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lyle lovett dating

Julia and Lovett met on the set of 'The Player' and hit it off immediately. The were married for less than two years, before mutually deciding to divorce. The "Cowboy Man" country star turns 60 on November 1, which got us thinking about the time Lyle Lovett was suddenly married to Julia. Lyle Pearce Lovett (born November 1, ) is an American country singer- songwriter and . Since late , Lovett has been in a relationship with April Kimble. They became engaged in They were married on February 4, , .

But it's still fun to look back at the weird and unexpected couplings of everyone's favorite decade. Check out these couples of the 90's and see how many you've already forgotten about! When they were dating, Kate was at the very peak of her modeling career and Johnny was in just about every movie that mattered. They were together for about four years and a tabloid fixture in part because of wild stories about their romance, including the time Johnny trashed a hotel room after a fight with Kate.

Winona, sadly, is mostly remembered for the oddball shoplifting incident shortly after parting ways with Matt.

Happy 60th, Lyle Lovett: A Look Back At Unexpected Music Star Couples

Ashton Kutcher and January Jones These two were together from to yet, I never heard about it until now. It would appear the world disagreed as she spent seven seasons playing Betty Draper on the critically acclaimed drama Mad Men.

lyle lovett dating

It was brief, but these two superstars dated for a little while in There was no way this would last — she is the queen and he's…. They married in June after only a few weeks of dating, shocking everyone. After less than a year of dating, the pair wed in a weekend wedding in India in Ah, what was life even like before the internet?

lyle lovett dating

Although the marriage ended less than two years later, Presley later told Oprah Winfrey the couple spent roughly four years "getting back together and breaking up. Drake and Jennifer Lopez Just before she got into her current, long-term relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez or as sports fans in the know refer to him: The year age gap? No big deal, especially when you're as ageless as Lopez.

Paul Simon And Carrie Fisher This is one that still wows us and kind of saddens us because if these two icons can't make it work, then what chance do us mere mortals have? The "Bridge Over Troubled Water" songwriter and the "Star Wars" icon wed in the summer of and split a year later.

Happy 60th, Lyle Lovett: A Look Back At Unexpected Music Star Couples |

Sure, it was a surprise when the "SNL" star and the "Sweetener" hitmaker suddenly got matching tattoos, moved in together, and announced their engagement, but we were so on board for them! So yeah, we were bummed when they announced their split earlier this fall.

lyle lovett dating

Grande is retaining custody of the pair's pet pig, Piggy Smallz. Chris Robinson And Kate Hudson Fans of southern rockers the Black Crowes did a double take when frontman Robinson started appearing on red carpets with Hudson, who thanked her hubby just weeks after their wedding when she won Best Supporting Actress for 'Almost Famous' at the Golden Globes.

The pair split in and share a son, Ryder.