What god word says about dating a counselor

23 Bible verses about Counseling

what god word says about dating a counselor

Hebrews - For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two -edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints. Bible verses about Counseling. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness , that. of Care People Who Offer Care People Who Train Caregivers Relationships Sin. Many people cringe when they hear the word “confrontation. Galatians says that if we see a brother or sister who is caught in a sin, we as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and is clearly in violation of God's Word.

A survey of a local adult Sunday school class revealed that fifty percent had been, or were currently, in therapy. Words like dysfunctional, codependence, and syndrome are no longer the esoteric language of trained professionals. They permeate and even dominate common conversation among Christians. Yet a Christian friend who is also a professional counselor told me that many of the clients she sees don't need to be there.

Why, then, do they go? Before we look at four reasonable explanations, let me say that I don't deny the legitimacy of professional counseling. In fact, I believe whole heartedly in it for two reasons.

Organic and congenital disorders can elude an untrained eye and might even be compounded by a foolish diagnosis of a purely spiritual problem where there is a physical problem as well.

Many believers with hypoglycemia are, until properly diagnosed, exhorted to the point of exhaustion by well meaning Christians exhibiting "zeal without knowledge. So there is a need for solid biblical counselors, and some Christians with some problems really need to go to them.

But what about the large number of Christians who are in therapy for no legitimate reason? Why do they go? There are four key reasons: Instead of studying and feasting on Scripture itself, they settle for dependence on rapidly multiplying forms of vicarious study Christian radio teaching, the telechurch, audio and video cassettes, etc.

One psalmist wrote, "Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes" Ps. Jesus announced the coming of the Holy Spirit into His followers' lives as "another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of truth" Jn.

Paul wrote that the Scripture, breathed out by God, "is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work 2 Tim. Them seems instead to be a growing loss of confidence in the relevance and authority of Scripture as first resort for counsel. God intended from the very beginning that He should be our primary counselor, our source of diagnosis, insight, and guidance.

And the primary vehicle of that ministry of God is the Scripture. Paul affirms this in Ro. But a secondary purpose is insight, encouragement, and guidance—the elements that comprise counseling.

what god word says about dating a counselor

Our frenetic culture crowds out sufficient time to reflect on the revelation of God in Scripture. I vividly recall the direct-mail marketing ploy of one publisher: For too many, time alone with God has become just another scheduled event on the daily treadmill. We listen to Scripture while we run, commute, or pay the bills, instead of reading and studying scripture while we meet with God.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, the chasm widens between us and the Author of Scripture. Eventually many Christians, deprived of spiritual nourishment, cease believing in the Bible as a source of comfort, insight, and direction.

In desperation, they seek professional help as a replacement for the irreplaceable. Presumption Of Personal Incompetence Our world overflows with information. One computer advertisement even shows a manager drowning in a sea of paperwork to convince people that they can't survive the information glut without computerized information management. Data management has become a lucrative career.

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Sadly, many people grow to believe that because they can never know everything, they can never know enough about anything. A new breed of individual arises—the specialist! He is here to remind us that we cannot be competent in anything outside our own narrow specialties—but he will gladly assist us in his own field of expertise. Thus modern man is convinced that he cannot care adequately for his finances, his marriage, his children, his business, or—above all—himself!

After all, he doesn't specialize in those things; he specializes only in what he does on the job. For everything else in life, he needs the help of an expert. So, when a child has problems, a marriage stagnates, or someone at mid-life begins to question his whole direction in life, we feel pressure to seek professional help.

What Does the Bible Say About Counseling?

Does it have to be this way? Recently a Christian radio station ran an ad for a Christian counseling center. The ad dramatically portrayed problems with in-laws, a child getting poor grades, and low self-esteem as crises demanding professional help. Thus a Christian counseling center committed to strengthening people unwittingly contributed to the steady drumbeat of the age of the specialist: You need professional help.

You can't stand on your own two feet My wife and I once spent an evening with a couple whose marriage was in trouble.

Both are highly successful college graduates. But, like many couples, they had been in therapy individually and jointly for two years. Now, they told us, their marriage was over. Therapy hadn't helped—and if it hadn't helped, what could? Jill and I looked at each other, wondering if we had gotten in over our heads this time. But during dinner, we assumed there that God wanted to glorify Himself in their weakness.


We explained to them how we go on a weekly date to talk, pray, and listen. Now, a year later, they date each week and their marriage pulsates with life and hope. Why did the counsel work? Not because Jill and I were experts, but because we were faithful to Heb. A weekly date isn't a foolproof success formula for every troubled marriage, but the point is clear: God has equipped us in Christ to "keep one another on our feet. Sadly, the Body of Christ is strongly influenced by that culture.

We have become like ancient Israel during the period of the judges: When we begin to think of ourselves as little gods and our culture reinforces that view, we soon forget that as believers we are "members together of one body" Eph. Risk is always a part of true love.

what god word says about dating a counselor

If you are not willing to risk getting hurt, you are not on the path of true love. Love is always dangerous. If I step out in faith, will you bless me exactly the way I want?

Show me what will happen if I follow you and then I will follow you. In short, God speaks through his word, through the impressions the Holy Spirit puts on your heart, and through the circumstances of your life. God does speak to us directly and certainly can tell you directly on if you are ready to date or if you should date this certain person or not.

What follows are some concrete indicators to help you answer questions regarding if God wants you to date in general or date a certain person. Dating is not a topic directly discussed in the Bible, but it is not one that is discouraged either. God calls some Christians to singlenessbut he calls the majority of Christians to marriage.

The path to marriage is never a one-size-fits-all type of thing. But the path many take in our culture is traditional dating. Does God Want Me to Date? If you have no sexual desire and you feel you would be content without a spouse, it may mean you have the gift of singleness.

If you would be sad about not getting married and you do have a sexual desire, this is a good sign you are probably not called to singleness. Certainly some would like to be married who are not. But when God puts a desire for marriage on your heart, it usually means he has called you to marriage. If you feel you would like to marry one day, the next question to answers is if you are ready for marriage right now? Are you mature enough to handle conflict well that will occur in marriage or do you have a track record of abandoning people as soon as there is a disagreement?

Are you a financial wreck and would your debt totally sink your future spouse?

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Are you addicted to porn or some other sexual sin? Are you still recovering from a previous relationship? The only other thing I would say is ask other people in your life if they think you are ready to date. You may have answered the questions above false unintentionally because it is very easy for us to not see our own flaws accurately.

Sometimes other people can see us from a different angle than we can see ourselves from.