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kurdistan men dating marriage

Meet an interesting Kurdish man on LoveHabibi - the number one place on the Web for getting in Profiles of Kurdish men with photos Marriage, inshaAllah. Jul 1, Kurdish men:: Reader comments at Daniel Pipes. 1) Most Kurds intermarry or have arranged marriages, not usually in the west but back in. Hi everyone I met a Kurdish man online in August - through it doesnt in our marriage, I am sort of non religious and scottish, my kurdish.

I immediately joined Amnesty and roped my dad in too. To register our disapproval of Turkey's treatment of the Kurds, dad and I vowed never to visit the country. My mum was not impressed. She'd always wanted to visit Turkey and wailed that she'd never get to see their wonders of the ancient world. So it was slightly awkward several years later when I was sent to Turkey on a story for the News of the World.

And so it was even more awkward when, on that same trip, I met my future husband and fell completely in love with both him and the country. He was Kurdish and claims he fell in love with me when I whispered to him: At least my mum finally got to visit the country of her dreams and I embarked on the next episode of my Kurdish crisis. Marrying into a massive Kurdish clan is no easy feat. None of his family could get visas to come to the UK so we settled for a wedding in his home town of Midiat, not far from the Syrian border.

At first I thought it was probably a good thing, as my OCD would have ruined the day. All I had to do was a buy a dress and turn up.

It was going to be a three-day traditional Kurdish wedding and perfect, according to Adnan, my future husband. But getting there certainly wasn't perfect. Travelling from Mardin airport to Midiat we were stopped every couple of miles by spotty, teenage Turkish soldiers brandishing automatic guns and screaming at us to get out of the car.

Adnan and his brothers seemed unphased. They were clearly used to it. It wasn't a security exercise - more an operation to humiliate and disrupt the lives of Kurds. Reaching Midiat we drove past a piece of waste ground with a broken down oil tanker and some scrap metal and wood piled in the corner. It was no fairy tale scene.

But days later, 11, guests yes, 11, nearly all cousins pitched up to the three-day extravaganza and the happy, folk-dancing crowd managed to hide the rubbish pile and certainly put a smile on my face. The plane was supposed to land at 9pm. Finally I told myself that I was the biggest fool ever.

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The tears came and I cried myself to sleep. I woke at 9am and got dressed and said to myself that I will go to the market and then to visit a friend that I had met from the US. However, while making the plan I discovered that my phone was dead. I tried to charge it but the battery was simply dead. So out the door and down the street to get a new one and back home to charge it for a few mins.

As I walked down the street slowly, I thought…well if the phone is dead now… how long had it been dead? Maybe he tried to call. Maybe there was a problem with the airport. So I was almost running at this point. I had to get back home and charge that phone.

It was charging and the time going on maybe I kept looking at the phone every two minutes. It was like looking into the abyss. Sleep engulfs me… A frog. And another… what is this??? He tells me that he is in Istanbul at the airport on the other side.

Is it a lie? He tells me that the flight last night was cancelled. He had no way to tell me. He says he tried to call but the phone was dead. Home in 2 hours he says. But his hug warms us both. It was the longest hug ever. Full of care and sorrow. He pulls the ticket out of his pocket to show me that he was telling the truth… he knew that I doubted his story.

There it is… cancelled. Ok let it go…. The following days were great. He accepted his gifts and smiled and gave a huge hug. But he had nothing for me. He is not used to this holiday.

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So all that mattered was that he was here with me. He went out so that I could chat with my family back home. Privacy is somewhat important to him.

He goes to school with me the next day to see what my day is like. I could not help but laugh. He was like a deer in headlights… he read the kids a story in Turkish and then he said that he had to go. He was going nuts. I could see that he looked at me in a different light. He had some new found respect for me and for the craziness that I sometimes felt. We stayed in on New Year Eve.

kurdistan men dating marriage

He lets me know that he intends to buy a car while home. He takes me out with him to the car auction.

kurdistan men dating marriage

We finally find it. The next day he calls to say he has taken a car. He comes home after I do and shows off this new ride. Never seen such a thing like this in the US. I know the time is nearing for him to go.

He says that he will go soon. Three days later he will go. Sad but I know he has to go. And so off he goes. They fall out of loneliness. That was January 7th I am out of the school and taking coffee with friends when one of the teachers reads my fortune.

Lol this should be good. She says she sees 3 birds. We go to visit a friend in the hospital that is due to have a baby any time.

While there, the strangest phone call comes. Then a call from a friend that lived in the US for a while that is back here in Turkey. There is something that my mom needs to talk to me about. I say no and ask her what is wrong. She says in a simple clear voice…. I fall to the floor. My friends are there to pick me up and luckily one of them spoke perfect English so she talks to my mom.

SO we call the man. He gives his credit card info up easily and tells me not to cry because this is a part of life and we will all die one day. I know that he was trying to help but not the right words at the time.

So we try to buy the ticket. Something is wrong with the card info.

Kurdish men :: Reader comments at Daniel Pipes

The next day I call him and tell him. He gives me another card. This is not my fault. Finally my sister pays for a ticket and I go to the airport. I call the man and say my goodbyes and tell him when I will be back. It was a cold conversation and for the next 16 hours I feel lost.

I am home in the US. I feel like a stranger in my own home. Weird how that happens. I call him after being home for about 8 days and he is so cold to me. He says that if I come back to Istanbul that I have to care for myself and that he is tired.

He is very short with me and almost cruel. I am so sad. But pick myself up and get ready to come back to Istanbul. I get home on a Sunday. He does not call. I send him a note to tell him that I am here. Still he does not call. I get back to life. I let it go. The days go by. He says that he is super busy. Literally I fall to the floor. I try to find ways to keep from thinking of him. But he is everywhere… this is his city.

This is his house. His clothes are here. I slowly start to think that I am going crazy. I realize it has been 3 weeks since he called. Then out of the blue he calls. He acts like all is well. Confused is an understatement. After hanging up, I cry myself to sleep for almost 2 weeks until the next call. Actually the middle of March.

During this month I spoke to him twice. He has to go. What can I say? Almost one year since I came here.

I call him to ask if he will come home. His answer is that he will try. He says that he does not know but he will try. His voice says that he really means it. But he tells me that he is in the middle of a project and if they finish it he will come. I let him know that I am having my daughter come over for a visit. She will come on June 12 and stay for 15 days.

He asks if I need money and I say he can help if he wants to. He sends the money I ask for. He is happy to hear that I will see her and he may get to meet her. Hoping for a birthday surprise from him…May 17 Friday.

May 19, Sunday…a call. He is calling to say he is here. The project is not finished. My heart falls to pieces. I let the tears fall. And my birthday the next day. He tells me happy birthday and he hangs up. My mind says that he will call the next day. A call comes on Wednesday. He can hear the sadness. He tries to not mention it but I can hear in his voice that he can hear and feel the hurt I have.

He tells me that he will try to come while my daughter is here. Too many times now he has let me down. He calls again a few hours later. I answer my tone not great but friendly. He asks how I am. I tell him that I am a bit tired seeing as how I went to the protests in Gezi Park. He lets me know with a laugh that he will kill me if I go again. I finally ask why he is calling. I tell him that I am super tired and I still have to go out to a lesson that afternoon at 6pm and that I really have to get going.

He sounds a bit surprised at my lack of wanting to talk to him. Where are you going? My first thought was that he was flying home to his hometown for a visit with his father. He tells me that he woke up and decided to come home to me for a visit. I almost fell to the floor.