Hollyoaks actors dating young

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hollyoaks actors dating young

It's not great (character younger than me, actor older than me is always To answer how old actor Owen Warner is he is 19 and in Hollyoaks. The I'm A Celebrity star is said to be 'smitten' with his younger lover. Soap stars Kym and Jamie started dating in but the relationship. One flash character here to bring a touch of fame to Hollyoaks Dirk Savage ( David Kennedy). Hollyoaks' ultimate cheeky chappy: it's Big Daddio Savage!.

Ste's former co-worker and love interest Rae Wilson Alice Barlow returns following a stay with her ill grandmother. They later make up after Ste convinces Rae that the kiss meant nothing.

Following a drunken night, Ste kisses Brendan, who then throws him out. The next day, Brendan corners Ste and kisses him again. In the club a further day later, Ste follows Brendan to a cellar and moves to kiss him. However, Brendan punches Ste, who falls to the ground. Ste avoids Brendan, still shaken by his actions. They resume their relationship and Ste tells Amy of his relationship. This prompts Brendan to attack Ste again.

Amy realises that Ste is being abused. To hide their relationship, Brendan tells Ste to go out on a date with Rae. When Rae and Ste finally sleep together, Amy is hospitalised after being involved in a fire.

Ste suspects Brendan started the fire. However, he denies it. Ste discovers Brendan's former lover Macca Drew Dillon is in hospital after being beaten up by Brendan. Macca and Ste end up kissing. Ste starts a relationship with Rae. Ste is angered when he sees Brendan has assaulted Trev Costello Scott Nealwho he thinks is gay, leading him to believe that Brendan's denial of his sexuality is leading him to gay-bash, ending their relationship.

Ste later decides to give Brendan a second chance. Brendan reluctantly agrees to a date with Ste and the pair go to a gay bar, but Brendan bails. Rae reveals to Ste that she is pregnant. Amy convinces Brendan to end his affair with Ste. Ste becomes jealous when Brendan and Mitzeee agree to pretend to be a couple.

Rae catches them kissing, she suffers a miscarriage. Ste ends his affair with Brendan when he attacks him again. Ste gets revenge on Brendan by hitting him with a cricket bat. Brendan says they are even, he reveals the truth to Cheryl. Cindy helps Ste and Noah start a relationship and Noah convinces him to come out everyone.

Brendan later seduces Noah in an attempt to split the pair up. Ste forgives Noah realising Brendan's intentions. Noah secures a job in Newcastle upon Tyne and Ste agrees to move away with him. Brendan is angered by this and sets Noah up once again.

Brendan confesses love for Ste and they sleep together and Brendan's wife Eileen Brady Rachel Doherty walks in on them. Brendan tells Ste they have to pretend until Declan returns to Ireland. Ste and Brendan break it off because of this and Ste leaves to go on holidays with his kids. When he returns, he see's Declan and happens to mention his sexuality which causes Brendan to panic and gives Ste a black eye. Ste decides to go to the police but Brendan convinces him not to for the sake of Declan.

hollyoaks actors dating young

Brendan fires Ste to get him out of his life. Ste starts a business with Doug and meets a guy called Adam online. He goes on a date with Adam making Doug jealous because he has feelings for Ste.

When Ste and Adam kiss at the end of their date, Doug expresses jealousy.

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After an argument, Ste realises Doug may be in love with him which causes awkwardness between the two. Adam dumps Ste believing Ste to be in love with someone else.

After Doug finds out, they have another argument and end up kissing. Ste insists Doug must figure out who he is and come out before they can have a relationship. Doug then leaves Ste on his own at the Deli so he can figure himself out. During this time, Ste is approached many times by Brendan. Doug finally comes out and tells Ste exactly how he feels and they kiss which is witnessed by Ste.

After feeling pressured, Doug tells Ste the loan he got to buy the deli is actually from Brendan. Ste reacts badly and tells Doug its over. Brendan offers to be silent partner of the deli.

GALLERY: Soap stars who've dated in real life

Ste signs the contract but is still not satisfied with Brendan being a part of the business. Ste kisses Brendan and signs the deli over to him before asking for an equal relationship. Ste leaves a note for Brendan telling him that he has been fooled and that he wants Doug and the deli and not him.

Ste experiences many ups and downs in his relationship with Doug following conning Brendan. Doug's insecurities over Ste and Brendan's relationship causes him to propose to Ste. Ste accepts and following an explosion at the Brady's home, he goes to the hospital to break the news to Brendan. When Brendan gets out of hospital, Ste helps him out which annoys Doug.

Ste and Doug book a venue for the wedding and Ste is delighted when he finds out his kids are able to attend. Ste discovers that Doug has been trying to find evidence on Brendan's past crimes so he will be imprisoned. Ste decides not to marry Doug but later changes his mind to goes through with it. At the wedding reception, Ste discovers a recording of Brendan admitting to murdering Danny Houston Darren Day on Doug's phone and declares their marriage over and leaves. Leah runs onto the road while a bus driven by Maddie Morrison Scarlett Bowman is heading towards her.

She swerves to avoid Leah but hits Ste and crashes into the wedding venue. Ste is comatised and Brendan comforts Doug. After Ste recovers, Doug's parents force him to return to America with them. Ste tries to get back with Brendan but Brendan punches him because he made a promise with God that if Ste survives he will stay away.

Cheryl tells Doug that Ste still loves Brendan a d he leaves. They argue and Ste leaves feeling betrayed. Brendan finds him and they have a heart to heart and they finally get together but Brendan's father arrives and causes trouble for them which causes Amy to take Leah and Lucas away from him. Later, Walker uses new barman Kevin Foster Elliot Balchin to stalk Brendan and eventually frame him for sexual assault. When it all gets to much, a drunk Brendan hits Ste.

Brendan kills Walker by pushing in front of a train. Brendan tells Ste that his father sexually abused him when he was a kid. Ste tells Brendan that he loves him and tells Cheryl he thinks they will get their happily ever after. When Brendan's father attacks Brendan, Cheryl shoots him. After a stand-off with the police, Brendan confesses to killing his father and four other murders. He is sent to prison, leaving Ste devastated. He discovers his mother has cancer and decides to look after her and agrees to help her die.

Tony discovers this and tries to change his mind but Ste does it anyway. Ste is arrested and charged but he gets a suspended sentence. He reconciles with Doug and they decide to move to America after Ste is threatened by Trevor. At their leaving party, Sinead accidentally brings a bomb after she brings the wrong bag and the bomb explodes.

Doug saves Sinead and goes back in to save Ste. The roof collapses on top of them, trapping them. They have a heart to heart and Ste is eventually rescued.

He waits for Doug to come out but is horrified when Doug is bought out in a bodybag. Ste contemplates suicide but is stopped by Danny Lomax Stephen Billington who reveals himself to be his dad. Ste begins working in Tony's restaurant but it suffers a financial crisis so he starts dealing drugs again to save the restaurant. He grows closer to John Paul but John Paul is sent to prison.

After Sinead's daughter dies, Ste helps her after her family disown her. Ste becomes addicted to drugs and when John Paul is released from prison, they begin a relationship. Ste is devastated when his dad dies in a car accident along with his wife.

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Ste finds out who raped John Paul and they have a fight and Ste sleeps with Sinead. Ste supports John Paul during the trial but can't stop taking drugs. Ste robs from The Hutch and accidentally pushes Diane Hutchinson Alex Fletcher against a table, knocking her unconscious.

Sinead and John Paul discover this but agree to keep quiet. Ste is devastated when he discovers Tegan has cancer and has a one-night stand with a man he doesn't remember. Ste goes to rehab and comes face to face with his abusive stepfather Terry. Ste proposes to John Paul and they have a Christmas wedding but it is ruined when Sinead announces she is pregnant with Ste's baby.

John Paul eventually forgives Ste and agrees to look after the baby with him. John Paul promises to stick by him but becomes jealous of his friendship with Sinead. Sinead falls in love with Ste and plans on breaking him and John Paul up. Ste kisses Harry Thompson Parry GlasspoolTony's son, at a nightclub but is attacked by two thugs in a hate crime.


Ste and John Paul split up and Sinead gives birth to their daughter Hannah. Ste moves in with Sinead but is shocked when he discovers that she is in love with him.

After they argue, Ste takes drugs but later pleads with Sinead to stay with him. Ste and Sinead get engaged but he begins an affair with Harry behind her back.

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When Sinead finds out she leaves the village with Hannah. Cindy keeps her pregnancy a secret from her parents. After Holly is born, a terrified Cindy abandons her outside the hospital and desperately tries to carry on as normal.

Cindy then begins to truly love Holly. Holly is rushed to hospital and Cindy knows social services will take Holly out of her care, and so she concludes that she has no choice but to flee the country with her daughter. She takes Holly from hospital and they leave for the airport. After the death of Max on his wedding day, Cindy and Holly decide to stay permanently in Hollyoaks. On the wedding day, Cindy reassures Holly that she is only marrying him so Holly can have a better life.

hollyoaks actors dating young

After the wedding the three of them all leave Hollyoaks together. When Cindy returns in as a widowed millionaire she tells Darren that Alistair is dead and that she left Holly in a boarding finishing school in Switzerland. A fifteen-year-old Holly returns to the village after learning about Cindy's attack which took place on Christmas Day and visits her in hospital.