Yakuza 5 hostess dating after divorce

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yakuza 5 hostess dating after divorce

That's in real life. In the Yakuza series, going to a hostess club involves finding a particular hostess and treating her as if she were a dating sim. Divorce quiz, yakuza 4 hostess dating guide erena print it out and asked me 48 pools and restaurants, by reading more about them yakuza 5 dating guide. It covers the very tail end of Yakuza 5 and the consequences of Kiryu's actions at Darts, hostess clubs, karaoke, and more are back as well.

Was it only for promotion or do they actually appear in the game as well like in the previous games?

Shun Akiyama

As for me, you should be WELL aware of how I feel about the hostess section of the series and you can imagine how uneasy I was to hear that they were gonna upgrade it, however after playing it I've come to like most of the changes.

While the new view of looking directly at their face is nothing new to me considering I've played the Kurohyo spin off games, It took some getting used to having the girls be fully voiced especially with the freaking ACCENTS they have in the game Damn you Riku I can't totally understand you sometimes!!

I'm especially grateful that the total amount of default conversations you can have with them are all smaller than what they used to be, since it saves me time when I type out transcripts for them, but I especially like how despite the shorter list of default conversations they made sure increase the length for each of the conversations and they also made some of them tricky depending on how you respond earlier in the topic mainly because Sometimes what you say earlier can come back and bite you later on in the conversation.

Asking the girls out on after work dates wasn't as bad as I thought, I originally thought it was gonna be another excuse to torture you with another "Make Haruka happy" style section, but they're pretty short and simple. If you wanted to you can just boost up the heart gauge by picking specific choices again and again, and I find that just a TAD bit lazy.

But this is minor especially considering if you pick a topic starter directly after you've had specific previous conversation with the girl you may get something called a TALK COMBO which may give you an additional heart increase or heart decrease depending on the topic.

I remember being taken aback when I first ended up getting a talk combo because I didn't know such a feature existed, but this is what makes the free action acceptable in my opinion. One other minor thing is the text response system, I don't think they gain you points anymore and it appears they're now limited strictly to just text responses if you choose the right answer Plus it takes too much time for them to respond to your text messages making it annoying to wait to see if you picked the right response.

I just think they should consider upgrading the free action part a bit more and shorten the amount of time the girls can respond to your text messages, and to allow you to use Taxis when you're with the girls on after work dates.

yakuza 5 hostess dating after divorce

Riku reminds me of Saya from Yakuza 3 and Kurohyo Now SHE was a cutie. They appear in Side quests for each city. For example of the winners is a opponent for Kiryu's Taxi racing sub story, and Mami is a side quest for Saejima's section And ha damn did they make her look cute for a simple NPC Oh that chick in the racing part was one of the winners? I was kinda like "that's weird that you gotta race this chick suddenly" lol Yeah, I agree with pretty much all you said about the text messages and not being able to taxi tho' it didn't matter much for Nagasu, because the taxis are in crappy positions there and everything's on the main drag anyway Ryuuga Gotoku Yakuza series text FAQs available at GameFAQs PSN: Bored Mafuyu 6 years ago 6 I do like the hostess segment of the game from the first episode!

I liked so much that in Ryu 4 a larger part was based on hostesses just think of the seven hostesses plus the 3 "Let's make number one" hostesses created by Akiyama. I remember I bought lots of costumes and accessories for them and they wore these gifts in the next club visiting or dating in Ryu 4.

Back at the Dyna Chair office, Akiyama checked on Yamaura about Haruka's whereabouts, which she didn't know, and told her and Christian that the assailants were from Ousaka Enterprises who thought that Haruka had the letter from Park's ex-husband.

Not so long after, they were greeted by Katsuya, who brought Haruka back. He apologized to Akiyama for putting Haruka in harm's way, and continued by confessing that he's the president of Osaka Talents as well as chief of headquarters of Omi Alliance and chairman of Ousaka Enterprises, and admitted that Kanai was his underling.

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During the encounter, he revealed that Park's ex-husband was none other than Goro Majima, much to Akiyama's surprise. After meeting Katsuya, Akiyama told Yamaura and Christian that Sotenbori is too dangerous for Haruka due to Omi Alliance's prominence, prompting him to leave Osaka and take Haruka to Kamurocho, figuring that by doing so the Omi Alliance will have to be careful due to Kamurocho being Tojo Clan's home turf, and to continue her journey to the Tokyo Dome concert.

The following day, Akiyama told Haruka that it was Majima who sent Park the letter, and that Katsuya wanted the letter to learn about Majima's whereabouts. However, Haruka refused to hand the letter over, which raises his suspicion that Haruka might be hiding something. Eventually, he managed to met Haruka at the station, however, he also encountered Kanai and his goons, which he managed to fend off before joining Haruka and taking her to Tokyo by taxi.

In the final chapter, Akiyama encountered Katsuya again in Tokyo, this time with an offer of million yen to cancel the Japan Dome concert as well as Katsuya's guarantee that Osaka Talent will cover the cancellation expenses, which he declined.

Back at Sky Finance, he met Tatsuo Shinada who requested a million yen loan to cancel a concert in Japan Dome, much to his surprise. Later on during the finale, Akiyama fought Kanai alongside his fellow Omi Alliance men. Upon defeating it, he gained a high degree of respect from the Omi Alliance, Yamagasa Family, and Kitakata Family to a point where all of the families bowed down before Akiyama.

Yakuza 6 Edit It is revealed that during the three years that Kiryu spends in prison that Akiyama has shut down Sky Finance and seemingly disappeared after being targeted by the Chinese triads.

Kiryu, searching for Haruka who has also seemingly gone missing, eventually finds Akiyama in hiding living in the sewers. Akiyama informs Kiryu that he doesn't know the whereabouts of Haruka and the two's conversation is cut short by the Chinese Mafia.

Kiryu and Akiyama work together to take down mafia thugs and Akiyama is forced out of hiding. When it is later revealed that Haruka has been left in a coma after being involved in a hit-and-run incident, Akiyama accompanies Kiryu to the hospital. It is also revealed that Haruka has a young son named Haruto.

When child-services appear to take the child away, Kiryu decides to kidnap Haruto, stating that he doesn't want him to grow up in an institution just like he and Haruka had to. Akiyama disagrees with Kiryu and the two fight inside the children's ward. Kiryu eventually overpowers Akiyama and he reluctantly agrees to let Kiryu take Haruto.

He's later seen in the 7th chapter where Kiryu asked him to meet at a hotel in Theater Square. Disguised as a window cleaner, he met Kiryu, accompanied by Murota of Tojo Clan's Jinsei Family, his new acquaintance. There, Akiyama told Kiryu a few things: In return, Kiryu told him that he's looking for Tatsukawa and also his plan to go to Little Asia to talk with Ed, which he agreed under the condition that Kiryu should bring more men to go there.

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During the infiltration, a butcher caught him and Kiryu, forcing both men to fight him. They managed to find Ed, however, they have to face the Triads after fighting Ed. After fighting the Triads, he's seen at New Serena, along with Kiryu, Yuta, and Nagumo, where he explained about heihaizi a Chinese term referring to children born outside Chinese government's one-child policy and that the Saio Triad had smuggled them to Japan for quite a while.

In the final chapter, Akiyama is seen paying a visit to the now-recovered Haruka at the police hospital. He told Kiryu that Haruka may have to move around to keep her safe from both Tojo Clan and Yomei Alliance, however, he can't help Kiryu to take care of Haruka and joined Kiryu and the rest of Hirose Family instead.

Back at Serena, he ensured Kiryu that Haruka's safe in the hands of Date and that he's willing to take care of Yuta's injuries, only to found him escaped from his shack sometime later.

In the epilogue, Akiyama decided to re-open Sky Finance. It's also revealed that he knew Kiryu's true fate.

Appearance Edit Shun Akiyama has seven outfits with his appearance throughout the series. His default outfit consists in a pair of black chukka boots, black business pants with a black leather belt with golden buckle, black long-sleeved shirt and a maroon tweed jacket along with a gold wristwatch.

He keeps a grown stubble and his hair slightly long and a golden necklace on his neck. In Yakuza 5, he wears a different wristwatch. As a homeless he wears a grey hood, brown cap, blue shirt into the hood. His shoes are a pair of trainers and also his outfit appears to be dirty, marking his life as a homeless on the street. During the end of Yakuza 4, he wears a black suit and a white shirt, donned in similar fashion to his default outfit.

He has extra outfits: Dead Souls and so onthe White-tight with a helmet outfit appears on 5 onlyand Shinada outfit also appears on 5 only. In Yakuza 6, he wears four different kinds of outfits: Personality Edit Akiyama is a carefree and kind character. Like Kiryu, Akiyama is always ready to help people in need. This makes it easier for him to gain friends in Kamurocho. Although he is a loan shark, he does not charge his clients with interest and collateral.

Instead, he gives unique tests to his clients before he loans them money. He even sometimes helps them accomplish their tasks. He wishes to test them, based on his past experience as a banker-turned-homeless man, to see if they are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to get the money they need. However, he will not hesitate to turn down his clients, no matter how miserable their situation is, if they failed his test, though he does sometimes give them second chances.

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Akiyama also known for his laziness. He often sleeps on his couch while customers are not around, and leaves his office is in a total mess, usually just letting it get cleaned up by his secretary, Hana. Akiyama is also somewhat forgetful. He regularly forgets when its a collection day and has to be reminded of it by Hana, much to her chargin. Despite this, he can still remember where every single book on the shelf is supposed to be. Despite his vast funds, he does not have a house or an apartment, instead he lives in his rather modest office.

He is good friends with the homeless of Kamurocho due to being one for years and he occasionally buys food and drinks for them. Being an owner of a hostess club, Akiyama is very knowledgeable on matters such as fashion and women. He is always giving advice to his hostesses on how to provide excellent services for the customers, as well as directions on their appearances in order to match what the customers wants. He has also helped several men win hearts of women by giving them useful insights and fashion advice to make them more attractive to women.

Akiyama also cares deeply for Hana. Since Hana has followed him since his days as a banker, they share a close friendship. When Hana finds herself in danger, Akiyama doesn't hesitate to help her, and vice versa. He was also quite worried when he found her wounded in Yakuza 4, and was visibly sad when Hana decided to quit from Sky Finance.

He was grateful when Hana returned. During the events of Yakuza 6, he became a very cautious person, apparent when Kiryu experienced some difficulties in trying to get in touch with him. He also feels grateful to Kiryu for changing his life after the the events of Yakuza. He became Kiryu's trustworthy ally and friend in 4, 5, and 6, helping him whenever he can. In Yakuza 5, he helps Haruka Sawamura to realizes her dream as a sign of gratitude to Kiryu, and in return, Kiryu helps him against the Saio Triad in Yakuza 6.

Fighting Style Throughout his appearances, Akiyama consistently fights using a kick-based style. Yakuza 4 Edit Akiyama's fighting style consists mainly on kick attacks, allowing him to unleash multiples hits at once.

He relies on high speed and quick dodges to get ahead of his opponents and avoid being swarmed. While his grabbing game is still rather poor, his multiple-hit combo gives him an edge to finish enemies quickly.

He has the ability to dodge while performing his standard combo, a feature that prevents him to be attacked while hitting another opponent. Akiyama doesn't have much interaction with his Heat actions, but his fast swift combos make up for it.

yakuza 5 hostess dating after divorce

Akiyama could possible make infinite combos. Yakuza 5 Edit Akiyama still retains his moves Yakuza 4 and gains some newer moves. He has a backflip that sends enemies up into the air that could follow up with a heat action, or follow up with an aerial combo.

He gains some new heat actions as well. Loan Tests Edit Throughout the events of Yakuza 4 and 5, Akiyama offers loans to certain people to test their commitment to find.

Tasks range from community service to working for him to pay back a portion of the money if there are no tasks. Lily Yasuko Saejima - Lily came to Sky Finance to borrow million yen so that she can release her brother from prison. Her test was to gain 3 million yen by working at Elise in 3 days.

Lily passed the test and get the million, but not before Akiyama asks about her murder of Kanemura and the manager of Drama Queen. Lily did not tell Akiyama about who she really is and promised to repay the million to Akiyama someday. This test also resulted in Hana quitting Sky Finance out of frustration with Akiyama's behavior.

Shiobara - The first client the player meets in Akiyama's substory, Shiobara was an aimless entrepreneur who struggled to establish his own successful business.

In his initial test, he unsuccessfully tried to complete three separate tasks which Akiyama knew he would fail. Tackling Shiobara's refusal to lay off people and taking the blame for the company's failure, Akiyama makes him work for Paradise Advertising, which was in need of layoffs. While he passed the first test, he again approaches Akiyama for another loan after he loses his passion and his second test was to take a single mundane item and make money out it. Here he teaches his secret to success was not by seeking the golden opportunity but to satisfy the needs of others.

Unnamed Woman - A middle-aged woman who asks Akiyama for a loan to sustain her family expenses. She is given three hours to find a job. She fails to commit fully and seeks out the obvious jobs and refused to make the sacrifices needed to secure a loan and fails to get a loan. Shoko Muto - A single woman who was in need of money to pay off her outstanding debts for her extravagant lifestyle. Akiyama hands her a million yen as a "gift" and secretly surveillance her spending habits with the money she has acquired.

Unwilling to spend extravagantly with Akiyama's money, she passes the test as she was willing let go of her reckless spending habits. Akiyama gets a request for a loan from his wife and puts her through the same process as the unnamed woman. She is so desperate for the loan that she goes to Elise to seek any kind of work.

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After learning about Arima's situation, Akiyama reasons with the husband who decides to start anew from his corporate raiding past. Hanaoka - A client of Akiyama during the events of Dead Souls. Saddled with debt due to having to care for so many cats. He succeeds by giving the cats away to other people who wanted a pet cat of their own. Mirei Park - Akiyama's client during the events of Yakuza 5.

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In order to secure a million yen loan to fund Haruka's upcoming concert at the Japan Dome, Park was assigned to "make money using her body", so she took two jobs: Juri - A hostess working at Elise, while officially she was trying to earn money to sustain her finances, the loan in question was to help her boyfriend's gambling debts.

Kazami - An estranged father, he sought out a loan so his daughter can go to university. He succeeded on the condition that he personally gave the tuition money to his daughter. Tsukimura - A man literally down on his luck, he comes to Akiyama for a loan. He is given the loan on the condition that he turns the money given into a profit, only to be saddled with a worse losing streak.