Peacocking mystery method dating

Mystery Method - The Easiest Way To Pick-up

peacocking mystery method dating

Knowledge Sphere: Venusian Arts / Mystery Method Peacocking is a technique developed to get attention in busy, distraction filled. The pickup community has spawned some ridiculous ideas: peacocking, the When I was sixteen, I read the Mystery Method and learned a bunch of and you can take responsibility for the dating life you want to have. *Peacock Theory by PUA Lingo broken down by dating coach Alpha Wolf Mystery, the Godfather of the PUA community, he's peacocking with.

If in a rare case that a chick does muster the cojones to approach you, In my last post, I wrote about a wickedly fun night at the club where girls were approaching, opening and complimenting me out of no where as if I were a fucking Rockstar! Was it my Will Smith looks and killer muscles bulging out of my skin-tight shirt?

Those unfamiliar with Pickup jargon, Peacocking is basically accessorizing yourself in order to attract women.

Cool Accessories For Men [“Attract Girls By Peacocking”] – PUA Lifestyle

The PUA godfather, Mystery, used to peacock by painting his fingernails, wearing unusual hats, and sporting a necklace with attached pendant. Now imagine Mystery at a bar sipping a cocktail and the nearest hot girl were to notice his polished nails.

A simple necklace with an attached pendant will suffice. As you can see from my photos over the weekend, I merely had on a 2-colored beaded necklace nothing lavish there and a brand-new pair of shades. Just to give a real illustration of how powerful my peacocking game was with those 2 items onlyas I walked into the nightclub, barely made it passed the bouncer, chick in red [Canadian] approaches me: I wanna take some pictures with you.

peacocking mystery method dating

This was literally less than 1 minute in the fucking venue! If anything, many of the concepts pickup coaches have taught do more harm than good. He totally got her by using the apocalypse opener.

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However, the community has also brought us some brilliant, life-changing ideas. Some of these concepts are so powerful that if you truly let them sink in — and embody them — they can completely alter the course of your dating life.

Here are, in my opinion, the top 2 best pickup concepts of all time. First, this phrase flies in the face of the strategy most men use to attract women.

  • The Two Greatest Pickup Concepts Of All Time

Guys usually try to win a girl over by logically convincing her she should like him. These guys are friendly, agreeable, and always available. But what girls logically should like is not what they emotionally respond to. No, a woman experiences attraction when a guy displays certain qualities.

peacocking mystery method dating

If you can make a girl feel attraction for you, the rest of the game gets a whole lot easier. It means that no matter what you look like, you can make women feel sexually attracted to you.

[Street Pick Up] Mystery Method - Peacocking

If you make strong eye-contact, are self-confident, charismatic, funny, etc.