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Overall, Windows still dominates Steam. OS X was down 0. While the three operating system families fluctuate from month-to-month, Windows has been above the 95 percent mark on Steam for as long as we can remember. Windows 10 is a servicemeaning it was built in a very different way than its predecessors so it can be regularly updated with not just fixes but new features too. Undoubtedly, there will be talk about the latest smart television, connected devices for the home, autonomous vehicles and technology, gadgets and cameras, drones, and virtual reality.

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And while CES is a gathering of industry buyers and sellers, it has also become a beacon for those interested in assessing upcoming trends, such as startup entrepreneurs, and even investors. VentureBeat spoke with a few Silicon Valley investors to find out why they go to CES and what are they looking forward to seeing this year.

As a six-year veteran of the show, Kraus finds it worth browsing the show floor for a few hours and getting a hands-on feel for certain products. CES enables you to examine what others in the industry are doing in one trip through the show floor. These conversations shape my view of the world, which then in turn impacts our investment decisions. Instead of attacking the show floor, he likes to look at the people attending, particularly in the taxi lines.

He believes the industry will pivot toward business-to-business applications. The mobile phone is quickly becoming not just an extension but also a digital representation of each individual person," he said. The autonomous vehicle category is another one Robinson and Kraus are watching for their respective firms.

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And though smartphones are synonymous with everyday life, one size does not fit all. You need to personalize a phone to fit your lifestyle.

The Wonder experience is packed with content and features that will feel like a powerful device with a menu of options to select from. The Nintendo Switch is coming, and it is playing to the idea of taking your content with you everywhere. Wonder Another problem Kleinman sess is that smartphones are still pretty much all the same. No one is differentiating them much, Kleinman said. The early adopters and geeks who are always looking to try a new thing.

Alopecia areata means "Hair loss in spots or areas," and can result in bald circular patches on one or more spots of the scalp. While this type of hair loss is alarming, it is not permanent. After the stress is removed, most sufferers of this type of hair loss regrow all of the hair that they lost.

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In most cases, the hair loss treatment for stress-related hair loss is minimal. After ruling out other causes of hair loss, your doctor will likely recommend changes in your diet or ideas to help alleviate your stress. Keep in mind that it can take months for your hair to grow back even after the stressors have been eliminated.

Hair loss due to illness Any type of extended illness or surgery can result in hair loss. Medications taken to combat certain types of illnesses can also cause your hair to become brittle and break or fall out altogether. The most identifiable type of hair loss is the loss associated with chemotherapy treatments. In most cases, this hair loss is complete and affects all areas of the body.

While there is little that can be done to prevent this type of hair loss or promote growth during illness, surgery or chemotherapy treatments, this type of female hair loss is also temporary. In most cases, full recovery of hair is made after the illness is over. You can promote hair growth after the illness by getting regular trims and using growth enhancing shampoos and conditioners.

Vitamin supplements may also be beneficial. As you may have already guessed, hair loss in women is more common than we might think. And many may be experiencing hair loss and dismiss it as a natural occurrence that comes along with age.

A lot of these women fail to seek the necessary hair loss treatment that can help them keep their remaining hair and regrow new hair. So, if you are experiencing hair loss, do not think that it is just because you are getting older.

There may be something that you can do to keep the hair on your head from clogging your drain. Author Bio Michael Owen is considered an expert on hair loss and has helped thousands of people regrow their hair.