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cssps ghana website dating

You can get the BECE Placement Checker form at selected Internet Checking of your CSSPS Ghana results has over the years become an. The Ghana Education Service (GES) has once again extended the earlier the contains a link that directs users to the new website, sheptonmallet.info schools in the Region are still uncertain about their reporting dates. CSSPS secretariat under the Secondary Education Division of the Ghana Education Service (GES), To do this you must access the online placement form.

The self placement link opens to the content page Select you preferred school and education program, then submit but clicking on the button below these prompts. Download and print the placement notice It is pretty easy to do my JHS placement forms even when you missed out on the first placement although this rarely happens.

However, should it happen you have the assurance that if you fill up the re-entry form the placement will be done. After submitting the forms, you then need to use the JHS school placement checker to know which school one has been selected for.

How to use the JHS placement checker Source: This is a significant tool, since there is no way one would proceed on with their life in terms of education. The Ghana Education Service provides that school placement should only be done.

JHS placement checker via phone messaging services Source: This allows the students, their parents and guardians among other concerned parties to check the JHS placement conveniently from any location across the country. It requires no internet connection by the mobile phone used should be airtime loaded because there applicable charges for messaging as per the mobile network apply. Click on new message, a new space bar pops up In the space bar text the BECE candidate index number, this a ten digit figure Then at the message centre feed the numbers and click on send to get the school placement information you are looking for.


A new message will be sent to you confirming the choice of your school placement or the school you have been allocated. There are cases where you do not receive a feedback after all, check if there are spaces on your index number and in case there are erase them. You can then repeat the above process. When the network is clouded with many requests, the results may delay or not received after all. Patience is the only emphasized virtue here, so keep try until a positive response comes back to you.

JHS placement checker online Source: For instance a few years back checking the JHS placement would imply having to physically get at the Ghana Education Service board offices and inquiry. However, this is not the case, the JHS placement checker online has made it very easy to check these results from any location even at the comfort of your home or offices. The only thing required here is an internet enabled phone or computer with internet connection.

Here is how to go about it; Get to the cssps. At the end of the index number add the last two digits for the year of examination without the space. For instance if your index number is at the end of this input the last two digit for that year to make This of course should be subject to your index number and the year you sat for your Junior high school examinations.

Enter the serial card number. This is commonly the digits at the top of your scratch card. In case you have no card, then you need to purchase one at the West Africa Examination Council or the post offices. Enter the personal identification number on you scratch card Submit these result will pop up almost immediately What is next after the JHS placement? Now that we know the school we have been allocated what is the next thing that we should do.

Well, there are a few things to be done before you join your next school or institution. We all understand enrolling in a learning institution is a process and this is no exemption.

Ideally, one needs to get to my JHS placement form online, as I had mentioned earlier on. The form are assessed after you get to the official cssps placement site and sign up using your index number, serial cars number and the pin code.

The my JHS placement form needs to be downloaded and printed out. As a student, you are then expected to send a copy to your school of selection including the invitation letter.

The school will then confirm to your upon receipt of the same and guide on the enrollment procedure including the opening dates, program and learning schedule.

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The government of Ghana has surely come a long way in restructuring the education in their vision to offer quality education to all and ensure all students needs get to be addressed to satisfaction. This is one education system that is not only aimed at instilling knowledge and information but also in nurturing talents and abilities and mould kids into being responsible citizens later on in their life.

It has helped handle the issue of school placement. Students get to be allocated their school of choice so long as their BECE performance allows them to unless of course the school in question is overcrowded or has reached its maximum capacity. This eliminates the many complaint that conventionally used to be there of why a certain student was not placed in a certain school yet they had performed very well.

Student from marginalized areas or disadvantaged families often fell victims of these. Ghana education service syllabus for all subjects The selection bias to be really honest has been completely scrapped off. The distinction the government made ensuring exams and placement are done by different and independent bodies. These are independent entities yet work harmoniously for the good of the students.

The boon to this is that the student get not only to be assessed based on their final examination performance which could be dictated by thing beyond their control. The continuous test done at the school level are complied together then sent to the organization before the students sit for their junior high school exams.

These are some of the good things that have redefined how education and programs are offered. The public education system has been overly criticized over the years with many parents placing preference to the private sector with reasons of quality of education, structures among other things. However, the evolution that has taken place in the recent past has redefined how things are done and the citizens and students are appreciative of the same.

The public school can now compete with the private schools and even outdo each other in one thing or the other.

cssps ghana website dating

Ghana education system Source: May arguments have been put forward that the education system is inefficient and focuses mostly on the academic assessment at the expense of other thing that should be looked into in the life of a student.

For this reason sometime back the private schools were a booming business in Ghana as parents and guardian sought other avenues to offer quality education far away from the public schools that were thought to be ineffective and crowded and hence nothing good could come out of them. As this pressure mounted, the government of Ghana got concerned on the ways to put to an end this migration and the low rating in public schools.

Educationist and research then developed a workable plan which would make the status of education in the public sector go up.

First there was the introduction of free education to ensure all kids got the basic education without dropping out with reasons of school fees. The West African Education Council put up measures that if implemented would raise the quality of education and this was to be a mandatory thing for the schools in Ghana. The Ministry of education then made a clear distinction between who to play which role and who to be responsible for the next.

You will be directed to an area whereby you must provide details about your index number, the serial number of the card and your pin. You then get to view your results. Print the information and submit to the respective school. The placement checker must be used later to confirm the school which a person has been placed.

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Once you get your JHS placement form, you need to submit it to the school. Later on you will get details about how you will enroll, opening dates among other important information. During this season, there are very many people sending such messages and the system could be very busy. As such some messages might not go through while some responses might take long.

It is therefore wise to keep trying. This placement checker allows students to easily identify the institutions which they have been placed. The CSSPS school placement checker is an indication of the changes that have taken place to improve the Ghanaian education system.

This system selects the senior high school for a student using a JHS school placement code. It is the same system that is used to place students in tertiary institutions and vocational programs.

cssps ghana website dating

After completion of the BECE, the system provides a list of the students and the schools of their placement. The main benefit of this automated system is that it reduces the chances of bias in the BECE results placement since there is no human interference. Placement depends on how a student performed in the exam. This is how to check school placement using the CSSPS system online Ensure to have an internet connection and log into CSSPS official page To get into the system, use your index number and the pin You will then get some space where you will type your index number.

As is the case when writing a text message, do not space the index number. It is advisable that you input the last two digits of the year as portrayed earlier in this article.

Double-track system Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)

The next step is to enter the serial number, usually at the top of your scratch card. These cards are usually purchased at WAEC or in post offices.

cssps ghana website dating

Enter your pin, submit and read your results. While CSSPS system has created convenience when checking the placements, sometimes it can be troublesome. You might experience challenges that can be as a result of several factors. If for instance a certain school has received a lot of students than it can accommodate, those with lower marks are eliminated.