Dating a romanian man

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dating a romanian man

I should add that, generally, Romanian men and women have a weakness for well, as an american woman dating a romanian man i find my. This week she tells about Romanian men. Most people speak about the beautiful Romanian women, and often Romanian men are forgotten. Every man is different, but a good friend of mine who used to date one of my besties is Romanian - and I've even met his family and friends.

The initial refusal is seen as a part of etiquette and this is why your hosts will not take it seriously. The same goes for alcohol and dietary preferences such as veganism. Traditional patriarchal roles have been disrupted by the years spent under the communist rule, as well as by the economic situation which obliges women to also contribute to the family budget. Most Romanian women have successful careers AND do the majority of the house chores.

I am not saying this is correct, but it is what it is. Once again, if you respect their views, Romanians will respect yours, too.

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On the topic of women, they are treated with respect almost equal to that shown to senior citizens. In the public transport, it is expected of men to give up their seats to ladies, and of the young — to give them up to the older. While this is common etiquette for most Western countries, in Romania it is near obligatory. With so many conservative values, you will be surprised at how ok it is to drink and smoke in public.

In the hot summer nights, parks are the place to be and everybody drinks beer, some even hard liquor. Drunkedness, however, is way more frowned upon than in Western countries. In a way, Romanians see the spirit as an appetizer in itself as it is said to increase your appetite for the rich, greasy dishes to follow.

dating a romanian man

Superstition is a real important part of Romanian culture, and for good reason. Black cats come to mind, but also not leaving your bag on the floor, not sitting at the corner of a table, not whistling inside a building which means you invite evil spirits inside.

Romanians are humble people and highly dislike those who boast with their wealth or achievements. You will notice they even downplay their qualities, so as not to come across as too full of themselves. Self-irony and sense of humor are essential as they demonstrate both humility and cheerfulness. Romanians love to laugh at themselves first. In comparison to Western, non-Balkan countries, prices in Romania are almost comically low. With minimum wage at just above EUR, this is understandable and you will enjoy a new-found sense of wealth while travelling around the country.

In the eyes of locals, your foreigner status might be equal to rich person status. This is both good respect and bad higher risk to be mugged or defraudedso keep your guard on. Romanian cuisine might not be the most vegetarian-friendly, but everything is delectable. For some dishes, you will need to gather your courage and I hope you have a strong stomach, too. Examples include tripe soup and a sort of meat-jello with pork and plenty of garlic Piftie.

This is something men are expected to do when they take a woman out. In Romanian dating culture, gifting flowers is a strong romantic gesture. Additionally, flowers will instantly make a woman warm up to you since they make a girl feel special and cherished. Just remember to gift your dates with an odd number of blooms.

dating a romanian man

Although a superstition, an even number of flowers is only acceptable at funerals. For some reason, a lost wallet is a big deal in Romania. If you lose yours on a date, the unfortunate event may put a damper on the entire evening. Locals are very superstitious and although the reason behind this reaction is unknown, it may have to do with losing something you worked hard for or that the country is well acquainted with economic hardship.

Be On Time Romanians are punctual and consider it rude to be late. Local women become quite stressed when a date fails to arrive on time. Not only is it nerve racking for women but Romanians also consider it very disrespectful. Once a Romanian woman single is mad at you, it is difficult to earn her forgiveness.

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This is especially so if the relationship is new. Be Romantic Romance is a must in Romanian dating culture. The locals love romance, especially the women, therefore you want to pull out all the stops. Tell her how you feel, be honest, open and go for little romantic gestures throughout the duration of the date.

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Gaze into her eyes over dinner, compliment her, exchange warm smiles, and hold her hand. In their dating culture, it is up to men to show women a wonderful time and start setting the foundation for a strong relationship.

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Very few Romanian women are huggers.