the card on the turnstiles or the validation machines marked as enabled for activation.

For monthly and annual passes, activation must be carried out from the day after of purchase within 5 days, and within 3 days for weekly passes. If the machines for activation are temporarily out of order, you can activate your card at the Self Service ticket machines in the same station or in the stations along the route of the pass.

Please report any problems to the Trenord Contact Centre For each purchase correctly carried out from the e-Store, the following documents should be sent to you within a few minutes: An e-mail from the bank [Unicredit] or from PayPal to certify the successful transaction; 2.

io viaggio in lombardia online dating

An e-mail from the e-Store with a summary of your purchase; 3. I have not received an e-mail with the purchased tickets. What should I do? The worlds longest single-operator rapid transit system by length is the Shanghai Metro. The worlds largest single rapid transit service provider by both length of revenue track miles and number of stations is the New York City Subway.

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The busiest rapid transit systems in the world by annual ridership are the Tokyo subway system, the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, the Moscow Metro, the Beijing Subway, Metro is the most common term for underground rapid transit systems used by non-native English speakers. One of these terms may apply to a system, even if a large part of the network runs at ground level. In Scotland, however, the Glasgow Subway underground rapid transit system is known as the Subway, in the US, underground mass transit systems are primarily known as subways, whereas the term metro is a shortened reference to a metropolitan area.

In that vein, Chicagos commuter rail system, serving the area, is called Metra. Initial experiences with steam engines, despite ventilation, were unpleasant, experiments with pneumatic railways failed in their extended adoption by cities. Both railways were merged into London Underground. The Liverpool Overhead Railway was designed to use electric traction from the outset, budapest in Hungary and Glasgow, Chicago and New York all converted or purpose-designed and built electric rail services.

Advancements in technology have allowed new automated services, hybrid solutions have also evolved, such as tram-train and premetro, which incorporate some of the features of rapid transit systems 5. Ferry — A ferry is a merchant vessel used to carry passengers, and sometimes vehicles and cargo as well, across a body of water.

Most ferries operate regular return services, a passenger ferry with many stops, such as in Venice, Italy, is sometimes called a water bus or water taxi. Ferries form a part of the transport systems of many waterside cities and islands.

However, ship connections of much larger distances may also be called ferry services, the profession of the ferryman is embodied in Greek mythology in Charon, the boatman who transported souls across the River Styx to the Underworld.

Speculation that a pair of oxen propelled a ship having a wheel can be found in 4th century Roman literature Anonymus De Rebus Bellicis.

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Some ferries carry mainly tourist traffic, but most also carry freight, in Britain, car-carrying ferries are sometimes referred to as RORO for the ease by which vehicles can board and leave. The route is around 2. This also means that the ferries lack natural stems and sterns, due to the same circumstances, starboard and port-side are dynamic and depending of in what direction the ferry sails. In many ways, these ferries are like cruise ships, also many smaller ferries operate on domestic routes in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

The south-west and southern parts of the Baltic Sea has several routes mainly for heavy traffic, on the longer of these routes, simple cabins are available. Due to the numbers of freshwater lakes and length of shoreline in Canada 6.

Smart card — A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card is any pocket-sized card that has embedded integrated circuits. Smart cards are made of plastic, generally polyvinyl chloride, but sometimes polyethylene terephthalate based polyesters, since Aprila Japanese company has manufactured reusable financial smart cards made from paper. Smart cards can be either contact or contactless smart card, Smart cards can provide personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing.

Three years later, Motorola used this patent in its CP8, at that time, Bull had 1, patents related to smart cards. InBull sold its CP8 division together with its patents to Schlumberger, inAxalto and Gemplus, at the time the worlds top two smart card manufacturers, merged and became Gemalto. The first mass use of the cards was as a card for payment in French pay phones. Only very limited transactions are processed without a PIN, smart-card-based electronic purse systems store funds on the card so that readers do not need network connectivity.

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Since the s, smart-cards have been the Subscriber Identity Modules used in European GSM mobile phone equipment, Mobile phones are widely used in Europe, so smart cards have become very common. Historically, in several international payment companies agreed to develop specifications for debit and credit cards. In the specifications became stable, eMVcos purpose is to assure the various financial institutions and retailers that the specifications retain backward compatibility with the version.

EMVco upgraded the specifications in andEMV compliant cards were first accepted into Malaysia in and later into United States in MasterCard was the first company that was allowed to use the technology in the United States, the United States has felt pushed to use the technology because of the increase in identity theft 7. Octopus card — The Octopus card is a reusable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong.

According to Octopus Cards Limited, operator of the Octopus card system, there are more than 20 million cards in circulation, nearly three times the population of Hong Kong. Previously, Hong Kongs Mass Transit Railway adopted a system to recirculate magnetic plastic cards as fare tickets when it started operations in Another of the railway networks, the Kowloon-Canton Railway, adopted the same magnetic cards in The MTR Corporation eventually decided to more advanced technologies.

The Octopus system was launched three years of trials on 1 September Three million cards were issued within the first three months of the systems launch, another reason was the coin shortage in Hong Kong in The Octopus system was adopted by other Creative Star joint venture partners.

Boarding a bus in Hong Kong without using the Octopus card requires giving exact change, by November ,4. This allowed the Octopus card to be adopted for non-transit-related sales transactions. On 29 Junethe Octopus card found another application when the Hong Kong Government started to replace all its 18, parking meters with a new Octopus card-operated system, the replacement was completed on 21 November It is also considered a number in Chinese culture, and the phrase baat daaht can possibly be associated with the similar-sounding faat daaht.

The English name Octopus card was also selected from the naming competition, coincidentally, the English name coincides with the number eight in the Chinese name, since an octopus has eight tentacles.

The slogan of Octopus Card Limited and its products is Making Everyday Life Easier, the Octopus card was originally introduced for fare payment on the MTR, however, the use of the card quickly expanded to other retail businesses in Hong Kong 8. Transperth — Transperth is the brand name of the public transport system serving the city and suburban areas of Perth, the state capital of Western Australia. Subsequently all private bus operators in Perth were acquired, in Augustthe Metropolitan Transport Trust was rebranded as Transperth.

io viaggio in lombardia online dating

In February the provision of services was contracted to Captain Cook Cruises. In Septemberthe Government announced Transperth would be corporatised and opened up to competition, in February in preparation for privatisation, Transperth was restructured with the operation of services transferred to MetroBus, with ownership of the buses retained by Transperth.

In Septemberexpressions of interest were sought from organisations for the operation of Transperth bus services in the Armadale South, MetroBus successfully bid to retain these services. Transperth retained ownership of the buses leasing them to the operators, MetroBus did not win any further tenders and operated its last bus on 4 July The Metropolitan Transport Trust adopted a green and cream livery.

Following the rebranding as Transperth a green and white livery was introduced and these suburbs are divided into nine fare-zones according to distance from the city centre. Bus services in Perth are operated by three companies with services divided into 11 zones that are re-tendered every 10 years.

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There are also some services, most notably the CircleRoute. Additional services are provided for schools and special events, transperths most frequent bus routes run from 05,00 until 24,00 with services generally every 4—15 minutes on weekdays and every 15—30 minutes on evenings and weekends.

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The purpose of integrated ticketing is to encourage people to use public transport by simplifying switching between transport modes and by increasing the efficiency of the services.

Integrated ticketing

Meet For a First Date. It deals both political and environmental issues in order to efficiently coordinate the mobility of citizens and workers. Suggest days you are available and your match will agree to meet you on one of those dates. In most cases, integrated ticketing is made possible by electronic ticketing technologies such as magnetic stripe cards or smart cards.

io viaggio in lombardia online dating

This discipline focuses in particular on the daily runs between home and work that, although they represent a minority of the total runs, not only are crucial to estimate the rush-hour traffic but also affect the quality of service significantly. All companies with more than employees per each local office - or and more employees in different branches, or groups of small companies and organizations for example schools and health care centers - must appoint a Corporate Mobility Manager who is in charge of drafting the Commuter Plan.