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In addition to the TIN Facilitation Centres Cum PAN Centres, applications for PAN (new and change request) are accepted at the following locations. Due Dates for Payment of TDS. Amount paid/credited, Due date of TDS deposit. Government Office, Without Challan, Same Day Due dates of TDS Return FY If returns are filed online, then they can be submitted directly at NSDL TIN CPC Bangalore on (toll-free number) to check the status​. This data is directly (sheptonmallet.info) or Indirectly (TIN Facilitation Centers) This may be due to invalid data provided or dates/amounts out of limits, etc.

This data is directly www. The deficiencies found in the file are known as errors. FVU file will not be generated and report file contains the list of errors in the text file.

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What FVU does if there are no errors in the file? What are Form 24, 26, 27 and 27E? What data is to be entered in Form 24Q of salaries as it is a quarterly return? Do we require to specify the quarterly amounts of investments, incomes, etc?

But Last quarter should compulsorily contain the annual amounts of Investments, Contributions, etc under Chapter VI A, Details of Salary, Perquisites and Any other incomes reported and his net tax liability. Last quarter should also contain the Deduction and challan details of the respective quarter.

What about the Salary Details, in case the employee has left the employment before 4th quarter? Where an employee has worked with a deductor for part of the financial year only, the deductor should deduct TDS from his salary and report the same in the quarterly Form 24Q of the respective quarter s up to the date of employment with him. Note that in this case Deductions and Challan amount may not be there for that employee in last quarter.

Can deductor file Form 26Q separately for contractors, professionals, interest etc.? A single Form 26Q with separate annexure for each type of payment has to be filed for all payments made to residents. E-Return should comprise a single file with all the details of Form26Q. What is Form 26AS?

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The annual statement will be issued for all tax deducted and tax collected at source from F. This statement is known as Form 26AS.

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However, if PAN of deductees is not given in the TDS return, tax deducted from the payment made to him cannot be credited to his account i. The other fields Cheque details and Bank Code is optional in this case. What is form 26QA?

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Section A of IT Act Amended mandates that any banking company or co-operative society or public company responsible for paying to residents any income by way of interest not exceeding five thousand rupees without deduction of tax shall file quarterly returns. The Form shall be furnished on or before the 31st July, the 31st October, the 31st January and the 30th June following the respective quarter of the financial year.

TAN is to be obtained by the person responsible to deduct tax, i. Basically, Saral TDS generates the text file as per the format prescribed. What is Challan and deduction link? All the Deductions made by a deductor should be shown with the respective Challan details.

The process of linking the deductions entered in Deduction details to the challans entered in Challan details is called Challan and Deduction Link. Why Challan and deduction link is required? Each and every deduction should contain a challan linked with it.

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What is Part Payment? If a single deduction is remitted to the bank with multiple challans More than One challanthen such remittance is called as part payments.

TDS Returns: Eligibility, Filing Process, Due Dates & Revised TDS Return

What about the challan and Deduction Link in case of Part Payment? In case of Part Payments, Deductions should be proportionally split up with respect to the payments made and shown on the return.

This process is also internally taken care in SaralTDS. These deductions should also be linked with respective challan amounts. If there are no payments done under that particular form, it is not compulsory for the deductor to file eTDS returns for that form, unless intimated by IT Department. What about Challan and deduction Link for Zero Deduction?

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Zero Deduction should be linked to a paid challan in the Output file. How to transfer previous year master details to present year? How to convert Professional version data to corporate version? The conversion Utility can also be found in the installation path of the software by name Conversion What is Auto linking option? This option Automatically makes the process of Challan and Deduction Link for the Challans and deductions which are not linked.

This is dependent on the Dates and Amounts of Deductions and Challans. Why clear special characters? Assessees who are liable to submit TDS return electronically: It is obligatory to file TDS return within the due date mentioned above.


In case an assessee does not file the return within the prescribed time, he will be liable to pay a penalty. Following are the assessees liable to file quarterly TDS return electronically: Form 27A contains a control chart whose all columns must be filled.

This form is then verified in hard copy form with the e-TDS return filed electronically. The totals of the amount paid and the tax deducted at source have to be correctly filled and the same has to be filled in all the forms, including Form No. This is similar to what is done in case of e-TDS return. At the time of filing the TDS return, ensure that details relating to the depositing of tax deducted at source have been mentioned accurately. The basic form that has been used for e-TDS return recommended by the department is compulsory to follow.

This is because it brings consistency and better understanding in filling the forms. It is a 7-digit code provided to the banks by the Reserve Bank of India. In this case, the deductor has to sign the return through digital signature.

In case, the return is not accepted, then a non-acceptance memo will be issued along with the reasons for rejections. However, the total penalty should not exceed the TDS amount. The penalty levied should not be less than Rs 10, and not more than Rs 1,00, Check Now Procedure for filing Revised Return The following are the different types of corrections that are to be made in order to submit an error-free TDS return: