Speed dating when the music stops book

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speed dating when the music stops book

Speed Dating for Professionals at the Revolution Bar Derby. Revolution Bar Derby Event Date: Friday 14th Feb When: - Recomended For: . Speed Dating has ratings and reviews. Dina said: I only finished this book because I'm stubborn and kept hoping things would get better. Unfort. Speed Dating Event for age group in The Seagoe Hotel Portadown. All places must be pre-booked & can sell out fast so dont hang around - book your.

Our overarching goal was to give the students a fun and meaningful point of access to sample at least three to four books and give them an opportunity to preview different kinds of books.

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The first effort at this version of book tasting involved five sections of college-prep classes that varied in size from roughly students per period. The first three classes in the morning seemed generally receptive to the activity though the playful nature of what we were doing seemed a little unfamiliar to some; however, most students seemed to enjoy it and several showed excitement about the books they had discovered. Throughout the day, we received enthusiastic and positive feedback from the teacher as well as an assistant principal who was present and observing several sections.

speed dating when the music stops book

Word quickly spread that day throughout the Language Arts Department about this version of the book tasting, and we received a flurry of requests from other teachers to schedule time to do this version of book tasting. We were already scheduled with classes coming in for research, so we were not able to accommodate everyone right away; however, we were able to schedule five sections of Honors 9th Language Arts that we worked with yesterday.

The students in each class seemed to genuinely enjoy the activity and seemed a little more engaged and energized. We noticed that they were very observant of the book covers as they walked around the table and some did their best to pace themselves so that they might be lucky enough to land at a book of their choice, behaviors that were charming but that we also did not see with the first group on a large scale.

They also needed no verbal scaffolding and were more detailed in their responses.

Musical Chairs + Book Tasting Rocks!

One modification their teacher incorporated that we loved was that she walked around and responded to their comments either in writing on their tickets or through a quick quiet verbal conversation during the activity. We definitely would encourage others to adopt this effective strategy that she used with her students.

speed dating when the music stops book

While we want to be very careful to avoid broad generalizations based on class categories, these observations are consistent with other literacy behaviors Jennifer and I have observed over the last eighteen months. We hope that this variation on book tasting will be helpful for you as we feel it is scalable for any age group.

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Do I need to book my place early? Our speed dating events can be very, very popular and often sell out before the night.

speed dating when the music stops book

Mostly bookings are made before the day but it can be worth checking our website singles events listings to see if there might be a space still remaining for you if looking last minute. How do I book?

speed dating when the music stops book

Booking your space on line through our website is very straightforward. Just click on the event and click the Book Now button. This takes you to a page with more information about the event and will confirm if there is a place still available for you. If so, proceed with your booking by completing the information requested on our secure booking form and your card details on the next page.

speed dating when the music stops book

If you prefer, you can also book by telephone during office hours by calling No booking fee if you book online. Will I meet others of around my own age? We recommend an age group for each singles event including our Speed Dating evenings. These are not rigidly enforced but guests do fit within or very close to the age suggested as this enables everyone to get the most out of the evening. You will find the suggested arrival time and duration of the event given on the event desciption on our main singles events listings on our website.

They typically start around 7.