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how i met your mother 7x08 online dating

Future Ted reminds his children about how in he met the Slutty Pumpkin, a girl in HIMYM episode 7x08 () Ted meets Naomi, the girl who wore the costume and has also been searching for Ted; they begin dating. . the internet sensation and singer ("Bed Intruder Song"), Harry Potter and The. Ted says that he wants to keep the mystery alive and goes back to the bar to ask his date (Janet McIntyre) not to do any internet research to. Meanwhile, Lily's "pregnancy brain" convinces her to move to the suburbs, and Barney finds out he's one-quarter Canadian. Katie Holmes and Josh Radnor in How I Met Your Mother () Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Release Date: . Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video Unlimited Streaming of Movies & TV.

Robin and Barney show up with their laptops still doing research on Janet McIntyre. Lilly busts out the gender neutral paint: Cue flashback of slap bet, kneeing people in the nuts and all other violent acts that occurred on this show.

Everyone is cool with that. Meanwhile, on his date, Ted is lost without the internet. He starts rambling about the font on the menu. He then exclaims that he is having problems coming up with topics for them to talk about. She says she loves Annie Hall.

They begin mocking him and Lilly breaks saying that they have to know. Barney hands them back the envelope only to have ripped the answer in half, keeping the half with the gender of the baby on it. He says the only way that he will give it to them is if they read about Janet McIntyre which they do.

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They then send Ted a text saying that he has to open the link. Ted begins freaking out wondering what could be wrong with Janet. Is she a prostitute? Does she not really like Annie Hall? He opens the link and discovers that Janet is amazing. She graduated Harvard at 15, donated a kidney to someone that needed it, climbed Mt. Everest etc which totally bummed me out. Whenever they do, we get magic like Little Minnesota.

Of course, we also get random shit like that mermaid plot, so maybe a little goes a long way. Smulders reminds me why she's my favorite actress on this show sorry, Willow this entire episode. It's not terribly obvious, and let's face it, everyone looks sorrowful eating a cheese plate on the toilet by themselves, but it's there. And naturally we assume it's because she feels bad about Barney but Seeing as Lily's baby-waste-disposal system is still internal right now, Barney's in charge of going to buy some.

Turns out Barney invited his brother and his family over, forgot to tell Lily, and took their child to claim as his own for the day. For the most part James seems to take this okay, so I assume it was mostly cleared with him. That dude has the unnatural "looking out at the audience" eye contact of an amateur cameo, but I have no idea who he is. I gotta look that up.

He's a little off. And by off, I kind of mean the opposite of that.

how i met your mother 7x08 online dating

He's so calm, cool, collected it actually actively clashes with the vibe the rest of the characters put out there. If I didn't know he actually was an actor and a comic actor at thatI'd think he was a cameo too. It's like he's brought in to give a speech, without ever really meshing with the rest of the universe. I dunno, I think I'm just reading too much into it.

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Anyway, James' family is super cute. So now that the baby ruse is over, Barney takes the opportunity to excuse himself and go talk to Robin. He asks if they're still friends, tries to tell her about this latest zany scheme, and then Robin interupts to tell him she's pregnant. See what I mean? This totally has all the hallmarks of a late Friends "Rachel is pregnant with Ross' child" thing. So there's danger here.

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On the other hand, DOOD! Shit is finally happening! Whatever Robin decides, will inevitably decide who Barney marries in the flash-forward. And it's strongly implied that that wedding is where Ted will meet The Mother. So we've got a potential straight line from here to the mother, which we haven't been teased with since the last time Cindy showed up.

how i met your mother 7x08 online dating

Not to mention that we're finally moving everybody out of the holding patterns they've been in for five years. Robin is finally going to have a storyline besides "dating random male guest star". Barney is on a path to marriage. Marshall and Lily are straight up moving into a house. But I haven't been this excited about the show in a long time.