Dating long distance international

When Love Crosses Continents | InterNations

dating long distance international

Is a long-distance relationship right for you? Find out if it's worth navigating the many challenges of long-distance relationships with these eight. While you may not necessarily expect to ever be in a long-distance relationship, We started dating in , shortly after I moved to Chicago from Los . I'm an international housesitter and blog about it at International long distance relationships are tricky and, speaking from is a non- committal phase of getting to know one another (aka dating.

dating long distance international

Danielle fell head over heels in love with a backpacker, Tony, when they were traveling in Bolivia for a month. Eventually they parted ways, Danielle returning to Belgium and Tony to the States, with the promise of doing long distance till they see each other again. They had not known each other long enough to build the foundation of their relationship. Eventually, Tony lost interest and pursued law school while Danielle started dating her grad school classmate. Whether it is for you depends on your personality and where you are right now in your life.

Can you stand not having someone for a period of time?

When Love Crosses Continents

Are you a good and consistent communicator via emails, instant messaging, or Skype? If you answer "no" to most of these questions, a long-distance relationship is not for you. Communicate Wisely Stick to one or two mediums of communication to keep things straight. With Skype, Instant Messaging, Twitter, Facebook it can get overwhelming when you are bombarded with incessant notifications in all mediums at the same time.

He quickly ran for the hills.

How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship | InterNations

This is very helpful especially if you live in opposite time zones example: Then you remember you have to Skype with your boyfriend later in the evening. Do not skip an appointment with your partner without giving notice! That just builds resentment. Chances are they might have canceled other plans or stayed up an hour later just to talk to you.

Skipping out on your weekly session without telling them is asking for trouble.

How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

The mood was somber to say the least. As I drove away from the airport that evening, I wondered if we would keep true to that promise. The year was a busy one for both of us. We managed to see each other every three months and traveled to destinations where we hiked, climbed, and watched many a sunsets together. In between our meeting times, we spoke on Skype, via email and text. We made sure we updated each other on our daily lives.

Nothing was too minuscule to share. Needless to say we had to deal with many questions from friends and families about where the relationship was headed. We knew they all meant well but we were still frustrated with their lack of understanding. Somehow, we knew we wanted to be together.

dating long distance international

The logistics though were a bit convoluted. He could not seem to find a job in the US, and I could not seem to figure out what I would do in Europe; but we persisted. Being very pragmatic people in our lives, we sat down and came up with a project. The goal was to be together. We just have to figure out how. Then we decided to think "outside the box". What if we both relocated to somewhere new, a neutral ground where neither one of us had the advantage of familiarity, friends, or family?

And so the idea to move to Australia was born. Living the Life of a Geographical Single In the summer ofwe got married. A week after our wedding, my husband had to fly back to Germany to continue working. The skepticism about our relationship continued, but we knew we had a plan. We had just found out that we could both move and work in Australia, but the paperwork would take time.

So, for a little while longer, we had to live on separate continents.

dating long distance international

Many people would ask me how we kept such a relationship going. Out of curiosity, I went online to find out if people dated across continents. I found out very quickly that we were not unique; we even have a name! The world has become more global now and people are traveling around the world for various reasons. Falling in love with someone who lives miles away is not uncommon.

So, couples are finding ways to keep relationships going. The advantage of that is that you are in this perpetual honeymoon. Everything is temporary and thus exciting. You want to savor every last second of your time together so everyone is on their best behavior, and every meeting is an adventure. The disadvantage of these long-distance relationships is that you are on a perpetual honeymoon. You never get to be around each other long enough to be in mundane moments and moods; to not look or feel your best, to have your differences and be able to resolve them in an amicable manner, while still being two different individuals, and this is something that geographical singles should be aware of.

Having an end point to when you will no longer be in separate geographical locations helps you to keep going.

Without this plan, the relationship faces the danger of fizzling out and dying. While in their case they were saying goodbye, I like to think of long-distance relationships as walking on opposites sides of a great wall with plans to meet in the center but not for a farewell embrace but for a reunion.

This keeps you climbing those mountains and weathering bad days. You know there is a goal. I also like to think that love and respect go hand in hand.

dating long distance international

If you think your partner is worth fighting for, then you don't hold back. Both parties should be willing to move or relocate. The Reunion Today, as I write this, I am sitting in our Sydney apartment with our 8-month-old son in my arms waiting for my husband to come home from work. I left Pittsburgh two years ago and moved to Germany briefly while my husband finished working on projects.

dating long distance international

Three months later, we bought a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia.