If the Senate does indeed vote in favor of the extension before the end of next month, it would be up to President Barack Obama to pass it into law. In the vegetable market, the initial brunt has been borne by the sellers of vegetables like tomatoes, which are trucked in from afar. Creative Confidence is a beautiful, high-end book printed on high quality paper with gorgeous graphics. Other states in which down-ballot voters essentially boycotted the presidential election included Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. So in the Chinese original, this paragraph hangs on the inflections of these three wa sounds. Talk to traders selling spices, grains or pulses and you hear similar numbers.

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But enough remains to show a poet who transforms the ordinary in apparently ordinary language. What if you were able to bring that same fearlessness to your every day life and business? Soyez le premier à voter pour une femme Présidente! Y es que considera que no existe una traducción definitiva. Russia and Iran also have extensive economic ties and are jointly working on various projects in the energy sector, port facilities, hydrocarbons and railways. José Martí, héros national cubain, disait la chose suivante:

Le dernier bouclier défendant la liberté. Ainsi, elle aurait laissé une empreinte indélébile tout comme Barak Obama qui devint le premier président noir américain 8 ans de cela, soit en Cette introspection a été due aux discours réactionnaires des candidats conservateurs au primaire du parti républicain.

death note arabic startimes

Tous des éléments justificatifs confortant ma lecture du théâtre politique. Nicholas Eberstadt, spécialiste en démographie, a fait la projection suivante: Ils ne font plus de bébés. Ils chient de peur dans leur pantalon. Mais, il entend emplir cette vacuité arabuc son propre terme. Ils réagissent différemment, conformément à leurs intérêts. La conséquence est manifeste. Le 4 novembreun événement soudain arriva aux Etats-Unis.

Ce fut un cataclysme blanc! Cette frange de la société constatait avec agacement la présence de Michelle et de Barak Obama accompagnés de leurs filles habitant la maison blanche. Édifice qui représente pour elle le haut symbole de la domination raciale.

Il faut la récupérer. Je suis fatiguée de voir un singe en talons Michelle Obama. Les modérés du parti de Lincoln sortaient par la petite porte. Il est devenu un demi-dieu.

Le contrat social conclu enaprès la cruelle guerre de sécession, arrive à expiration. Il faut redéfinir les paramètres politiques et culturels du pays. La cour suprême, quoique conservatrice, ratifie par contre des lois anti chrétiennes, par exemple le mariage homosexuel.

Le vote de Statrimes Trump traduit cet aspect de la vie américaine. Ce brassage culturel, dénoncé avec loquacité par les conservateurs, a atteint son paroxysme.

On oublie que les échanges entre les peuples ne se font pas en sens unique. Pour eux, Mathieu Cette guerre culturelle américaine a maintenant atteint son point culminant. Donc, la victoire du 8 novembre est éphémère. Sa survie est déjà comptée. Montesquieu, Hobbes et Fanon sont en danger.

Ces contradictions, comme je les ai décrites plus haut, affichent des caractères ingérables. And you know what? What he and others in America and Europe never explain is why the alliance is needed when its only enemies are invented ones.

No countries anywhere threaten Western nations. Humanity would be much safer if NATO disbanded — not the other way around. As long as NATO exists, world peace is unattainable. Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. The National Hawker Federation NHF expresses its strong disagreement with the ways in which the Government of India has addressed the evil of corruption in the country. While we do feel as a collective of more than unions and associations of street vendors of this country, that black money and the corruption raj should end and rule of law be established, we strongly edath that struggle against corruption cannot be waged devoid of a strong social will, a long-term agenda, an alternative infrastructural vision, and popular consent.


We have seen in the last few days, how millions have faced unnecessary harassment, and sizeable loss of income due to a sudden and unprecedented demonetization of the economy.

As victims of the structural violence of corruption in notte, the street vendors are critically aware of how black-markets operate. The people involved in financial corruption hardly keep their undisclosed incomes in the form of hard cash as such.

The people of India know how unaccounted money constantly takes the form of precious foreign currencies, real-estate property, and gold. Instead, the Union Government treaded a path that impoverished the 98 percent of India. It is curious to note that even the app based businesses in the urban transport and retail sectors had to take recourse to the prevailing practices of the land.

We believe, a sudden demonetization of the economy was targeted to restructure this age-old system, and paralyze the circulation of hard cash in the market.

Such a violent measure has been justified in the name of a holy war against corruption. The ultimate target of the Government is to smoothen the entry of informatized big capital to make an inroad predominantly in retail and transport sectors. The anonymous market process appears to be inadequate to usher in a complete destruction of small economies. Around mote percent of the street vendors of India do not still have bank accounts.

They migrate to cities, and save their little incomes in the form of INR and notes. They procure merchandise from the wholesalers in the late night, or in the early morning depending on the product cycles. It is virtually impossible for these groups to hastily put together a valid documentation and access the banking facility. Even if they access the banks, arxbic do so at a huge cost. Many of them have already spent a full working day in the bank, sacrificing their wages. When they return, they have to re-assemble a broken supply deah.

Who will count the aggregate loss in the informal economy?

Why will they bear such economic hardships when they have no role in corruption? Arbaic will they consent to veath decision in which their consent is not even sought? What kind of democracy are we practicing in India in which only a handful of top regime functionaries take major economic decisions without debates and public practising in India in which only a handful of top regime functionaries take major economic decisions without debates and publicnotifications?

An electoral victory hardly authorizes them to use emergency powers at will. We hope, the Government reconsiders its totalitarian decision, and remains confined to conventional democratic procedures. We, the undersigned, support all efforts to stop startimed, stamp out black money and counterfeit dath, and act against funding that helps creates unrest in the country be it through terrorism or creating divisions and hatred among people. However, the decision to demonetize Rs and Rs notes is misconceived and will not address the problem of black money for the following reasons: The summary way demonetisation has been effected is leading to a riot like situation in the country.

We demand that the Government ensure that common people have immediate access to enough money to pay for their daily needs and health emergencies. Failing which, we demand the rollback of demonetisation or suspension of demonetisation to enable the common tsartimes to make adequate arrangements for daily needs and for more orderly phasing out of the old notes.

Once again as almost twenty seven years ago, NATO is faced with a deep-seated, soul searching existential issue. Call it an urgent internal threat. It faces losing its very relevance, or purpose as an organisation in the world. During the cold war it managed to do all raabic. Afterwards however, it engaged in military operations in the Balkans which destroyed Yugoslaviacentral Asia and failed to stabilise Afghanistan and Northern Africa Libya bombing campaign.


But in the post-cold war period its main mission of keeping American troops in Europe, while protecting a somewhat humbled Germany, has been as challenging as maintaining a bellicose stance with the former Soviet foe. Naturally, Germany is relatively prosperous and can well pay its way in the Alliance. Is Berlin prepared to assume the cost of its own deafh, and also take the lead in fostering a collective defence for Europe within mote EU?

Such a scenario of course, would be unsettling, if not worrisome, to both the U.

NATO dath out in with 12 founding members. Today it has 28! Several former Soviet republics have joined such as the three Baltic States.

death note arabic startimes

This creeping eastward drang nach osten is unacceptable to Moscow. Morevoer, the ongoing manoeuvres in central Europe are further evidence of an offensive stance again Russia. Ukraine and Georgia are on standby status that is they are taxiing but not ready for take off to Brussles to join NATO as well. Its members must pay more for membership in terms of reaching 2 percent spending on defence which some are unwilling to doand it has got stop expanding further eastwards.

New threats are on the horizon such as Jihadist and state sponsored terrorism, uncontrolled mass migration into Europe abound. Michael Werbowski is a graduate of post communist studies from the University of Leeds, UK, and a Vienna based journalist specialising in geo-strategic issues. In his search for the Secretary of State, more wars seem inevitable with the several names mentioned from the political establishment as possibilities.

President-elect Donald Trump will meet this weekend with one of his fiercest critics: The former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani and extremist neocon John Bolton who held various positions in several Republican administrations have also been mentioned.

Bob Corker, the Senator from Tennessee who supported the war in Iraq and led the effort to supply lethal arms to the Ukraine for the war in Donbass is also a possibility.

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Nikki Haley is under consideration by President-elect Donald Trump for secretary of state, and other cabinet positions, a transition source told CNN Wednesday, despite their notd history. If Trump decided to appoint Henry Kissinger to run US veath policy, a war will no doubt be on the horizon.

Navy Admiral Michael S. The director of the US National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers, reportedly paid a secret visit to Israel last week to discuss cooperation in cyber-defense, in particular to counter attacks by Iran and its Lebanon-based proxy Hezbollah.

One thing in common with all of the candidates for Secretary of State is that they all seem to be pro-Israel which should be starrtimes serious concern for the Middle East. That statement is not encouraging for the Palestinians who support a two-state solution.

Trump wants better relations with Russia in order to fight the Islamic State.

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There is a real possibility of a trade war looming between the U. In Gaza, Iran is supporting Hamas and Islamic jihad. A deplorable, deplorable situation. Iran has seeded terror groups all over the world.