Mouratoglou williams dating site

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mouratoglou williams dating site

The tennis player reportedly started dating her coach in September While they never 6 Men Serena Williams Was Linked to Before Settling Down With Alexis Ohanian. Author picture View On One Page. Photo 2 of 7. If looking good is the best revenge, then Serena Williams just hit another Mouratoglou praised Williams following her historic win on Saturday, . when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. Serena Williams gets cosy with her tennis coach on romantic stroll through site PKTennis reporting: 'Mouratoglou and Williams are seeing each other.' Common, with whom she split in May after two years of dating.

Serena Williams: I don't want my engagement to cause me to lose my edge

People always bring up examples like how Alek Wek has a white boyfriend. While it is true that a lot of white particularly European men do find darker skin attractive and "exotic", the idea that if a black girl isn't found attractive by black men, white men will find her more attractive doesn't seem true to me at all.

I mean, have you guys read some of the things said about Serena Williams on a predominantly white forum? A lot of the comments are extremely negative, stating things like "She looks like a man in a wig", gorilla, etc The fact that Serena is dating one white guy does not mean most white guys find her attractive, lol.

Love-all for Serena Williams: Her hi-fi affairs that never saw light of the day

Nor does it mean that most black guys don't find her attractive. From my experience, if a black girl is found attractive by most white guys, she will also be found attractive by most black men. Who's to say she couldn't find an African boyfriend?

mouratoglou williams dating site

Maybe she herself prefers European men? Additionally, one thing you guys need to remember when discussing celebrities is that they are celebrities. Anyway, the couple looks cute together. Some 18 months into the relationship, few outside her intimate circle even knew that it existed until she chose to make it public in this unexpectedly artistic style.

Occasionally, though, rumours slip out.

  • Serena Williams: I don't want my engagement to cause me to lose my edge
  • Serena Williams pictured getting cosy with her French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou
  • Serena Williams Revels in Wimbledon Victory with Hunky Coach Patrick Mouratoglou

During the first two years of her professional relationship with coach Patrick Mouratoglou, she was understood to be dating him as well as employing his tactics.

The affair came unstuck around the time of Wimbledonthe theory goes. Which may help to explain that peculiar episode when she was forced to forfeit a doubles match because she could barely stand, let alone swing a racket.

A virus was the official explanation. Judging by her answers Saturday, she is wary of too much contentment, because she fears it will make her go soft on the court. Asked whether she needed a little anger inside to spur her on, she replied: Yeah, sacrifices are what you definitely have to have.

Coaching the World Number One

Yet she is not alone there. Of the four enduring tennis stars from the early s, not a single one made it through to the end of the season.

mouratoglou williams dating site