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Softwood Chips Fiber Cost 15 Source: OBM, RISI, management estimates Well-capitalized, Low-cost Containerboard Manufacturing Assets Combined business has predominately first, second and third quartile containerboard assets — Smurfit-Stone has closed 8 mills - present Smurfit-Stone has taken out significant costs over the last three years, with further improvements ahead Containerboard Cost Curve Sep Qtr St.

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Opportunities to invest capital in the mill system and optimize the footprint to reduce cost and maximize production efficiencyComplete the box plant consolidation and optimization strategy initiated by SSCC managementApply the RockTenn business model to the box plant system, driving product innovation, customer satisfaction and low-cost manufacturing while maximizing sales revenueConsolidate the divisional entity into one RockTenn headquarters located in Norcross, GABuild a single cultural model which inspires a high-performing corrugated business and creates the most respected company in the industryAdministrative integration to be led by Steve Voorhees, who led the successful Gulf States and Southern Container integrations Integration Strategy Paperboard Industry Structure - North America Bleached SBS: Alternative fuel mixture credit, net 8.

Alternative fuel mixture credit, net - - - - - - Hedge adjustments resulting interest rate derivatives or swaps Letters of credit and guarantees and other adjustments - - - - Deferred Cash - - - - Solvay minority interest 9.

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Cash and Cash Equivalents The estimated value of the debt component is based on a reference interest rate, determined by WFS as of a recent date, that generally tracks our secondary market rates. Because WFS does not continuously calculate our reference interest rate, the reference interest rate used in the calculation of the estimated value of the debt component may be higher or lower than our secondary market rates at the time of that calculation.

As noted above, we determine the economic terms of the securities based upon an assumed funding rate that is generally lower than our secondary market rates. In contrast, in determining the estimated value of the securities, we value the debt component using a reference interest rate that generally tracks our secondary market rates.

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Because the reference interest rate is generally higher than the assumed funding rate, using the reference interest rate to value the debt component generally results in a lower estimated value for the debt component, which we believe more closely approximates a market valuation of the debt component than if we had used the assumed funding rate.

The estimated value of the securities determined by WFS is subject to important limitations.

Accordingly, unless market conditions and other relevant factors change significantly in your favor, any secondary market price for the securities is likely to be less than the original offering price. If WFS or any of its affiliates makes a secondary market in the securities at any time up to the issue date or during the 3-month period following the issue date, the secondary market price offered by WFS or any of its affiliates will be increased by an amount reflecting a portion of the costs associated with selling, structuring, hedging and issuing the securities that are included in the original offering price.

The amount of this increase in the secondary market price will decline steadily to zero over this 3-month period. If you hold the securities through an account at WFS or any of its affiliates, we expect that this increase will also be reflected in the value indicated for the securities on your brokerage account statement.