Ellen dating billionaire

Billionaire Ronald Perelman's Actress Ex-Wife Ellen Barkin's Dating History and Affairs

ellen dating billionaire

When Bill Gates became a billionaire at age 31, he got just a little bit fancy so things didn't change too much,” he told Ellen Degeneres on her. Feb 22, And before playing a game where Bill had to guess the price of supermarket products, Ellen basically asked what it's like to be a billionaire. skipping the rich person pageantry of getting in touch via their managers or Ellen or whatever. So the recent revelation that Tesla billionaire Elon Musk and indie superstar Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) were dating was a.

They sat down to lunch and Solondz presented her with a script. Without reading it, or negotiating the size of her part, or consulting her agent, Barkin said yes. On the basis of her admiration for Solondz's past work alone, Barkin agreed to star in the film that turned out to be Palindromes. She plays the suburban, Jewish mother of a year-old girl whogets pregnant, and whom Barkin's character forces to have an abortion.

Although reviews for the film were mixed when it premiered at film festivals, Barkin's performance has been singled out as stellar.

She feels it's her best yet.

ellen dating billionaire

Barkin, who is not ambiguous on the subject, caused a scandal at the Venice film festival when she announced that if her own year-old daughter got pregnant, hell yes, she'd insist she got an abortion. As for what makes her unhappy, Barkin holds herself responsible.

Turn down more roles with more vehemence? At least Iwould feel guilty that I'm not more ambitious. She made her film debut in the early Eighties, appearing in two of the best-loved films of the decade: She then starred opposite Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy, performing one sex scene with such raw desire - something about the way she yanks down Quaid's trousers - that she immediately graduated from talented character actor to box-office bombshell.

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She followed up with Sea of Love, holding her own against Al Pacino, and boosting both their careers in the process. She's performed with Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Paul Newman and Leonardo DiCaprio, picking and choosing her opportunity to play with the greats or, if not that, then in films she believed in.

WHEN we arrive at Barkin's home, a burly man opens the door to let her in, and the young woman who keeps track of the Perelman properties escorts Barkin into the room, then brings her some juice. Barkin looks a little embarrassed by the presence of so many staff within two minutes of entering. Maybe two security, a cook, a laundress, a maintenance guy, a housekeeper, a butler.

And what, in this day and age, do butlers do, exactly?

List of female billionaires

Barkin first shrugs, then squints and rolls an eye. Don't iron his T-shirts! Where's my brand of olive oil? And yet it's not annoying - it's oddly charming, in part because Barkin, who grew up in a working-class family, talks about wealth as something that's happened to her, not something that comes with an ennobling pedigree.

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The obvious question for Barkin, of course, is why not just let the staff go? Barkin says she's not one to roll over, but concedes that Perelman is set in his ways, and says she lets him have his way about some choices she personally finds baffling. But not when you have a chef. When you have a chef, you have fish, and lamb, and chicken. Now seems like a good time to bring up a rumour I'd heard, that Perelman regularly buys extravagant loads of clothing at Barneys department store, only to return the bulk of it the next day.

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Barkin seems to shrink back a bit into the couch, giggling, first a little, then a lot. Finally she responds, in a tiny voice: He keeps a lot more than he returns. He buyshimself clothes every day;but there also seems to be a restless regret in his purchasing patterns. Barkin has now seen three engagement rings come and go because Perelman grew dissatisfied with each of them - the quality, the design, the cut of the diamond.

Barkin almost considered hiding the fourth to make sure it didn't go the way of the others. It took a feat of will to force her husband to give away pairs of shoes he'd never worn. Perelman, it must be said, has given several hundred million dollars to charity - if he wants to hold on to a few shoes, perhaps he should be allowed.

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But Barkin is not the coddling, indulgent type, which can create some friction, given that she's married to a man used to getting his own way. Facebook links are not permitted.

ellen dating billionaire

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ellen dating billionaire

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ellen dating billionaire

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