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We were shocked to see snakes coming out from every nook and cranny of our locality,'' said a resident. The men put the captured snakes into gunny bags.

Two Bangalore techies arrested for keeping venomous snakes as pets

At the end of the day long operation, the trio claimed that they had caught 85 snakes in all. Later, it emerged that there were only 25 snakes, which were caught and released multiple times to inflate the number of snakes caught. We agreed and pooled in the money from all the households,'' said one resident.

That's when one of the residents said he had spotted the trio prowling in their locality two days ago with the same gunny bag. After some grilling, the trio confessed to their crime.

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The residents gave them a thrashing and informed forest officials. Monsoon is the busiest season for these rescuers, who extract serpents from car engines, lift chambers, and air-conditioners. It can be a tricky feat, so rescuers usually question the callers about the colour, length and pattern on the snake. Suresh, who is in his early 40s, has caught over 50, snakes and been bitten over 3, times.

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He has a stump for a middle finger on his left hand, his index finger resembles a broken twig and the nerve on his right arm was severed by a cobra bite.

The cobra also tore off a chunk of flesh from his palm, which had to be reconstructed by a plastic surgeon. Every time I end up in hospital, my mother asks me to stop. Experts stress the need for aspiring young snake-catchers to take necessary precautions. Borivli-based retiree Bharat Joshi of Sarpa Mitra, who has rescued 1, snakes in the last 30 years, says overconfidence can be fatal. Now, he rescues the reptiles that stray into his neighbourhood.

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The onset of monsoon and flooding of low-lying areas have inundated snakes' habitats, pushing them closer to human habitations. In the past two weeks, BBMP volunteers received over calls requesting for the removal of snakes from homes.

BBMP Wildlife Warden Sharath Babu told ET that while he personally receives more than 30 calls everyday, 34 volunteers dedicated to snake rescue get at least 10 calls each. Developing suburbs including Whitefield, Sarjapura, Bannerghatta and Hoskote often see more sightings.

This time, however, residents are better prepared. Apart from calling snake catchers, they are adopting different ways to deal with snakes.