Yunjae dating real

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yunjae dating real

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. A Celebration of 15 Yunjae Moments Credit- yunjae asianfanfics 1. out where it was something members were doing only for fans, not a real "dangerous love" that would be troublesome to Which member would you date?. Well ~ i cant tell u that this's true or just another fake but after the day, On my previous post titled “[YunJae Fact] Yunho will get.

Yunho has to choreograph and perform a dance using a song senior music majors write while Jaejoong has to compose a song for a dance major or score for a film major. The music, dance, and film majors must collaborate. YunJae work together and get the highest grades and best reception at the Senior Showcase the school has ever seen.

May — Diplomas and Fathers YunJae graduates from college! Jung attend the ceremony because Jaejoong called and insisted they both come and also because what Jae said was the push that helped Mrs.

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Jung see how just badly her husband was treating her only son. Kim asks his son when Jaejoong is going to bring him a grandson. Yunho continues to work at a dance studio while he sends his portfolio and resume to companies hoping to start his choreographing career.

Companies are surprised to learn Jae can compose and write song lyrics and Yunho can choreograph and teach dance. YunJae gets an apartment together. Spring — Careers Jaejoong gets a job writing a song at a small entertainment company. Yunho gets a job at a small entertainment company choreographing a song. The song and dance receives moderate success.

Jaejoong gets a break in the industry — one of his songs gets first place on Inkigayo. YG asks Jae to work on a full album for one of their artists. Finding out he is adopted, especially when his career is taking off, devastates Jae and makes him question a lot of things about Mr.

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We love you no matter what. A song Jaejoong wrote is released and does not do as well as expected. Yunho choreographs a song for a young seven-member boy group that has only debuted for around a year.

The group is going for a cute concept, and the fans think the dance is extremely cute and adorable. Spring — Well Known and More Family? YunJae are established in the music industry. Kim asks his son when Jae will give him a grandson when YunJae are over. Well there are places where gay marriage is allowed.

Dating on Earth AKA Why YunJae Had So Little Scenes Together

What do you think of that? It came out as more of a nervous question than a statement like he wanted. Do you even have a ring? If anyone knows Jaejoong better than you, it would be him.

He talks with Yoochun, plans to ask Yunho to marry him and decides to write a song for the proposal. Jaejoong writes and records a love song for his proposal. Jae actually goes to SME to prepare for his proposal in the room where he first met Yunho over eleven years ago. The alarm is set to remind him that he has an appointment to have lunch with Jae at the restaurant where they had their first lunch date. It was his audition song. Then he plays a CD in the CD player.

Get your game on, go play? Get the show on, get payed? Despite the vast age difference, the two are apparently in a relationship, as spread by an X-File rumor. C has always been known to say in interviews, 'I've always been an avid fan of B even before my debut as a singer', leading to the curiosity of fans.

One industry insider who is said to be close to the two denied the rumors, saying, "I went skiing with them before so I know a lot about their relationship. They're just a close senior and junior They're not dating at all.

yunjae dating real

As she's got quite a lot of fans thanks to her exceptional vocal skills and S-line body. Top stars D and E have been long known to be best friends. Not only are they the same age, but they've been in the same agency since their debut and developed quite a strong friendship over the years.

yunjae dating real

Unfortunately, after D left the company, it seems it's taken a toll on their friendship, as whenever they're asked questions about the other, they turn cold. It was only about each other. The Scripted and Unscripted Yunjae was beginning to popularize during the Rising Sun era, namely because fetus Jaejoong and Yunho had a penchant for cuddling adorably, and Jaejoong was already beginning his habit of not-so-subtle Yunho-gushing. SM was no stranger to the shipping world-- fanfic was around even back in the H.

T era, and plenty of it involved gay shipping-- but they always had a good amount of control over it. It was a fantasy world that toyed with the fans' imaginations, but since it was a fantasy, it was easy to take a step back from it and point out where it was something members were doing only for fans, not a real "dangerous love" that would be troublesome to their conservative society. It may have seemed pointless since it only fueled the fire even more, but I'm sure they really were trying to paint it in their own light.

You see their interactions from Jaejoong's perspective in the story, and the more convinced he becomes that Yunho's in love with him, the more convinced you become. You see each action and touch on Yunho's part as an expression of love and start rooting for Jaejoong to fall for him, too. But then the ending abruptly reveals it to be a fantasy-- Yunho's only acting that way because he wants to butter Jae up after breaking his camera.

It was SM's way of constructing a fantasy and breaking it down, and it leaves a somewhat disappointing feeling when you finish watching, as if you've just been tricked. The same thing happens in Super Junior's "Dangerous Friendship"-- Kyuhyun seems to have fallen in love with Sungmin, but is only using him for revenge, Leeteuk is only flirting with Kangin to win a bet with Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Donghae.

All of it plays on the fantasies of fans and abruptly denies them at the conclusion. Of course, when you have the objects of fantasies acting them out, it's bound not to work in discouraging fans, and it didn't.

But more so than that, Yunjae themselves were the ones who made SM's plan to tame down the obsession with Yunjae fail.

yunjae dating real

First you have Jaejoong acting a little too happy and nervous in the Making Of footage than warranted for a fantasy script that doesn't go far beyond a few hugs and touches-- not out of the ordinary for either of them, considering how often they'd touched each other before. Jaejoong can barely meet Yunho's eyes without having an NG issue involving laughing, smiling, or blushing, including the adorable instance of seeing himself in Yunho's eyes when they were staring at each other. He certainly doesn't seem to mind being grasped around the waist for his princess carry either.

Yunjae: daniyahh

Both of them admitted to feeling awkward with each other following the drama-- something that usually doesn't happen when what you're doing can be explained away as playacting-- to the point where Jaejoong used that as an explanation for why he'd just sung Hug's bed-in-your-room line in Chinese to Yunho in the middle of their X-Man filming.

SM didn't really do their job of crushing the fantasy-- in fact, Yunho and Jaejoong seemed more aware of each other than ever afterwards. Which member would you date? It's a question most boy groups get asked, but the way the answers play out in the video has led many down the path of Yunjae. I think Yoochun and Changmin should win all the awards here for making things obvious. Looking at Jaejoong when Yunho didn't pick him?

yunjae dating real

Jaejoong instantly losing his interest in the conversation when Yunho says any member is fine? Looking at Yunho even before Jaejoong says his name?

Interestingly, from this point on whenever this question was asked, Yunho would usually say Jaejoong and Jaejoong would usually say Yunho, to the point where Junsu even got angry at Yunho for always picking Jaejoong, reminding him that were other members.

And something tells me that Junsu had other reasons for issuing that warning rather than wanting to be picked by Yunho himself.