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The diagnostic evaluation of DSD includes hormone measurements, imaging, cytogenetic and molecular studies. AMH and inhibin B are useful markers of the Sertoli cells presence and their assessment could help in the diagnosis of testis determination disorders. In boys with bilateral cryptorchidism serum AMH and inhibin B correlate with the presence of testicular tissue and undetectable values are highly suggestive of absence of testicular tissue 9 10 In postpubertal patients with testosterone synthesis defects, the diagnosis is made through basal steroid levels.

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Testosterone levels are low and steroids upstream from the enzymatic blockage are elevated. This pattern can be confirmed by hCG stimulation test, which increases the accumulation of steroids before the enzymatic blockage, with a slight elevation of testosterone. In pre-pubertal individuals, hCG stimulation test is essential for the diagnosis, since basal levels are not altered.

There are several hCG stimulation protocols and normative data have to be established for each of them. Imaging evaluation is indicated in the neonatal period when an atypical genitalia is identified. A family history of DSD and later presentations as abnormal puberty or primary amenorrhea, cyclic hematuria in a male, inguinal hernia in a female also require an imaging evaluation. This exam can also identify associated malformations such as kidney abnormalities Genitography and cystourethrography can display the type of urethra, the presence of vagina, cervix, and urogenital sinus.

Although, the imaging features are non-specific for the cause of DSD, these diagnostic methods are important in gender assignment and specially for surgical planning. Cytogenetic and Molecular Investigation The genetic evaluation includes karyotype, FISH and specific molecular studies to screen for the presence of mutations or gene dosage imbalance. Molecular methodologies have identified already known and also novel causes of DSD, and have led to the adoption of molecular tests into clinical practice for diagnosis and genetic counselling.

Among the genetic tests available, most use a candidate-gene approach, while new high-throughput DNA analysis could enable a genetic diagnosis to be made where the aetiology is unknown or differential diagnosis wide. These new high-throughput DNA approach can reduce the need of hormonal and imaging tests to reach the correct diagnosis. Advances in molecular biological techniques for diagnosing DSD is reviewed Nevertheless, the attainment of molecular diagnosis is related to a properly established clinical and hormonal diagnosis.

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Almost all testosterone synthesis defects can be diagnosed by hormonal evaluation. Careful selection of the genetic test indicated for each condition remains important for good clinical practice. They will be described according to the period of gene expression in gonadal determination.

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Gonadal determination and differentiation The intermediary mesoderm is the primary embrionic tissue at gastrulation that gives rise to the urogenital ridge. This, in turns, is going to derive the primitive gonad from a condensation of the medioventral region of the urogenital ridge.

The primitive gonad separates from the adrenal primordium at about 5 weeks, but remains bipotential until the 6th week after conception. Mammalin sex determination is a complex process, which involves a large number of genes acting in networks. Although mutations or knockout models of these genes produce abnormal gonads in mice, not all these genes have been implicated in gonadal-dysgenesis syndromes in humans. To date, Emx2 null mice have absent kidneys, ureters, gonads and genital tracts and have developmental abnormalities of the brain In humans, mutations in EMX2 have been found in patients with schizencephaly a rare condition in which a person is born with clefts in the brain that are filled with liquor but no gonadal phenotype have been described.

In mice lacking Lhx9 function, germ cells migrate normally, but somatic cells of the genital ridge fail to proliferate and gonads fail to form No human mutation in LHX9 has been identified DAX 1 is also essential for gonadal and adrenal differentiation and when duplicated results in adrenal hypoplasia congenital and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism After the formation of the bipotential gonad, by the 6th week after concepcion, in 46, XY individuals, the expression of the testis-determining gene Sry, which is transcriptionally regulated by the expression of WT1 26 and its co-factor zinc finger protein FOG2 27 and chromobox protein homolog 2 CBX2 28 triggers the gonadal masculinizing fate process In the mammalian male embryo, the first molecular signal of sex determination is the expression of Sry within a subpopulation of somatic cells of the indifferent genital ridge.

The transient expression of Sry drives the initial differentiation of pre-Sertoli cells that would otherwise follow a female pathway becoming granulosa cells. Once Sry expression begins, it initiates the cascade of gene interactions and cellular events that direct to the formation of a testis from the indifferential fetal gonad. So, pre-Sertoli cells proliferate, polarize and aggregate around the germ cells to define the testes cords.

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Migration of cells into the gonad from the mesonephros or the coelomic epithelium is subsequently induced by signals emanating from the pre-Sertoli cells. Peritubular myoid cells surround the testes cords and cooperate with pre-Sertoli cells to deposit the basal lamina and further define the testis cords.

Signalling molecules produced by the pre-Sertoli cells promote the differentiation of somatic cells, found outside the cords, into fetal Leydig cells, thus ultimately allowing the production of testosterone.

Endotelial cells are associated to form the coelomic vessel, which promotes efficient export of testosterone into plasma. The gene Sox9 is up-regulated immediately after Sry expression and is involved in the initiation and maintenance of Sertoli cell differentiation during the early phases of testis differentiation In addition, Sry inhibits b-catenin-mediated Wnt signaling Furthermore, SOX9 directly binds to the promoter of the Ptgds gene which encodes prostaglandin D synthase that mediates the production of PGD2 35 which, in turn, promotes nuclear translocation of SOX9, facilitating Sertoli cell differentiation Antagonism between Dmrt1 and Foxl2 comprises another step for sex-determining decision.

Dmrt1 has been described as essential to maintain mammalian testis determination, preventing female reprogramming in the postnatal mammalian testis However, the role of MAP3K1 in human sex-determination remains unknown as downstream effectors of MAP3K1 in the human developing testis have not been identified, as reviewed by Bashamboo and McElreavey Abnormalities in the expression underexpression or overexpression or timing of expression of genes involved in the cascade of testis determination can cause anomalies of gonadal development and consequently, 46,XY DSD.

Mendonca et al described a pair of siblings, one XY and the other XX, born to a consanguineous marriage, with normal female external and internal genitalia associated to gonadal agenesis The origin of this disorder remains to be determined, but a defect in another gene essential for bipotential gonad development is the most likely cause of this disorder.

The complete form of gonadal dysgenesis was first described by Swyer et al.


Mild clitoromegaly is present in some cases. The partial form of this syndrome is characterized by variable degrees of impaired testicular development and of testicular function. Serum gonadotropin levels are elevated in both the complete and partial forms, mainly FSH levels, which predominate over LH serum levels. Testosterone levels are at prepubertal range in the complete form. Meanwhile, in the partial form, it can range from prepubertal levels to normal adult male levels.

The clinical condition named embryonic testicular regression syndrome ETRS has been considered part of the clinical spectrum of partial 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis In this syndrome, most of the patients present atypical genitalia or micropenis associated with complete regression of testicular tissue in one or both sides.

The variable degree of masculinization of the internal and external genitalia is a consequence of the time of testicular function prior to its loss.

The dysgenetic testes showed disorganized seminiferous tubules and ovarian stroma with occasional primitive sex cords without germ cells Familial cases have been reported with variable degrees of sexual ambiguity, but the nature of the underlying defect is still unknown An interesting study describes a remarkable family pedigree across four generations with multiple affected family members. Phenotypic, with variable degrees of gonadal dysgenesis.

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The phenotypic mode of inheritance was strongly suggestive of X-linkage She gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis. The range of phenotypes observed in this unique family suggests a new mechanism, which predisposes to chromosomal mosaicism Regarding the genetic etiology, 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis is heterogeneous and can results from defects of any gene involved in the process of gonadal formation.

The following review will focus on the main genes causing gonadal dysgenesis in humans, presenting as an isolated or syndromic phenotype. The genes are described in the text accordingly their expression time during gonadal development.

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