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ahni luv dating

The official site of Aerosmith and Aero Force One. Tour Dates, VIP Tickets, Fan Club, News, Merchandise and more. Back in then Lions WR Derrick Williams and internet model Ahni Luv started dating. Williams has bounced around from the Lions, to the. sheptonmallet.info Lions wideout Derrick Williams is dating “model” Ahni Luv. she is a Red Skin Fan.

Its going on 9 weeks without me seeing or hearing from my son. I call and text every day without getting no response. I did everything I could for my child to see I am a great dad and father.

I have prided myself on being a role model for him. I have called the police, went to the court-house, called lawyers, called hercalled her mom. I have done bday partyshis Christening, emergency doctor appts, school visit with teacher, took him everywhere I could. Something that is fair. So again sorry but this is my call out for help. The worst feeling in the world. I am sick to my stomach on how someone can keep a child away from their parent.

I have prayed and prayed just for an update on my son. This week will mark the 11 week without hearing about my son. My mind is racing. I love this kid more than life itself. I miss my boy. If people are throwing functions and want me to make appearances and try to schedule me on Sundays during the football season, I'm like, "I can't make it. So you're telling me you're turning down money to get your football on?

It's just something about football.

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It's more exciting than any other sport. I try to never miss any games. How'd you get hooked? She's a die-hard Redskins fan, and she used to sit me down and I'd watch every Redskins game with her.

ahni luv dating

She also taught me the game. So that means you hate the Cowboys? So how did you feel when Tony Romo muffed that hold? I actually felt bad for him. I mean, for him to come in, in what, Week 5 or 6, and do so well for the Cowboys and then for that to happen, and for him to carry all of that weight I really felt bad for him.

Not to be chauvinistic, but you know you don't fit the part. I don't even fit the part of a woman that would be up on sports. Because of the modeling, the Web site, doing videos, doing magazines, guys just think that I might know sports because I might know one of the players.

And that hinders things. It gets tiring being a woman and guys only think that you are into sports because of the colors of the uniforms.

Ex-Lions WR Uses Instagram to Beg Model Ahni Luv to Let Him See His Son (Photos)

They just assume that because I'm a woman I don't know what I'm talking about. But once they talk to me, once they sit down and watch a game with me and see me yelling at the screen and calling plays, then they know.

That's what Regina King talked about in O, about how dudes don't think you all know. How do you handle those situations? I just continue to talk to them. I like it when guys ask me questions or doubt me. Because once they start asking me questions and once I start talking football and breaking down my perspective on things, they're usually like, "OK, you may know a little bit, you know what you're talking about. They just want to say whatever and get to talking and I'm like, "That actually didn't happen in the game.

He didn't kick the field goal. You said that Pam Oliver was one of your idols? I mean, being a woman in that field and to gain the respect that she does among men and women -- everyone in the sports industry has to respect her. I love watching her on the sidelines. It gives me a sense of pride. As a woman, we can feel where she's coming from, we understand her, we just feel that she's one of us out there speaking for all of us.

OK, but at the same time, as a woman, does it bother you that after all of the years she and other ladies like Bonnie Bernstein have been putting it down, that they are still on the sidelines and not in the studio? Oh yeah, that's way overdue.

I think [Pam] on the sidelines doing her thing is a great accomplishment, but I definitely think she needs to be up in the booth. The day that that happens, it's going to be big. Do you think it's ever going to happen in sports?

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Yeah, I think it will. I just don't know how soon. I think the sports industry is beginning to realize how many women watch sports. Even though the majority of the fan base is male and that's who's buying the tickets and going to the games, I think they are realizing that a lot of women are coming out too. So doing something like [promoting] a woman to the booth would be a good move for sports.

Did you play any sports?

ahni luv dating

Cause, I really can't see you Ahni: And I'm about to join a co-ed flag football league here in D. You mentioned your grandmother earlier, about how she's the one who got you into sports. Tell me what she's like?