Theophilus london vashtie dating

Theophilus london Vashtie dating

To date, Kola has worked with Solange, Justin Bieber, and Kid Theophilus London), runway stints (she's a DKNY catwalk regular), and now. My love affair with Theophilus London began in “I Want You”, he's back with Vashtie Kola – friend, fellow collaborator, video director, My girlfriend at the time was like, “It's alright baby (talks in high voice and mimics. Ian Connor Responds To ASAP Bari & Claims Theophilus London Is A Child Molester claims to have evidence that Theophilus London is a child molester . Air Jordan 6 “Diffused Blue” December Release Date Confirmed.


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Vashtie Celebrates Her B-Day With the Help of A$AP Ferg, Brenmar, Voguers + More - PAPER

Marcus hustle, tory lanez, chedda, chris brown. The only three things that seemed to matter to twenty-three year old Vashtie.

theophilus london vashtie dating

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theophilus london vashtie dating

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Taylor lautner selena gomez they. Wearing pair Jordans lust Miss if ya nasty. Named after his grandfather yes Theophilus London is his real namehe left Trinidad at age one, and was brought up in Brooklyn, returning once for Trinidad Carnival when he was ten.

With travel, as one of his main inspirations, his visit to Trinidad is not just a return home, but also a key part of the creative process for his album. Ever progressive, while retaining his signature sound, Theophilus meshes body-moving beats with raw emotions and witty lyrics, bringing it straight to you to sweep you up in soulfully stirring ways. These are just some of his over 50 songs created in three years. How does it feel to be back home in Trinidad?

theophilus london vashtie dating

Aw man, it feels so good to be home. You left here when you were one, right? I came back when I was ten for about two weeks for Trinidad Carnival.

That was an amazing experience too.

Theophilus london Vashtie dating

That was like my real, first look at the country. My mother is Trini. My father is Trini. I grew up around the whole Trini culture, the whole family, so we do the same thing in the States.

My dad was like a big, big DJ out here in the 80s and 90s. He used to make mas… O: So you have the music in the blood. How did you get into music? It was more like an independent thing. I said I wanna do my own thing. I just wanted to do my own thing.


I just wanted to find my own niche, research my own music, hang out late at different clubs, do new music and just go to underground scenes and be a part of the culture that was around me.

So you were one of those guys we used to see rapping in the corridor at school … TL: A lot of rapping. Sometimes I got beat up. You mentioned going on BET and the crowd saying to get you off the stage. They want a donkey. That was on Day One Fans.