Internet comment etiquette trolling okcupid dating

internet comment etiquette trolling okcupid dating

I've never really used a dating site before (only dating apps: Tinder, CMB, etc.) and don't know the proper etiquette Do you message people. Real talk: Is there a greater cesspool of crudity and NSFL trolling than an Internet comments section? Check it on Gawker, YouTube, or Yelp. Internet Comment Etiquette is a YouTube web series produced and hosted by American comedy writer Erik Hoffstad in which he offers satirical tutorial guides on.

The video, "Who Killed HitchBot? Erik makes several assumptions as to who the murderer could be, before being interrupted by HitchBOT who appears on his computer screen. He informs Erik that it was Ted Cruz who killed him. Erik promptly writes a tweet to Cruz, but is then shot in the head with a bullet in the middle of writing it. Backwards Friday A one-off series and the supposed 40th in the entire series as of April 4th, where Erik supposedly does everything the exact opposite of how he is supposed to do it.

He states in this that his primary goal is to offend the creators of the videos, yet he ends up leaving abnormally polite and insightful comments as opposed to his normal rude and unwarranted remarks made within the usual videos. Video shown below Comment Quiz of the Week Occasionally at the end of a video, Erik asks the viewers to participate in a quiz by choosing one of four possible answers to choose from. The questions and answers are usually absurd in nature, and despite what the title of the segment suggests, the correct answer is never given.

Getting in the Middle of It In this series Erik focuses on "Getting in the middle of it", where he attempts to barge himself into situations that do not involve him in any way, shape, or form. He doesn't try to stop the issue at hand, but rather to just leave his mark.

Subreddit of the Week In this series Erik focuses on bringing public attention to obscure and odd Subreddits. Tweets from the Class This series focuses on his users Tweeting him questions, media, remarks, or anything else that might warrant a response from Erik. Reputation Internet Comment Etiquette currently has oversubscribers, as of April 4th, [1]. He has had an acting career, most notably on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphiawhere he appeared in season 8 episode 8, "Charlie Rules the World.

Which was sorta fun!

internet comment etiquette trolling okcupid dating

Second, it changed the kinds of messages I sent. At first, I'd focus on something that seemed important to both of us, mince in something flirty, and sign off with a question so that he'd feel more of a pull to respond.

By the time I was in the something-message zone, they were three sentences and a bit more general.

Internet Comment Etiquette | Know Your Meme

Did that make a difference? I have a lot more sympathy for guys online, as they are usually the first ones to make a move. It's a lot of work, and a lot of time.

It's made me rethink the messages I get, dismissing them less readily.

5 Things This Lady Learned From Sending Out 33 OkCupid Messages

Overall, I messaged 33 men, and 13 responded, most of them within hours if not only a day. There was no difference in response if I sent a particularly thoughtful message or something simple.

internet comment etiquette trolling okcupid dating

Ben's take on that? Out of those 13 guys, only seven messaged a second time after I'd responded to them, and out of those guys, only five asked me out. You'd think that, hell, five dates from 33 messages to guys you actually wanna meet isn't bad, right? It wouldn't be if all five of those invites led to real dates. But out of those five guys plus the additional three that moved to texting conversationsonly one led to a real, live, in-the-flesh meeting. And nine just ghosted completely at one point or another.

You can't take this personally. It was hard not to get my hopes up when those 13 responses came in quickly. But when things went dead -- especially the ghosters -- it's not like my world shifted.

internet comment etiquette trolling okcupid dating

I felt no shame. I had lost nothing but time which, yes, is annoying. But you can't just passively wait for sex or fun or love to find you, right? You at least have to be out there -- online or looking in 3D -- and so the loss of time is pretty mild. No permanent damage done.

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You might think it's an innocent exchange, but people are online to date. Yes, there are various goals with what people want those dates to lead to, but it's not like we're trolling OkCupid, Bumble, Tinder or Match because we're bored most of the time. So when lame excuses or ghosting come? That's when it felt like a huge waste of time. One guy, an editor in Brooklyn, had gotten to the point where we'd been texting and planned to meet up until he decided that "we live too far apart.

We're in the same city. I told him he was lame and never heard back from him again. Another guy had sent a few fun emails back and forth and then said he wasn't really in a dating place. Another was traveling and told me he was psyched to meet up when he got back we didn't. If you don't hear back from someone, it has nothing to do with you unless you've become a cyber stalker.

Internet Comment Etiquette: "How To Be a White Male on The Internet"

But let's assume the best. There's no way to know what is going on in their lives to prompt their lameness. Don't lose sleep over it. Out of all of those 33 messages, I went out on one date. That date led to a second, and eventually a fifth and sixth. It led to hours-long conversations, and an exchange of books and ideas.

Ultimately, it didn't work out.