Dating a single dad phone call

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dating a single dad phone call

Calling all single dads..I need your advice. August 8, PM Subscribe. I' m crushing on a single dad, how do I go about this? So, here's the story. He's a. If you're single parent getting back into the dating scene, you tend to get a explain the situation briefly, and respond with a text or phone call. Here are 12 tips for dating single dads that will help you navigate the for contact to continue for logistical and practical reasons,” says Sher.

Remove yourself now before you get hurt further. And once you let a guy get away with too much bad behavior it takes some doing to re establish the respect.

Which is next to nothing. I am a single mom. But once I get to that place with someone I could see myself with long termI want them to meet my son. I want to see how they interact with my child and if my child is comfortable around them. If you want to love me you have to love my son.

My son is first in importance in my life, so a man needs to understand and be okay with that. That said, my ex was a single dad, and had the same values I do.

Men make time for what they want. When they want a woman, you never even have to question it. They are calling, planning dates, and spending as much time as they can with you. They show you in both words and actions that they miss you, and being with you is a top priority. I agree with what others have said, he is using you. This is your choice now. Why choose to stay with him? Make your own happiness, and move on.

dating a single dad phone call

He is wasting your time. July 5, at 4: Over time as you get more serious, he will incorporate you into his time with is daughter when the time is right. If his ex is causing trouble with the visitation schedule then it is on him to correct it.

However, with that said it is no excuse to consistently treat you like an afterthought. I would feel very hurt and disrespected about the weekend camping, but then at 7 months I would have contacted my bf days earlier to ask what the plans were for the weekend.

Approach this in a civil way and see what he says. He will only treat you this way if you let him. Nothing wrong with that if you want the same thing but it sounds like you want more. No offense intended to single parents. I have dated men who have said that of course their kids are important to them and they are ready to have a significant other too. No need to launch attacks as women on this site are sometimes prone to do.

AND he had the balls to tell you the ex came along? I think that is the case for this guy, at least. Try not to take it personally, but because of all his issues, his interest level is low. July 5, at 5: You have to woman up and decide to leave this guy. It has not gotten better but worse. If he is not putting you strongly in the line up then be gone.

In a new relationship, I let the person know that my children are priority because I would not schedule dates or things that my children could not do with me when I had them so I could spend time with them when I had the chance. After the relationship is more established and serious, then you begin to spend time more together with your significant other and children. This is why i only dated divorced men with children. July 5, at 6: I say it in a nice way of course.

Talk about establishing yourself as a lady to be won!! He could have a wife and not wear a ring, and it was his turn to stay home with his daughter. He could have a committed partner of either gender who is the child's co-parent and it was his turn to stay home with his daughter.

That puts him on the spot, at work, which is kind of crappy. Even if he is receptive to your advances he might be caught off guard and not know how to react. Give me a call if you'd like to hang out sometime" and slip him your number.

You can have your number pre-written to slide to him, or write it on a napkin to seem spur-of-the-moment. Alternatively, you could even write the quoted part instead of saying it if you are shy or something.

Giving him your number gives him time to think it over and contact you when it is convenient for him. My tunnel vision on that issue had not considered whether he was friendly with me in a specific way or in a general sense. So pay attention to how he treats other patrons.

If he's exactly as friendly with them, pass. If he's definitely extra-friendly and there's a twinkle in his eye when he talks to you, specifically and get coworker to verifystart to flirt back. It also never hurts to do your hair, put on some lipstick or whatever combination makes you feel fab and attractive and place yourself in his general line of vision.

dating a single dad phone call

Be as friendly as ever. If enough clues accumulate, and after you've gathered more information such as: And know that he will or should prioritize her over his social life, and that's nothing you should take personally. I've been in that situation, and it can get awkward. People in his position are paid to be friendly, and since you work around the corner, there's a very compelling business reason for him to give you special attention and make his bar your regular bar.

dating a single dad phone call

It's much smoother to put the ball in his court with your number. Another strategy would be to ask him about whether he's single, what his relationship with his child's mother is, or something less direct so he can politely deflect if his interest is mostly professional. And yeah, don't assume mom is out of the picture. My grandma and Dad watched me when I was a kid because my mom was the bread winner and worked long hours with a hellish commute.

There are a lot of possibilities here. If he brings it up, cool. As a single dad, I hope you'll take the next step with him and I hope you'll report back to us on how it went.

I could use some vicarious fun.

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See where that gets you. At some point, ask him out if he doesn't ask you out. I never said I assume the child's mother must be horrible or shitty. Not everyone is cut-out for motherhood and some opt out, just like there are many men who aren't around for their kids.

It doesn't mean I'm looking down on them, there are many types of families out there. I'm just trying to figure this guy out, and since I don't have an online profile of him in front of me, I'm just going off of what he has told me.

Him telling me that he and his mother are raising his daughter tells me the child's mom is not really in the picture. If she was in the picture, I don't know why he couldn't just add " I mean he's already giving me very personal info, why not slip that in too? Don't touch someone who is working as a manner of flirting. They're in their workplace, where they should expect not to be touched by strangers, even well-meaning ones who want to date them.

He's in the hospitality business and was being friendly to you. People in service industry positions get hit on a lot, so you'd be fine asking him to go out some time, sure. I guess I find the question off because you're jumping to an awful lot of conclusions.

You don't know if he's single or divorced or married or gay or straight.

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And I would ask, why do you think he's more attractive because he has a child? Why do you think having a kid makes him very different than other men? Having a kid doesn't make you suddenly more mature or smarter or different; it makes you a parent. Not everyone is cut-out for motherhood and some opt out Where are you getting this from??

dating a single dad phone call

And along the off-kilter thinking in your question, when parents take a week off work to be with our kids, it's called being a parent. It's not a staycation. I think if you want to go out with him, ask him out. You're projecting way too much here. I think the best way to approach the situation is to keep going for drinks there, make more eye contact with him, smile - see if he smiles back, watch his body language, see if he really IS giving you special treatment and then, if you really think he is, just ask him if he'd be interested in getting a drink with you somewhere other than his bar.

I have no idea. Like I said above as well. Just speculating for now. Caring about other people are attractive to me. I don't see a lot of that in Los Angeles. I'm a single mother and if my ex has the kids for the weekend and he wants to go somewhere he either gets a babysitter or doesn't go; I am not the backup person for his time, and I'm the custodial parent.

Getting down to the basics: dating a single dad

It would be super bizarre and passive-aggressive if he told someone "I can't go because my ex isn't available to watch the kids. The reason everyone including at least a couple single moms here are jumping all over you for this detail is because it implies some assumptions, or "speculations" as you call them, that are unusual and a little problematic. Dating a single parent is like dating anyone else with the caveat of more limited availability AND the fact that you must always, always, alwaysalways respect the family and the existing relationships and you can NOT make assumptions or try to change them.

There are literally like a hundred questions here on metafilter from people dating single parents and complaining about their parenting, their ex, etcetera etcetera and most of them show that this person doesn't really "get" the concept.

12 Tips for Dating a Single Dad

Because that's the assumption. Your past experience isn't necessarily his present. Even if he's not with the parent of the child, he still might not be in the situation you've slotted him into.

My other life experience is: Doesn't matter if they're single parents or single or not. To me, and to the bulk of my co-workers, those people were customers only, not friends, not potential friends, not a dating pool. Don't get me wrong, some people I worked with did date customers, but they were in the minority.

Most of us were outgoing people in general, but by the end of our shifts, we were sick of having to be friendly and only wanted to go off and complain to one another about customers and their ridiculous demands. Anyway, as far as this guy is concerned: Come at this from the other side and ask yourself, when he has been so friendly and all, why he hasn't asked you for your number.

The obvious answer is that he's not interested. The less obvious answer is that he is not allowed to date customers without putting his job in jeopardy. Also, it's weird, but I reread your question and according to you, he never actually said he was a single dad. He just said he had to watch his daughter when his usual babysitter his mother couldn't. But that's just me speculating on his personal life as much as you have been.

Here's my further take: Here's a person who is nice and fun and polite and friendly.