Denmark canada hetalia dating

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denmark canada hetalia dating

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. One ought to note that 'Hygge' is a Danish term best translated as a Disclaimer: Nah, I don't own Hetalia Canada is dating America. Original air date, July 23, (US/Canada) Denmark, bouncing up and down, says that Finland's seat is over near him, and Finland takes.

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In his defense, he was still just a small colony at that time. The Nordics also knew plenty of things about each other. For example, always make sure you have a large supply of butter when Norway comes. If you run out, there will be consequences. When you're with Denmark, prepare to either go drinking with him or haul his drunken self back to his house.

Finland loves gossip, so never say anything around him that you want kept a secret. He will share it with everyone. Not to say that the Nordics don't keep secrets from each other. But they always share the big things with each other. Or so the others thought. It all started with chocolate. It was Valentine's Day, and Norway was coming home from his date with Denmark. He was carrying a bouquet of roses in varying shades of red and white. Iceland was lounging across the couch when he walked in, texting on his phone.

Just like every year. We went to a nice restaurant, ate ice cream after, and shared embarrassing stories about when you were little," Norway replied, smirking. Tell me you didn't! Norway just laughed in response. Iceland fumed and stomped across the room to smack him on the shoulder. When Norway just laughed harder, Iceland smacked him again. As Norway walked towards the kitchen, he paused. After a few seconds of observation, he found the thing that seemed out of place.

A box of expensive looking chocolates rested on the countertop, a silky white ribbon untied next to it. Denmark typically didn't send him chocolates, knowing that Norway wasn't a huge fan.

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Did someone send you chocolates? Iceland wasn't in a relationship, as far as he knew. They're a present from my boyfriend.

He was too busy to visit me today," Iceland answered.

denmark canada hetalia dating

Suddenly, his eyes widened and he snapped his mouth shut. Everyone knew how Norway reacted to news involving his baby brother, especially when it involved relationships. An ominous aura chilled the room, and Norway turned around to fix Iceland with a glare. And how have I never met them? Here it comes… "Um… because I knew you'd react like this…? Shouldn't you be in bed? Norway wasn't going to kill him?

denmark canada hetalia dating

What was going on? Maybe he was in a good mood because of Valentine's Day…? Yeah, that must be it. I'll see you in the morning, Norway," Iceland replied, exiting to go to his bedroom. Well, that went surprisingly well. Hopefully he'll drop it, Iceland thought. Norway did not drop it. He decided that, to solve this mystery, he needed to call in some reinforcements.

Denmark picked up his phone to Norway's panicked voice. Ice had a boyfriend? I'll be over as soon as I can," Denmark promised. Iceland could walk in on us if we're at my house," Norway replied before hanging up.

He'd better make some hot chocolate. An hour later, Denmark opened his door to Sweden and Finland. I didn't catch much, though. Something about Iceland and a secret boyfriend," Finland replied, shrugging. I'll go get it while you guys get settled in," Denmark called as he entered the kitchen. He came back with a tray of four steaming mugs.

After handing them out, he sat down next to Norway, wrapping an arm around his shoulders in a show of support. Norway took a sip of his hot chocolate before he started. When I asked Iceland about it, he said they were from his boyfriend. He clammed up before I could find out any more. Norway shook his head. That's why I called all of you. Speaking of good lays, Canada seems like the type to be pretty gifted in that sense, too.

denmark canada hetalia dating

What I wouldn't give to have that sweet little Canuck in my bed…" Denmark stood frozen in place, back against the door of an empty conference room, as fading footfalls on the other side marked the renaissance of his solitude.

He had been minding his own business, simply walking down the hall with the intent on procuring lunch for himself when he had heard them: Immediately upon hearing the name 'Canada', he had launched himself through the first open door available to hide he had snuck out of the world meeting early and dreaded getting caught — and, of course, to hear the rest of what was to be said about the darling Canadian his heart so irredeemably longed for.

He regretted doing so, now. Because long after they had left, Denmark remained frozen in place, back against the door of that empty conference room.

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And it still hurt. He most definitely did not feel inclined to lunch anymore. As a result, one did not have to wait as long for their drink, nor have to stand up for the duration of their stay because of a lack of tables, nor risk getting as pushed around by the large amount of people in attendance as what would occur on Friday and Saturday nights.

Regardless, it had, in a way, become tradition by then — to go out on Thursdays, that is. In any case, today they found themselves in a semi-casual, semi-formal bar-club located smack in the middle of downtown Ottawa. The establishment in question owned pool tables, and as such, the Dane had consequently challenged Matthew to a best out of three. Loser had to be slave for a day, not that either minded; it was a typical 'punishment' they were both able to do. It was nearing the end of the third — and last — game, each having won a game in the set.

Mikkel played solids whilst Matthew was stripes. The Dane had just pocketed his last ball and was now aiming for the 8. Moments later, he 'awwed' in disappointment as the black ball rolled mere inches away from the targeted pocket, to then smirk at the Canadian.

You have two balls left, and we both know I won't be missing my shot next time. The Canadian was very much so. Indeed, to the Dane's utter astonishment, Canada successfully pocketed his yellow 9 ball, and soon later, in went the With a wink, Matthew bent over slowly, chest nearly skimming over the velvety surface of the table as he luxuriated in the feel of a fast-approaching victory.

Watch and learn, Mike. Though just as he made his shot, something — someone — groped him from behind, sending the cue ball off course and away from its intended target.

denmark canada hetalia dating

Miffed, the North American turned on himself only to see his Danish counterpart blinking at him innocently — once, twice — sunlit-blue eyes wide as if to say 'Who, me? We're not even betting money on this one, and you sharked me," Matthew accused, pouting.

The Nordic Five +α

Denmark simply laughed boisterously. You merely failed to specify that ass-grabbing was a source of distraction to you. The moment he sent the 8 rolling into the nearest pocket, a wide, gleeful grin graced his lips. Oh, the fun we will be having once we get back to your house…" he sighed dreamily.