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kyosuke hamao dating site

[Eng] Fan account Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyosuke in . We just stayed in the same hotel with him, and had a date in the same floor. Tag: hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating sheptonmallet.infoer images and videos about Watanabe Daisuke from all over the world on We Heart Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating. Callum blue dating, samsung sepm not updating, analecta hymnica medii aevi online dating.

So he smiled and waved to fans, but two Thai fans asked him to shake hands, he turned them down. They were upset until Chuoi tried to explain them that Mao was on his tour, if he agreed to shake hands with other fans, it was not fair to the tourists. Then our group came back to the taxi to wait for DaiMao. So we missed the traces of DaiMao.

He guessed correctly the direction of DaiMao bus once when we lose their traces after a long time waiting at a red light 89 seconds. He drove many road to look for DaiMao, but we failed to find them.

After a long time, I thought that it was over. Suddenly, Kakeaw noticed the blue buses at the road below our road.

kyosuke hamao dating site

It took us a long time to drive a big round to reach the buses. We went into the restaurant, it was an Italian restaurantsearched for them. But we were not successful. The tourists had a buffet, so we went upstairs to drink coffee while waiting for them.

About 3 pm, DaiMao went out and they went to Asiatique, a shopping center. Most of the shops there were closed.

kyosuke hamao dating site

At first, we thought that they would have dinner earlier on the boat. Going around the center, then DaiMao said goodbye to the tourists and left. All fan girls followed.

Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating

DaiMao came back to their buses, went into it. We went into our taxi too. But after that, they left the bus, came back to the center.

kyosuke hamao dating site

But we were still on the taxi, Kakeaw drove slowly behind them. The rest fan girls still walked behind them. DaiMao walked some steps into the center, then suddenly turned back, went into a taxi and left the center quickly.

[Eng] Fan account Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyosuke in Thailand_Part 2

All the staff were behind them in a different taxi. Kakeaw is the number one taxi driver. When you see my fancam, you can understand our excitement when stalking them at that time.

Mao is talkative when he is with Daichan. Our group came back to the room, we intended to take a rest before having dinner. We would meet each other at the 16th floor. When Elle, Meaw and Joy waited for us at their floor, there was a funny and interesting thing happening. While they were standing near the elevator, they heard a noise like something falling down, so they turned back to see what happpened, and saw Mao there with his cell phone.

Elle smiled at Mao, but she was very exhausted, so her smile may be not joyful or Mao thoutht that the fans stalk him so tightly, followed him even to this floor.

kyosuke hamao dating site

But just a moment later, he thoutht over and maybe he realized that fans followed him because of loving him so much. Mao started to walk up and down the passage-way near them. After a long long time walking up and down, there were still no one speaking to him, Mao got upset and press the elevator to go downstairs. We were inside the elevator going down from 17th floor.

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When the door opened, we saw Mao. He was happy again. It was very easy to cheer him up: We had dinner, then came back to the hotel to wait for DaiMao. About 7 pm, Mitsui appeared. He changed his hair style and held something in his hands, maybe they were the reward or something like that for the party. The elevator which is nearest to us opened, DaiMao walked out.

OMG, they are wonderful princes. They are so much gorgeous. Mao wore a silver jacket and black pants.

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Daichan wore the grey suit. They looked brighter than the character in The prince part 1. After watching DaiMao going to the boat, we went back to our room, and about 1 hour later, Elle called to ask whether we want to have a drink at the bar. It would be our farewell party, because we would check out tomorrow.

And we would have the chance to waif for DaiMao too. Finally, DaiMao went back to the hall, stood in a distance about 1. When Mao walked out off the pillar, I saw him rubbing the moisturizing lipstick on his cute lips. He looked so much adorable. This was known as the Hundred Year Winter. Enjoy lunches and dinners out. Its diet would have been mostly coarse, intex aqua xdating food that needed a lot what does radioactive dating enables geologists to determine before hand chewing.

kyosuke hamao dating site

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