Animal abandonment laws in pa about dating

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animal abandonment laws in pa about dating

The shelter must be sufficient to permit the animal to retain body heat and . be worked or used without violating the laws against cruelty to animals, or leads, and the date and location at which the procedure was performed. Can I remain anonymous when I file a complaint about animal cruelty? the date of the contacts, copies of any documents you provided to law enforcement or. If you see or suspect animal cruelty, please call the Humane Society shelter at Keep up to date on the new Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Laws.

Animal fighting is prohibited in the chapter as a felony of the third degree. Other provisions concern selling of dog and cat pelts, live animals as prizes, and harassment of service and police animals. Tethering of unattended dog 18 Pa. A dog tethered for less than nine hours in a hour period with potable water, an area of shade, a tether at least three times the length of the dog with a swivel anchor and a well-fitted collar is not presumed to be neglect, unless tethered for more than a half hour in temperatures above 90 degrees or below 32 degrees.

The statute is effective as of August Construction of article dangerous dogs 3 P. It outlines the exceptions under the dangerous dog law as well as the enforcement procedure for one who is attacked by such dog. It also specifically states that any provisions of local ordinances relating to dangerous dogs are hereby abrogated. General immunity from noise 3 P.

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PA - Dog Law - Chapter 8. Dogs consolidated dog laws 3 P. Under the latter, any person may kill any dog which he sees in the act of pursuing or wounding or killing any domestic animal, including household pets, or pursuing, wounding or attacking human beings, whether or not such a dog bears a required license tag. A person is guilty of ecoterrorism if the person commits a specified offense against property by: PA - Endangered Species - Chapter Wild Resource Conservation 34 Pa. Section makes it unlawful for any person to bring into or remove from this Commonwealth, or to possess, transport, capture or kill, or attempt, aid, abet or conspire to capture or kill, any wild bird or wild animal, or any part thereof, or the eggs of any wild bird, which are endangered or threatened species.

It is the duty of every officer having authority to enforce this title to seize all wild birds or wild animals, or any part thereof, or the eggs of any wild bird, which have been declared endangered or threatened.

Any commerce in endangered species is also prohibited. For a first violation, a person may have his or her hunting privileges revoked for 7 years. A second violation during that period may result in forfeiture of the privilege to hunt for 10 years.

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A third violation brings the forfeiture to 15 years. PA - Equine - Chapter Under the law, liability for negligence shall only be barred where knowing voluntary assumption of risk is proven in a particular case. The statute provides a different method for small domestic animals and also specifies which state operations and entities are excluded from following the methods as described under the statute. The statute also specifies the fines and civil penalties for violation of the statute.

Permits Relating to Wildlife; Chapter Exotic Wildlife Posse 34 Pa. The commission may issue a permit to a person to act as an exotic wildlife dealer. No permit shall be granted by the commission until it is satisfied that the provisions for housing and caring for the exotic wildlife and protection for the public are proper and adequate and in accordance with the standards which may be established by regulations.

animal abandonment laws in pa about dating

It is unlawful to release any exotic wildlife into the wild, fail to exercise due care in safeguarding the public, or recklessly engage in conduct that places another person in danger of attack from exotic wildlife. The act provides that no person shall sell or offer for sale, wholesale or retail, the fur, skin or hair of a dog or cat or any product or part of a product containing the fur, skin or hair of a dog or cat.

Violation of the act commits a misdemeanor of the third degree. PA - Furtaking - Subchapter D.

animal abandonment laws in pa about dating

Furtaking Regulations 34 Pa. It is also illegal to set traps closer than five feet from a den, use a pole trap, deadfall, poison, explosive, chemical, leg-hold trap with teeth on the jaws, to smoke out or dig out any den, to set or place a cage or box trap in the water, or use any trap unless tended every 36 hours and all animals are released or removed.

A violation relating to bobcat or otter is a summary offense of the fourth degree; other violations are a summary offense of the fifth degree. The section begins with the enabling statute that grants authority to the relevant state agency. It then declares that humane methods shall be used in the handling of domestic animals for slaughter and in the actual bleeding and slaughter of domestic animals except in the cases of slaughter for ritual purposes or individual e.

The law itself does not proscribe penalties for non-compliance but such may be listed in departmental regulations.

animal abandonment laws in pa about dating

Interference with lawful taking of wildlife or other activities permitted by this title prohibited 34 Pa. It is unlawful for another person at the location where the activity is taking place to intentionally obstruct or interfere with the lawful taking of wildlife or other activities permitted by this title.

To report crimes in progress in any borough, please call If you have trouble finding the correct agency to contact, call or visit your local police department or your local shelter or animal control agency for assistance. How to Report Cruelty Try to gather the following information before submitting a report of animal cruelty: A concise, written, factual statement of what you observed—giving dates and approximate times whenever possible—to provide to law enforcement. Photographs of the location, the animals in question and the surrounding area.

Do not enter another person's property without permission, and exercise great caution around unfamiliar animals who may be frightened or in pain.

If you can, provide law enforcement with the names and contact information of other people who have firsthand information about the abusive situation. It is possible to file an anonymous report, but please consider providing your information.

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The case is more likely to be pursued when there are credible witnesses willing to stand behind the report and, if necessary, testify in court. Keep a record of exactly whom you contacted, the date of the contacts, copies of any documents you provided to law enforcement or animal control and the content and outcome of your discussion.

If you do not receive a response from the officer assigned to your case within a reasonable length of time, make a polite follow-up call to inquire about the progress of the investigation.

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