Kathy westmoreland dating

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kathy westmoreland dating

“We got so wrapped up in kissing on our very first date – nothing too sloppy, Kathy Westmoreland: recorded and toured with Elvis in the 70s. Kathy Westmoreland American Singer. Kathy Westmoreland has been in a relationship with Elvis Presley (). Born Katherine Westmoreland on 10th August, in Texarkana, Arkansas, USA, she is famous for Metropolitan Opera National Company. It was in August of , right after the release of That's The Way It Is, that the new soprano by the name of Kathy Westmoreland entered the.

Elvis' Voice of an Angel About the Author: We soon married and had two wonderful children, who we named Mike and Shelly yes after Shelley Fabres. They were of course both raised on Elvis, even seeing him at a live concert in Both are still huge Elvis fans to this day. Today our son Mike lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his lovely wife Sarah. The have given us two wonderful grandchildren, Cory and Megan, who we re devoting our lives to spoiling rotten. Shelly's been in numerous magazines, rock videos, TV commercials, and has even appeared in a few movies.

She s been a runway model all over the US and Europe. Her face has even graced billboards for hair products in France. She spends her spare time partying with big name celebrities, while I just listen to her stories with my mouth open. In I tried my hand at becoming a full time writer. After being lucky enough to have several articles published in pet magazines, as well as articles in the Kids Say sections of several newspapers and magazines.

It was essentially, you know, like, I think like God loves a buzzard as much as an eagle and I think it was a case Elvis treated everybody like that. I'm almost positive that was it. If it's an eccentricity, I don't know. That was a great lesson for us. If Elvis Presley can treat a guy that sweeps the streets the same way he treated a corporate CEO and was nice to him, so could we. David, what to you do was different? I think the interesting thing about Elvis, being around him all the years I was, and I think all the guys can relate to this was watching Elvis be Elvis.

What do you mean?

kathy westmoreland dating

When people talk about him and how big he is, here we are on his 70th birthday, all these years after he passed way, he was such a magnet, people were just drawn to him. He had a hard time being that. I mean, he was being Elvis Presley. I think in the end that's what caught up with him.

How do you become a person that everybody loves? How do you become a person everybody adores and follows and wants to be around and wants that pat on the back. Watching him being Elvis, cool Elvis, up Elvis, down Elvis, sad Elvis, the great entertainer he was, watching him do that and towards the end, watching him go through that.

Many times he would sit down by himself and say why me? Why I do have these phenomenal gifts? He always wanted to share it but he always had that problem of why has this been bestowed on me. I think Marty brought up a great point. Elvis loved to love people but it was difficult for letting people love him or us love him.

He would just go inside himself and try to figure out who we was. Let me tell you a real funny story, Larry. This is a fact. Among the group, we would have parties. After a while, when Elvis would come, all the attention would go to him so we wouldn't invite him. One night he came in and said, let me ask you a question, why don't you invite me to these parties?

I said, are you crazy, nobody's got a chance with you there. He really got upset about it. He said, well I'll just fire all of you. I said, then from now on you can come to every party. With all that being said, Elvis loved being Elvis Presley.

When Elvis went out, he wanted to be recognized. He wanted people there. Stars today, it's a little different. Elvis worked very hard to He also was extremely liberal in the ghetto, amazingly progressive black-white songs. That's one of the most important things that history has -- some people in history, Elvis was the most unprejudiced human being I ever knew.

What was strange to you, Anita, about him? Patty mentioned a little bit, the baby talk. My nickname was "little" because I was real small at the time and he called me "little. He loved my feet. I don't know what it was but he liked small feet. Well, we won't carry that any further. There were like two Elvis Presleys. When Elvis was at home he was Elvis Presley. But when on stage, that was a different Elvis Presley. That's what he loved to do. Talking about he liked people to notice him.

We'd drive down Sunset Boulevard at rush hour and he'd drive the car just to see the look on people's face when they would see him driving.

Kathy Westmoreland : Elvis' Voice of an Angel : Elvis Presley Book

In the limo if he wasn't driving he would stand up in the moon view and wave at everybody and talk to people. He was a character. Did all of you know about the drug problem?

kathy westmoreland dating

How can you avoid it? Did anyone try to help him? Over the years, of course. You know, it's real hard to help somebody who wants to be the helped.

Did you see it coming? When you live it on a day-to-day basis, it's harder to see. Also, it wasn't -- it was prescription, it was given by doctors. Elvis wasn't a street drug guy. There were no Betty Ford clinics in those days. No one realized how dangerous prescription drugs were. Why did he let himself go so much, though, the weight?

It's not a case of letting yourself go. What happens is you're so engulfed in all this style, you know, you do it and it becomes all of a sudden, you are there, you're heavy, you know. You're miserable and not happy.

Think that goes back to what I was saying a minute ago, Larry. Watching Elvis be Elvis. Many times in Elvis' life, he felt he didn't deserve the money and fortune and fame he got. Sometimes as a result of that he went into that self-destructive spirit. The prescribed medication is what it was absolutely. But that medication eventually caught up with him.

It scared us all to death. Marty, did you ever say to him, Elvis, you're gaining a lot of weight, you're losing control. Let me be honest with you. I was almost as bad as he was, as far as the pills. And the fact of the matter is, is that you know, you mentioned the weight. The weight really came just in the last year. And that had more to do Of course the pills contributed to it. He got sick a lot? I got seven guests. He had to take cortisone shots. This is the fun part. But, Larry, I think you have to go to the cause, not just the effect.

And Elvis Presley was a real genius. He was the most underrated producer in music history. He really wanted to do films. I sit in a walk-in closet with Joe Esposito, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand and John Peters for three hours when she told him about that film, and he wanted to do that film.

And they take -- they take those things away. Why didn't he do it? Well, you know, if it doesn't coming through, management, there's Did he work on the production of his own records? Sam Phillips originally produced them, and he was a great What killed him doing "A Star Is Born"? Colonel Parker killed that deal.

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Let me get a break. We'll be back with more. We'll try to include some phone calls. A lot of phones coming in. Elvis would have been Elvis Presley no longer has that rock'n roll beat. The tempo is one, two, three, four, or Private Presley.

Like any ex-civilian raw recruit, the king of rock'n'roll will be keeping time to non-hip bugle calls. Involuntarily retired, the gyrating guitarist's departure from the public eye left his blue-jean fans all shook up, so we hear.

But Elvis doesn't seem to mind at all. This is like old home week, Marty Lacker knows my father-in-law, Carl Anchorman phworked with him on producing records. Kathy Westmoreland knows my mother-in-law, Gerri, worked with her, right?

kathy westmoreland dating

You have thoughts about Elvis' passing? Yes, I do, well, because of what he told me and what doctors who saw him while I was with him told me Which is -- when I first met him, he told me that he knew exactly how much time he had, that he thought he was going to die at the age of 42, close to the age of his mother, her -- it was in her family, her father, grandfather, her whole family is not -- they were born with a heart that was twice the size on one side as it was on the other, and he also told me that he had bone cancer.

He didn't have bone cancer. No, he didn't have bone cancer. Let me tell you where that came from. After Elvis died, there was a lot of stuff being leaked out of Graceland. And Elvis' father asked Billy Smith to tell a couple of the guys that Elvis had cancer to see if it came out.

And that's what happened. And I believe that's where Kathy But she said Elvis told her he had it. He told me when I first met him. Elvis had a good imagination, Kathy. Kathy, once again, it's called the lure. You're overdoing it now, Lamar. No, no, I'm not. By the way, tomorrow night we're going to repeat the Kevin Spacey interview on Bobby Darin, and Jerry told me that Elvis was a big fan of Bobby's? Elvis was a huge fan of Bobby's. In fact, when Bobby changed his style there, Larry, as you remember Became a folk singer.

Elvis met with Bobby, and said, Bobby, that's not you, man.

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Man, I want to hear "Mack the Knife" when I see you. I want to see you on stage. And Bobby went back. I don't know if it was right after that, but it was amazing. Let's take some calls for this great panel. Hi, how are you, Larry?

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My question is, do you think Colonel Tom Parker had Elvis' father buffaloed, and if so, who do you think Elvis' father would have rather had manage his son? Well, I don't think there's anybody that can manage Elvis, when you really look at it, outside the colonel. The colonel did a great job, you know. And you know, maybe there was a few creative things, but he really -- these guys loved each other, actually.

kathy westmoreland dating

And Elvis had respect. I mean, Elvis would have eaten anybody else up. Was the colonel honest? Did you like him, Marty? Anita, did you like -- did you know him? I did not like him, no. So far, we're two to one. He was the one that stopped me from going to Germany. The colonel had -- that was his thing. He had a hold on him? Yes, he loved to try to buffalo people. That was the way he operated. But underneath it, he was a really sweet David, did you like him?

I liked Colonel Parker, and I think he did a phenomenal job. But I have to quote my brother, Ricky, who unfortunately missed out tonight.

The great quote is this: Lamar, did you like him? You know, off and on. I can't -- I am being totally honest, sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. I think we all felt that way. Patty, did you like him?