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Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt went on a date in and she ditched him: WWHL clip |

christina applegate dating spotlights actress Christina Applegate of the popular sitcom ' Married With Children.' Read about her experience as a breast. It's long been known that Christina Applegate went to the MTV Movie Awards with Brad Pitt in but left mid-date, ditching him for another. Pitt was the Married With Children star's date to the MTV Video Music Awards—and though she has remained mum on the subject, Skid Row rocker.

The character of Sue Ellen Crandell in the black comedy feature Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead was Applegate's first starring role in a mainstream film, playing a rebellious teenager who is forced to take care of siblings after their summer babysitter dies. After the sitcom Married. Though the series gained critical praise, it was canceled in Anchorman, stage and television[ edit ] The new millennium had Applegate playing the dual role of a 12th-century noblewoman, Princess Rosalind, and her 21st-century descendant, Julia Malfete, in the time-travel comedy Just Visiting After playing Cameron Diaz 's level-headed best friend, Courtney Rockcliffe, in The Sweetest ThingApplegate continued to play roles in such films as Heroesand the romantic airplane comedy View from the Topas well as in the true-crime film Wonderlandbased on the Wonderland murdersand the Gram Parsons biopic Grand Theft Parsons Behind the screen, she was the executive producer of Comforters, Miserable The Lost Movie an alternative film comprising alternate takes and deleted scenes and story elements.

In she debuted on the Broadway stage playing the title role of Charity Hope Valentine in a revival of the musical Sweet Charity. In late Aprilshe also took part in the annual Broadway Cares' Easter Bonnet Competition, being sawed in half by a magician in their Clearly Impossible sawing illusion.

Sweet Charity ended its Broadway run on December 31, Applegate at the 66th Golden Globe Awards in January While appearing in Sweet Charity, Applegate broke her foot, and it was announced that the musical would close during previews.

She persuaded the producers to rescind their decision and on April 18,she made her Broadway debut. And that is sad for me because I always wanted to go back. But I probably won't be able to.

The series was about a year-old, who after a hit-and-run accident, develops amnesia and has to rediscover her life, her relationships, and herself.

christina applegate dating

Applegate topped the list of People 's Most Beautiful People in The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Applegate said her mother was the one who wanted her to be involved in the film.

Christina Applegate Opens Up About Dating and Ditching Brad Pitt

The SqueakquelAlvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwreckedand Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip The broadcast centered on Applegate trying to find out for her father, Robert Applegate, about his mother, Lavina Applegate Walton, who was mysteriously absent for most of her son's life and who died early in his life.

Applegate also hoped to find out if the hearsay concerning her grandmother's death were true. With the money she earned she was able to buy a house when she was just seven years old. Christina also started dancing at the age of seven.

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She dances or at least used to between hours a week. More often though, she takes Spinning classes and pilates to stay in shape. Christina's agent, Tami Lynn, also a friend of her mother's, signed her as a client when she was 8 or so and soon Christina was appearing in various TV movies and TV shows. Christina starred in the low-budget horror film "Jaws of Satan" with her mother. Soon after that, her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Christina Applegate

It passed quickly and they continued their lives. InChristina starred in her first television drama called "Heart of the City".

christina applegate dating

She was awarded with a Young Artist Award for this show: Unfortunately, the series only lasted for 13 weeks.

Coincidentally, the "Married with Children" was going into production when "Heart of The City" ended. Originally, brunette Tina Caspary was playing the part of Kelly Bundy until she and Hunter Carson, who was playing Bud at the time, were fired and the producers looked for new actors to fill their roles. They had seen Christina's work on HOTC, so they sent her a script and a copy of the pilot to her, but Christina at first did not want to return to TV, but she relunctantly agreed to audition.

She read her part with David Faustino and the year-old blonde and year-old David were both taken on board and re-shot their scenes for the pilot epsiode.

christina applegate dating

Christina left school after eleventh grade. She attended Excelsior High School at some time. She quickly became one of the hottest and most popular people on television. Christina tried hard to live up to her TV image. She was always self-conscious about her looks and weight and at times she didn't eat in order to stay thin and fit into the Kelly Bundy outfits.

christina applegate dating

Christina made a film in that she is most proud of: Kelly Bundy was not nearly as dumb in the first two seasons. As Christina put in, "they really let it go" during the third season.

Inthere was a rumour that Christina and her on-screen father Ed O'Neill were having a "red-hot love affair". Christina had many boyfriends over the years, including some rather harsh relationships. She partied hard until she saw her friend River Phoenix die outside of the Viper Room on October 31st, She did an Anti-drug dance performance in memory of River in early Christina was famous for her long blonde hair until she cut it really short before the premiere of the ninth season in It has been known that some people stopped watching MWC after she did this!

And then inbefore the start of the tenth season, she dyed it red. The producers were not happy with the change, therefore she wore a blonde wig from episodes to InNancy's cancer had returned. It was worse than the first time, and Christina coped as best she could with the illness and her work duties with MWC.

Inshe joined the Pussycat Dolls dancing group as a guest artist. She still emcees some events. She also has two dogs named Jackson and Cybil, and a cat, called Conaloha, who allegedly talks and sings with her. She was upset by this, but also eager for the opportunity to move on and shed her Kelly Bundy image. The rumoured idea for a possible Kelly Bundy spin-off was quickly put to rest.

The year after MWC ended, she starred in three consecutive movies: Ed O'Neill surprised her on the set during the taping of the third episode. Amanda Bearse directed two epsidoes of "Jesse". Lauderdale International Film Festival.