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With such ease and comfort of shopping, if there are Shoppers Stop offers and exceptional deals are clubbed The offer page has so much in-store for you!. The website retails all the products available at Shoppers Stop stores, including Kolkata, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Baroda, Raipur, and Goa. .. Shards of pottery dating from the 1st–4th centuries were discovered and there . Shopper's Stop is among India's oldest department stores dating back to more you can't even take (the goods) to Mumbai or Bangalore and sell (them there).

&#;Consumers are accepting the change of positioning we&#;ve done&#; - Livemint

It had a net loss of Rs Shoppers Stop already exited non-core businesses that are HypercityTimezone and duty-free airport retail joint venture NGIPL to sharpen the focus on its core department store business and omnichannel strategy. According to Shrikhande, the company will also focus on reviving its private label brands that have not been performing well since last year. We are working hard to benchmark our brands with the right competition in terms of pricing, positioning, and assortment.

By end of the second quarter, we believe the results will start changing and in the second half of the year, we should clearly see good growth coming back to the private brand. Any correction in the private brand takes anywhere between four to six months.

Once it is back to growth it will improve out topline as well as margins" said Shrikhande. Do you want to gift something out of the box to a loved one? Then the most wonderful thing to do is use the awesome discount on Shoppers Stop and buy everything that you want to and everything that you need.

Gone are the days when you had to jump from one store to another in search of right kinds of gifts; now is the time when you can purchase everything from your laptop or cellphone, since Shoppers Stop coupons can be used not only on its website, but on its app as well. This month, let the discounts not go off your hands! Just like women feel good when they are dressed in new clothes, so do men! Also, just like women have all those wonderful brands designing amazing clothes and accessories for them, men have been offered with various brands, too!

‘Consumers are accepting the change of positioning we’ve done’

Thus, a lot of men love to shop. If they wish to shop on the website of the brand, they can use their laptop; if they wish to shop using the app of the brand, they can use their cellphone.

Either ways, they are allowed to use Shoppers Stop sale offers! Brands like Being Human, Casio, Wrangler, etc. So what are you waiting for?

Hey you lovely ladies out there; what have you been doing this month? Want to shop, but have fewer bucks in your account? Want to enjoy shopping without spending a lot of money on your sinful hobby?

Even if you have a lot of money in your account, the SALE period always attracts every woman. Just what makes it so?

Fusing the bazaar and mall The Indian bazaar format is informal and has intensely personalised seller-customer interaction. It is also more pluralistic. The western mall format is characterised by mammoth retailers selling primarily branded products to segmented customers.

City Centre represents a harmonious presence of both. Judicious activity mix and more variety City Centre has commercial activities, shopping, food and entertainment.

Shoppers Stop to invest Rs 120 crore on expansion, renovation this year

It has the highest number of food outlets among any mall in Kolkata, with an unbeatable variety — Thai to North-West Indian to Chinese to Italian, plus one large food court.

It has a four-screen multiplex and a large 10, sq. For the shoppers, we have Shoppers Stop as an anchor and nearly other outlets. Inclusive character A promise of something for all kinds of visitors — the affluent, the price-conscious, the senior guest, the on-the run, the idling kind, the in-crowd…list goes on.

A welcome hybrid difference between a natural and conditioned environment. A street-feel without the street. Open format People don't want to get wet in the rain while shopping, they also prefer a shade to avoid the sun beating down directly on them and want a walking area free of vehicular movement.

City Centre Salt Lake responded rightly to these typical 'Indian bazaar'; challenges. It has large pedestrian walkways covered by a polycarbonate roof; the buildings alongside are so arranged that they provide diffused sunlight and the roof at 25 ft above the ground enhances the sense of openness.

It is a vast multi-stepped plaza designed with a central waterbody and a fountain that may be lighted up at sundown. The place is used by visitors to sit, to idle or just to soak in the atmosphere. In doing so the modern contemporary look has been blended with a nostalgia truly Kolkatan.

The Kund is one reason why people spend a longer time at the City Centre A special place with its own space-loyal community. An ideal space for holding events and promotions. It evokes in the hearts of Kolkatans a great sense of nostalgia and reminds one of the history of 'The City of Joy.