Living debt free australia dating

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living debt free australia dating

Are you moving in with someone, opening a joint account, or starting a joint Bill and Jen have been dating for 12 months and are ready to move in together. both have an ownership interest in the asset and both be responsible for the debt . . Read more about managing relationships on the Australian. Hay I lived in Australia 4 years ago, had a bank loan for 5g and .. Hi, I have just found out that i have a tax bill in Australia dating back 8 years. I went to Albert Heijn, the Woolworths equivalent in Australia. The flip.

In NZ and Australia. I researched this for months before I did it, now back in NZ and a fresh start. But Veda advantage is NZ and Australia but sometimes the credit checks don't cross reference for some reason? I myself will not apply for credit anyway because it's not worth getting into trouble ever again. Hope this helps you! The tenant has advised that they are moving out in a couple of months.

We have been making our payments each month servicing both the mortgage top up back home and the loans here. But we are going to be pretty screwed when they move out of the house in nz. We rent here in Australia and after 4 years are seriously thinking about moving home. What options do we have to break free from the Australian debt? We feel we are in a lose lose situation - where our house is located in NZ the market is incredibly slow and the tenants have really devalued the property with damage according to the last inspection so not entirely sorry to see them go so will take a long time to sell if we put it on the market and will need to meet the full mortgage expense in the mean time.

Because we are wanting to move home as we'd rather keep the house and live in it; now we feel trapped in Aussie because there is no way we can clear the debt or even afford the debt if we go back to NZ. We are stuck essentially!!

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I know that we are going to start missing payments as there is just no way there is going to be enough money to pay all the monthly's and seriously considering just leaving it all behind! The Australian debt is all in my husbands name who has his first name on his passport - so all his Australian dealings had to be according to this name; but he has our mortgage, tax file number and nz drivers license in NZ all under his middle name which is the name he goes by - so the question is if we filed bankruptcy in Australia to wipe the debt in his first name would they easily find him or would it affect him using his alias in NZ going by his middle name?

Or is it possible if we just officially change his name to the middle name in NZ so he can be issued the new passport in the middle name and if we ever come back start a fresh without bankruptcy affecting us for our credit rating etc? Not that I see us wanting to move back in a hurry 29 response from smokey at Im wanting a holiday in australia but finding it hard to find out any up to date info.

I do know about fines. I have ird debtstudent loan debt which is all getting paid weekly. I have a legal aid debt which i havnt started a payment plan yet, and who do i contact to find out if Im clear to go before book tickets. Want to be really sure I can leave. Who can i phone directly to find out? After 4 years debt collecting agency has sent me letter finding my present address.

Does anything happens if I don't respond to it? We are returning to Aussie for a holiday later in year. Does anyone know if he could be stopped at the airport in Aussie for unpaid taxes? I have started receiving phone calls at my work to contact a debt company in Australia!! What do I do?? This is for my best friend who currently living in Indonesia. He used to stay here in Sydney for a while before he went back to Indo.

living debt free australia dating

He left inhe told me that he owes around k debt credit cards and personal loanat that time he had no choice because he had an emergency back at home and he also got redundant from his employer here in Australia. He said it's really really hard for him to pay up the debts, because he has got a lot of factors in his life at the moment 2 kids, family, house mortgage in Indo, etc.

The question is, what happens if he doesn't intend to pay? Will he be chased up for this eventhough he is living in Indo now?

I heard of like 7 years written off something like that, but not quite sure what is the exact definition of it. Will he get asked in the airport or anything? Also is it gonna effect the PR? What is the worst could happen in this case? Thanks a lot 35 response from Dagz. I also have 14K AUD in my credit card. What will happen to this credits if Im no longer in the country and my visa is already cancelled? I can't afford to pay it at the moment.

Credit card debt, home loan hangovers: Gen Y living on borrowed time

Any advise will highly appeciated. Thanks 36 response from In a similar boat at It is important to realise given recent laws that they can easily and cheaply have the NZ courts enforce the debts too. I was in a similar boat and ended up having to go through an NAP No Asset Procedure, a form of insolvency so I could move on with my life.

Take a look for yourself and see if it applies: Now because my brother is there i intend to again go back on a student visa for a course. I was in a debt agreement which I could not afford to pay as I have been unemployed. The agreement was cancelled as a result. I want to go back next year for 3 weeks to see my children I'm from New Zealand and wanting to go back for a holiday. I have a credit card debt and bank debt. Will i be able to leave NZ or will I get stuck there due to these debts? Any help will be appreciated.

After five years of debt the original debt was sold to a debt collection agency. These guys will chase you to the ends of the earth to track you down, they will phone your relatives friends, and even get a hold of your FB page if you accept strangers.

Once they know where you are they make a financial decision as to whether they can legally make you pay. In NZ they can, and in the US they can especially because most companies and banks have connections in those two places. After another year, I passed through Australia applied for a sim card for my mobile and it is considered a credit check.

This sets off alarm bells in the Credit Crop and they started phoning me. In Port Moresby they got me when I opened a bank account, and with they they got my employer infor ans started phoning again. I sought financial advice from a credit supplier here and he told me, if I am not planning to live in AUS again ie credit cards, loans mortgage don't pay them, otherwise negotiate the crap out of it.

If I had a lump sum to pay them I could have taken 10K off it, and if I really could not afford to pay even the per week, I could have asked for 50, or less. I had to weigh up what they would have to do to get my wages garnished here. They might get if a judge was on my side, assuming they would bother Bottom line, if you're not planning to return to AUS in 10 years, forget it, don't pay them. The worst that could happen is they find you, seek legal advice for where you are and chase you down.

Chances are they cant do anything. The original bank has already sold the debt. My good friend left Australia 7 years ago after finding her husband was having an affair but she never paid her last year of taxes.

She had her own business and was earning k approx. I was on a visa but lost the job and had to return home. My visa was since cancelled. I have received an email and recently a letter from Baycorp simply saying please call us regarding an urgent matter. I'm at home for good, but I'm also out of work and can't afford to pay off this debt. I've no idea how they got my postal address here in Ireland. What can I do? I decided to leave suddenly due to 3 bereavements in my family and come back to NZ for good.

I was an idiot and couldn't pay them back and then life just took over I guess. I'd like to go back to Aussie to visit my sisters who have moved over there with their families. A Will this stop me from entering Australia at the end of this year? B Can I just ignore them and hope they eventually go away?

What I'm really scared about is that they will take me to court. Can anyone offer me advice??? I am in a similar boat, 25K of unsecured debt Credit Cards 6K, 8K and personal loan 10K on the verge of being redundant and visa expiry. I have no choice but to leave the debts behind and never return back. I want to pay off as I would like to go back and holiday.

I'm very scared to ring the bank and make payments. What should i do? We moved to the UK about 3. My husband left behind an ATO debt and a credit card debt. I declared bankrupt after a failed business. Will we have any troubles upon entering the country.

Any help or advise would be much appreciated. But government debt will put you in a bad situation Any government agencie that you owe will then be tracking you and therefore you will be at risk. So hopefully that answers your queries.

Depends what country your in and even sub-areas have their own conditions. For example in Canada if you live in a certain area, the french speaking region there is an agreement between them and Australia for proxy legal action, i.

There is a list of countries that Australia has shared courts agreements but I forget what its called. Otherwise if the debt collection agency manages to find your contact details, they may even try tracking you down with things like facebook, all they can do is ask you periodically to pay the debt. Thanks 52 response from i am jay at Right now I am in India but planning to move to Australia, would there be any issue getting student visa for Australia again??

This time I will be on my dependent visa. Thanks 53 response from Roland at I owe the ATO 23, I am throwing in odd amounts every month. I plan to fly back to Australia to seem my family. I am concerned that I may be stopped from leaving the country because of this debt. If I am unable to return I will not be able to continue my work. Is there as risk? What can id o? I was on a working holiday visa. Will I get stopped on arrival if I go back to Australia??

I left oz two years back with AUD commonwealth bank debt. Now I am applying for Permanent residency, will my case get affected by the debt or will be needing to pay the debt before my case gets rejected by immigration?

I know if l pick this option l can't leave the country without permission so l thought if l just leave I won't have to worry about that. Does anyone have any advice? Immigration wont stop me because of this will they? If you don't then it is likely you will not be permitted to continue your travel,so sort something out before you go. Civil debt loans,credit cards etc and having a bad credit record in either country are no concern to border control,and will not stop any travel.

I paid the minimum payment till and then stopped. Will this thing come up when I apply for police checks and also will be iI be living in prison when i come to Australia?

living debt free australia dating

I have a bank loan outstanding of about 30k from and currently owe some money to ece credit which I'm paying off bit by bit. I need to fly to Australia this week for a family emergency just wondering if I'll be stopped? Not too sure any advice is helpful thanks 62 response from Worried at I have lost my job after 23 years and I need to return to NZ due to health reasons.

I am thinking of foreclosing on my Morgage, having my car repossessed and cancelling the debt aggreement which includes Credit Card and Bank Loan debts. Any idea what consequences I could face in NZ.

living debt free australia dating

I live back in New Zealand and get regular harassing phone calls from the debt collection agency. I can't afford to live and pay them back. Reading through what people have said there seems to be a mixed opinion that they won't be able to do anything and they will be able to chase you through the courts. Does anyone have a firm answer on this? I have a debt to a law firm for K in Australia. Will I be questioned at immigration if I return to Australia.

Unfortunately due to family reasons I have to sell my truck and move back to NZ. I can't afford to pay any bills back and I need the money I make from selling the truck. Can anyone tell me what will happen? I had few debts like credit card and few fines to pay never had vic license. I drove on local licence as I was an international student. So, now i want to move back to Australia under skilled migration. Do i need to worry about my application being rejected?

living debt free australia dating

He wants a paternity test done as the dates of the child's birth don't match the time he was with the mother. The mother has forged legal documents and the state won't let him plead his case. He doesn't have money for a lawyer. What can he do? If it's his child he will pay. If it's not he doesn't feel he should have to pay. Can he travel to Australia with a child support debt and pay debt while living in Australia? But i was in Oz last december no prblem at all. Tho 69 response from Drunk driver at Planning to go back and live again with family.

Could anyone give advice if there are going to be any complications: Applying for drivers licence? Can pay off the remaining fine.

For applying for another credit card or taking up mortgage etc. It has been 16 years since I visited Australia. I decided to tell them. Better to have it out in the open. Limitations in Oz are about 6yrs.

British couple living off the grid in Australia

Therefore, plan wisely if you do decide to leave. The Kiwi-born Melburnian had been living it up with her boyfriend Richard, enjoying all that her adopted city had to offer: Now the Savings Room money blogger wants to share her story to inspire others to transform their fortunes. The debt-plagued Petersens feared they would never be able to afford a family, but turned it all around after transforming their lifestyle.

Every day that went by, more interest was being added to the balance. Kochie's quick ways to eliminate bad debt1: Not only did they cut up their credit cards, but they kissed goodbye to the city they loved, sold off most of their possessions, drove a van across the Nullarbor in degree heat and settled in a remote Western Australian mining town. After stopping off to get married along the way, they ended up in Kambalda, about 60km outside Kalgoorlie.

And what are we going to do now? Supplied Luckily, skilled workers in Kambalda were in high demand at the time, and the pair found work within days. Ms Peterson took a role as personal assistant to a mine manager, while her husband got a job driving trucks and later moved into explosives. With none of the distractions that had tempted them in Melbourne, they focused on paying their bills and whittling down the thick manila envelope containing printouts of all their debts.