Colonial architecture in bangalore dating

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colonial architecture in bangalore dating

Jul 17, Bangalore offers an ideal mix of modernity and old world charm. Indian art dating back from the early 18th century till the contemporary times. Founded in , this Cathedral is known for its exquisite colonial architecture. Sep 12, Bangalore offers an ideal mix of modernity and old world charm. Indian art dating back from the early 18th century till the contemporary times. Jul 4, Years ago as a student of architecture, I remember plodding my way For e.g., Bangalore's colonial period churches which bear the mark of.

The stretch between the fort and the port is occupied mostly by the High Court buildings and several clubs, some of which have existed since the British era.

Brick House in Mysuru by Architecture Paradigm

A little south of the fort, across the Cooum Riveris the Chepauk cricket stadiumanother British staple, dating from North and west of the port is George Townwhere dockyard workers and other manual labourers used to live. George Town is now a bustling commercial centre, but its architecture is significantly different from areas closer to the fort, with narrower roads and tightly packed buildings.

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Most of the colonial-style buildings are concentrated in the area around the port and Fort St George. The remaining parts of the city consist of primarily modern architecture in concrete, glass and steel.

Bangalore’s Burgeoning Success

The architecture for these institutions followed the earlier directions of the Neo-Classical and the Indo-Saracenic. The residential architecture was based on the bungalow or the continuous row house prototypes. From s onwards, many buildings in George Town were built in the Art Deco style of architecture.

Similarly there are many areas in south Chennai with bungalows designed in similar fashion. It is after which the area is named Parry's Corner.

colonial architecture in bangalore dating

These buildings were departures from earlier models in that they were planned without external verandahs and incorporated new technology such as the lift.

Cantilevered porches that showcases the potential of concrete are also seen in some structures. Externally, the stylistic devices such as stepped motifs and sweeping curves used in areas like grilles, parapet walls along with vertically proportioned windows impart a coherent appearance.

Attempts to Indianise Art Deco also led to elegant, decorative buildings like the Oriental Insurance building of the s. Situated at one of the corners of Armenian Street, it imposes delicately with its chattri domed pavilion and projecting ornamented balconies.

Architecture of Chennai

Such a direction is sometimes termed the 'Indo-Deco'. This approach is sometimes considered a separate style, the Streamline Moderne, inspired by the streamlining of aeroplanes, bullets, ships, and the like, due to principles such as aerodynamics.

colonial architecture in bangalore dating

Apart from the Dare House, other buildings that portraits these characteristics are those along the junctions of Mount Road like the Bharath Insurance building of the s and shops such as the current Bata showroom. And also make linkages across these styles that were not apparent when we studied them in texts.

These olde Bengaluru houses. However I have gradually come to realise that though such various expressions of architecture and design may not be obvious they did and do leave a mark worldwide.

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One only needs to look around and find them. I was fascinated by this style based on the little we were exposed to it in our lectures and the overhead projector images that we were shown as part of the class. And one day last year I came across this house in Bangalore which to me seemed to be influenced by this movement — Shererock. Even the name sounded magical!

He lived there till when he passed away.

colonial architecture in bangalore dating

Vivek, his son, says that the family bought the land in and his father had designed and constructed the house by — he intended it to be his signature work. Bangalore is the permanent home of this Indian Army regiment since the mid-nineteenth century. Upon the passing of Tipu Sultan, the Wodeyars returned to the throne of Mysoreand therefore Bangalore, although only as figureheads.

The 'Residency' of Mysore State was first established at Mysore in and later shifted to Bengaluru in the year It was abolished in the year only to be revived in at Bengaluru and finally to be closed down in with the departure of the British. The salubrious climate of Bangalore attracted the ruling class and led to the establishment of the famous Military Cantonment, a city-state close to the old town of Bangalore. The area became not only a military base for the British but also a settlement for a large number of Europeans, Anglo-Indians and missionaries.

The Plaza theatre was constructed in the year on the South Parade and was used by the soldiers for viewing Hollywood movies. The British representative maintained a residence within the cantonment area and his quarters was called the Residency and hence the name Residency Road.

The Cantonment has retained it distinct atmosphere through the years with large populations of Anglo-Indians and Tamils from the British era. Central Library Water shortages[ edit ] The lack of water supplies within the city of Bangalore was first tackled in by building a chain of tanks called Miller's Tanks in the Cantonment area.

colonial architecture in bangalore dating

Prior to this water was pumped from the Halsoor, Shoolay and Pudupacherry tanks which were insufficient for the Civil and Military Station. The city area drew water from a Karanjee system from Dharmambudhi and Sampangi tanks. The Great Famine of and the failure of the monsoons led to drying of all these water bodies. During this time water carriers Bihistis supplied water.

The water was said to be unsavoury and impure.