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gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

It may be two Grand Theft Auto generations and 11 years old, but GTA: San They turn San Andreas into a persistent online multiplayer world that more to free-roam (the world is a playground to explore and crash and do on many servers quickly stamps out the anti-social behaviour (caveat: a few. GTA San Andreas · Guides & Strategies · Help & Support · GTA Mods. This forum is dedicated to GTA: San Andreas - the fifth title in the series, released in A description of tropes appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. from the machinations of C.R.A.S.H. will take C.J. all over the state of San Andreas, where .

The Triad clan led by Wu Zi Mu refer to their leader as their "lucky mole" due to his uncanny ability to participate in gunfights, car races, and video games despite being blind. All his friends refer to him as "Woozie. Jack Howitzer in the radio stations. He started out making the Destroyer films, a parody of the Rambo series, around the time of Vice Cityand by San Andreas he had branched out into family comedies with Special Needs Cop, a parody of Kindergarten Cop. Unfortunately, his career was derailed when he accidentally shot the host of a radio show while promoting Special Needs Cop; the page quote comes from that incident.

When taking over gang territory, the defending gangsters will stick to the sidewalks as much as possible, walking entirely in single file at their default jogging speed. If they're on the wrong side of the sidewalk, they'll often double back ridiculous distances just to find a crosswalk. The only time they ever jaywalk is when they're close enough to shoot you. For a player with an assault rifle or sniper rifle, simply having a significant lead on the gangsters and going for headshots can turn the situation into a turkey shoot, which is good because the gangsters are ridiculously well armed.

In the finale, C.

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When I'm gone, everyone's gonna remember my name Also with Ryder, although this is only brief after Cesar tells C. That was my homie Fucking midget deserved it, eh. Little asshole tried to bang your sister.

Beater cars such as the Tampa were introduced to the series here, with the sole intention of being customized by the player also a new addition to the series. These cars specifically were designed to allow for the maximum number of modifications and thus became the best cars in the game.

All There in the Manual: The manual and other sources reveal their real names. Both missions foreshadow the fact that Smoke and Ryder are not as loyal as they seem to be. Smoke and Ryder are soon revealed to have sold the Families out to Tenpenny and the Ballas. Before long, Sweet and the homies are ambushed at the Mulholland Intersection.

Once the police arrive, the Johnson brothers are arrested, and all of the territory Grove Street has at this point is lost.

After returning to Grove Street following your adventures in the other two sections of San Andreas, your first task is to liberate it from the Ballas, and later you have to retake a significant amount of territory to unlock the final mission. Unofficially, he's the gangland kingpin of Southern San Andreas. He barely manages to Outrun the Fireball. Kendl identifies a lack of ambition as being C. On the other hand, most of the endeavors C.

Played straight with Big Smoke and Ryder, whose greed and ambition is what drove them to betray Grove Street and start setting up a major drug-dealing operation in Los Santos. Not overtly, but noticeable in some of the sights and sounds around San Andreas. Some of the songs playing on the radio, like "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube were released afterwhich is when the game takes place.

Gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

Certain cars, especially high-end ones, were based on real-life cars produced long aftersuch as the Bulletwhich is based on the Ford GT. That in turn was an almost exact copy design-wise of the Ford GT40but the one in the game was undoubtedly chosen with the new car's release in mind.

Less obviously, Sweet's attitude towards drugs and the purpose of gangs would be much more fitting a decade sooner than the game is set, when the crack epidemic was just starting. For all the negatives that the game shows as a result of crack hitting the streets, it also brought massive income for those willing to deal, which led to more plentiful and powerful firearms on the streets.

The gangs that refuse to touch crack, such as the Families, the Aztecas and the Mountain Cloud Triads, would probably not have survived The '80s in reality. It's possible that the crack epidemic started a few years later in this universe, however, as by the time the game starts, the Grove Street Families have gone from a powerful gang to a shadow of its former self and are barely hanging on, being picked apart by internal conflicts causing the various families to split off, while the better-armed Ballas, who have embraced the drug trade, pick them off, partly by convincing two of the most prominent Grove Street members to turn on them.

And Your Reward Is Clothes: Completing some of the storyline and asset missions gets you some special outfits, which you may need to wear in order to progress through another mission. Some missions, after you've failed them once, will allow you to skip the trip to the destination and just get there once you get in a designated vehicle. After you kill Big Smoke in "End of the Line" and escape the fortress, failing the mission automatically puts you at the start of the firetruck chase.

You're also given an indestructible vehicle so that the rioters can't make it explode. Unlike prior GTA protagonists, Carl's main motivation is the protection of his family, avenging his murdered mother, and getting rid of the drug dealers infesting Los Santos.

Of the Big Bad TriumvirateHernandez is the least malevolent it also helps that he had to endure much of Tenpenny and Pulaski's bullying just because he's Mexican. His only major interaction with CJ is a call early in the game, warning him not to leave Los Santos. He eventually gives in to his conscience and tries to turn his partners in, even taking a bullet for CJ near the end of the game. Love Fist was a fictional band from Vice City that was banned in many countries.

In when San Andreas takes placehowever, they're all but forgotten which may also be a reference to how hair metal fell out of fashion in the early s. In any given mission, assuming you have to drive there, you're limited to yourself and three other people for backup. You can actually recruit up to eight gang members for help, but only three are going to fit in the car and the NPC gangbangers don't know how to drive.

Officer Frank Tenpenny to Carl "C. Parodied with Area 69which C. Trying to enter the area will earn you an instant five-star wanted level, and if you fly over, you will be brought down by SAM sites and Hydra fighter jets. Ambulances will speed to the scene of a casualty. The game features pretty solid AI in most cases, but it breaks down in some areas.

On the freeway, the AI can't seem to handle the speed at which it drives, resulting in a lot of accidents, even with no player intervention. If the player stays put long enough, massive pileups and riots inevitably occur and don't end until the player leaves the area.

Should the player be chased by any AI characters, notably police, the AI will simply run or drive to the exact position of the player. Cue players hovering along high cliffs in aircraft, watching as the AI throw themselves off of the cliff in an attempt to reach the player. Civilian drivers are actually dumb cars-on-rails until nudged, shot, or otherwise "awakened", at which point they become truly AI controlled and subject to proper physics almost certainly for performance.

In some places, the map's "rails" seem to be set up wrong, and vehicles either accelerate or turn well beyond their actual capabilities, or outright spawn facing the wrong way then tween into place.

Freeway pileups are usually a result of "rail" and "true" vehicles trying to interact and failing badly at it. Planes are also tied to 'rails'. This frequently makes them disregard tall buildings, trees, particularly steep hills or other particularly tall objects.

Supposedly, the devs found this bug in development and chose not to fix it because it's funny though not as much when those rails end up with them trying to land a plane on your forehead or a rare car you want to put in your garage. Also, pretty much every car that needs to make a right turn, is going to do so from the left lane, and vice versa for left turns. And that seems to be the most basic rule for the game's driving AI, but apparently it wasn't.

It seems like the only realistic thing the other drivers do in the game is to high-tail it out of there when if they hear gunshots. If you engage in a gang war, sometimes the enemy gang members will run down to the end of the block just to do a U-turn and run on the other side of the sidewalk.

Sometimes this ranges to being miles away from the actual war zone but if the game is savvy enough, you're rewarded with the next wave or getting the area. Most of the time though you're stuck waiting around for them to come back because if you try to leave, the game pressures you to stay there. Unless they're firing out of a car, any NPC assistance you have is often more of a liability.

They're generally only competent when they're scripted to be busy while you're doing some other objective. Cops who in no way can get to their original car, will usually run out onto the street and jack a civilian's car and drive off in that. Or more hilariously, a fellow officer's car.

gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

There's the "suicidal photographer" near an inlet in Flint County, so-named because a random model of civilian, every time you show up there, will stand at the edge of a cliff, take pictures of Los Santos, then stand up and just walk in a straight line into the water and drown.

Emergency vehicles make no effort to avoid civilians and will usually run a lot of pedestrians over in their attempts to save one. Aggravating when it runs over a mission-important NPC. However, this isn't extended to anyone else, and if you have a Wanted level, there's no end to the line of cops that will jump in to get you and immediately drown. When you go to the ship, the "sailors" you run into are merely the game's stock military troops, wearing green. For the time period, the sailors should be wearing the classic dungarees.

But, of course, this is GTA, so what other hull designator would it be? And it's actually the only way to reach the helicopter. Open the parachute, and you won't be able to land on the roof where that helicopter is. As the Good Book Says Big Smoke often quotes the Bible "'Man cannot live on bread alone'. I should know, I tried that shit. As a result, Dogg attempts suicide only to be saved by C. Big Smoke not only orders a ridiculously large portion for himselfbut when the Ballas attempt a drive-by shooting, he manages to eat not only his own food, but the food ordered by his homies, while the rest of the gang are retaliating.

Los Santos and San Fierro. Los Santos is a gang-ridden city filled with urban segregation, with limited social opportunities and advancement, while San Fierro has less of a gang presence, is much more developed and sophisticated, and is the city where the hero achieves some kind of social mobility legal and illegalwhile also interacting with a real melting pot and weird bunch of ragtag bunch of misfits.

The Hydra's hover mode. Trying to strafe ground targets is extremely difficult because the Hydra uses the camera controls for its additional functions, preventing you from righting the camera. The trio of sluggish response, split attention and proximity to ground clutter ends many joyrides with a boom.

In the PC version, this can be slightly mitigated by turning off the option to use the mouse to fly planes. In Las Venturas, you can steal a passenger jet. More impressive will be landing this unwieldy beast intact. You also can't save it in any garage because the thing is so big that it needs its own dedicated hangar in Las Venturas.

gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

Any form of melee combat. Sure, you get some cool karate kicks and a move that can OHKO any NPC, but the actual chances you're going to use them will be almost non-existent. About the OHKO move, it takes about 6 seconds of a nicely pulled off kickboxing combo, but if you wanted to kill something, you may as well have used a weapon in the first place. Like the other example used above, the katana is pretty damn cool as it is the only melee weapon that lets you behead an NPC and has nice overall strength.

However, the only time you're going to use it on a mission will be the fight against the Da Nang leader, AKA Snake Head, and he'll never put up a decent fight and you might even kill him accidentally. Lowriders, but especially the Savanna a classic Chevrolet Impala with an open top. They look cool and handle fine in most circumstances, but they have a fatal flaw that is revealed when you flip one over.

Unlike most cars where 9 times out of 10 it will manage to roll over safely, lowriders are far more likely to stay flipped due to having a flat top. This is especially notable in the mission "Photo Opportunity", where the challenge of the mission comes from driving Cesar's Savanna through the hilly countryside without flipping it.

It's powerful, sure, but has a terrible box crosshair that makes it hard to aim accurately, you have to lead your shots against moving targets, and getting caught in the blast is all too easy. By comparison, the minigun has far greater DPS, an accurate crosshair, and the only risk of hurting yourself is if you blow something up right next to you. It's also far more viable against human targets. As much shit as Sweet gives C. Cesar describes his cousin Catalina as "really intense".

Of course, civilians and cops don't really pay attention if CJ is running around with a minigun, so him having a knife works fine. Move up behind victim, target, attack, giggle maniacally.

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Oddly, though, this tends to increase the wanted meter more than when you just go up and hack them up with a katana, but hey. The characters mercilessly mock your driving. At one point, they tell you to go to driver's ed. And then you do. Badass in a Nice Suit: Carl Johnson can dress up pretty dapper, once the last store opens up.

The Bad Guys Are Cops: The CRASH unit, especially Officer Tenpennyare corrupt to the core and essentially extort the player character while turning a blind eye to the gang violence they're supposed to be fighting against, preferring to just let the gangbangers take each other out rather than do any work themselves.

gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

Bad Guys Play Pool: You can place bets and if you lose, simply mug the winner and take your stuff back. Bad Job, Worse Uniform: The Burger Shot uniform, which includes a gigantic hamburger hat, and the Clucking Bell, a full-body chicken suit the latter employee coming off as more disgruntled.

Bald, Black Leader Guy: Subverted with Frank Tenpenny: Officer Tenpenny has a shaved head. Beat Them at Their Own Game: There's a scene where you can fight a Vietnamese gang boss sword vs sword he tosses one to you to duel. Of course, if by then you've picked up a shotgun, you're still more than free to use it.

gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

They need a keycard from one of the casino staff, so he decides to get one by seducing a female croupier who works there, Millie. Of course, she doesn't know him yet, so his plan to remedy this is to shadow her after she leaves work and look for an opportunity. Said opportunity comes when she visits a sex shop and buys some fetish wear. By eavesdropping on her making a phone call, C. When the guy arrives, C. Millie thinks that C.

gta san andreas anti crash dating websites

Afterwards, she finds out that the guy she did all that stuff with was C. Astonishingly, she has no problem with any of what C. She's also willing to lend him her keycard after going out for a little while, in exchange for a share of the stolen money. He also seems to really hate reckless driving, ironically. But above all, do not mess with Kendl. So much as catcalling at her can trigger homicidal rage. It has a nod in-game to Big Smoke's outfit from earlier in the game's development.

On the statue of Smoke in the drug manufacturing factory in East Los Santos you see he's wearing a white jersey and black trousers. The game features a number of ways to bet money, including horse racing, low-rider bouncing and casinos with games such as poker and roulette.

Beware the Nice Ones Wu Zi Mu, or "Woozie", is a laid-back, friendly, unassuming Chinese businessman who enjoys playing video games, racing cars, and golf despite being blind. He's also the boss of the Mountain Cloud Triads. When he found his men wiped out by the the Vietnamese Da Nang Boys, he rushes into the fray with a machine pistol and guns down everyone he can find, all the while threatening to to make their blood "flow like wine".

But do not talk bad about his family, especially his sister Kendl. Or their late mother. Frank Tenpenny and Big Smoke. There's a mission where you must plant bombs in a dam, which is an Expy of the Hoover Dam. Big Smoke not only orders enough food for all four people in the car for himself when the player takes C.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: A longstanding legend in the game is that a Bigfoot can be found roaming the immense backwoods. More than a decade after the game's release, the legend persists.

Some of the abandoned desert tourist traps are restaurants shaped like the animals they serve, in a representation of a real trend in now-dated '50s-'60s architecture toward giant objects. He downloaded it and gave it a shot, but it seemed impenetrable. He could just drive around and have fun. San Andreas plays terribly as a shooter. Its verbs — the actions players can take — may skew towards violence, but its systems and world design favour different kinds of experiences.

Role-playing servers present the GTA that critics clamour for. Instead of using the enormous, detailed world as a playground for a mass murderer, possibly of migrant or poverty-stricken origins, who sometimes moonlights as a taxi driver or vigilante cop, they let you be a taxi driver or policeman or incarcerated criminal or dock worker or whatever else. There are lots and lots of options for roleplay across the two multiplayer mods, some narrow and focused like the prison and trucking servers mentioned above and others broader and more ambitious and reliant upon a whole virtual society forming within the San Andreas world or a custom map.

Dan mentions that MTA even has a server where you can get a job as an astronaut and fly to the moon to mine moon rock. GTA Online has delivered the traditional GTA experience in a multiplayer package — stealing cars, killing cops, driving like a maniac, punching random pedestrians while they scream or talk smack at you, and causing as much chaos as possible.

And players can just flock to that. They also talk about community. It helps, too, that the system requirements are modest. They can compete with professionally developed games.

The players make requests or complaints, or play in a certain way that gets the notice of the server owners, who work with scripters to enhance the experience and file bug reports or requests directly with the mod developers for specific issues. Those improvements, such as an API for importing custom cars, will then filter back down, propagating through to other servers.

But it was the freeroam and race modes and later roleplay that gained traction and ended up setting the direction for the future.