Hamza ali abbasi and saba qamar dating sites

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hamza ali abbasi and saba qamar dating sites

The rumor about Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi being more than just friends surfaced after Saba Qamar wrote on Hamza Ali Abbasis. Hamza Ali Abbasi Movies: Check out the list of latest Hamza Ali Abbasi movies and upcoming Hamza Ali Abbasi movies along with movie trailers, videos, songs, . To say that Hamza Ali Abbasi has had a stellar year would be an understatement. and now with his directorial debut looking at a mid-September release date, his star is not on the rise — it has arrived. . Shafqat Cheema, Sohai Ali Abro, Saba Qamar and Yousuf Bashir Qureshi. . dawn images site.

The song had Hamza lamenting repeatedly on social media and resigning from his post as cultural secretary of PTI.

hamza ali abbasi and saba qamar dating sites

Since I am opting out of promotions due to the inclusion of the item songs, I feel that it would be unethical to be paid for my work in the movie overall. They cease to respect us and furthermore, we manage to confuse our youth regarding what is intrinsically Pakistani and what is an imitation of Hollywood and Bollywood; what is right and what is wrong. Music is right within certain boundaries — but wrong when it all-too-often downslides to libidinous content.

It is horrendously wrong when it makes a beeline for crude crowd-pleasing comedy and dance. Also, short skirts and other revealing clothes in film are wrong.

Then why are we so intent on projecting them as part of our culture? Do we want to turn our country into a Thailand? I am not even saying this from a religious standpoint, but I do feel that film has the power to set moral standards. Anything that you can wear or do in the most posh public area in Karachi defines our present cultural values. Why does Hamza feel the need to raise a furor now?

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Cinema is at a stage right now where we can set new precedents rather than trundle down to new lows. We have actually been joking that even my lack of involvement is generating publicity for the film.

There is no personal grudge behind my refusal to take part in the promotions. Somehow, controversy and conjecture seems to follow me around. I never pinpoint anyone by taking names.

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I've never fallen in love: Things get blown out of proportion. Why was he taking offence now? I was only deriding the celebration of something that had taken place somewhere else which was not normal for us.

How much longer will he continue to have friends and get work in the industry? Despite everything, I am still getting work that excites and inspires me. His starring role in Kambakht was also not part of the initial plan.

hamza ali abbasi and saba qamar dating sites

A scheduling conflict forced Ahsan Khan to drop out of the lead role, forcing Abbasi to step in at the last minute. The film project is the first step in a directorial journey that the actor hopes to culminate by making a film on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto!

Saba Qamar Calls Hamza Ali Abbasi “Mardon Ki Meera”!!

In the future I will not act in any film that I direct. The idea for this film came about during a casual conversation I was having with Shehryar Munawar. The outdoor location of Kambakht It was exhausting, it took a lot out of us, but at the end of the day we had a great time making it because it was quite literally a group of friends getting together and deciding to make a movie. His production house, Kahani Films, was set up primarily to allow this film to be made.

Given the handful of crew members that were behind Kambakht, necessity led to Abbasi taking on some behind-the-scenes responsibilities that he never wanted to shoulder. The logistics of the set were a distraction — booking flights, coordinating transport and food. I had to interrupt a shot at one point because the bathroom was out of order and people were complaining!

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From here on out Kahani Films will solely focus on the creative part of filmmaking. At a time when most filmmakers and actors are jumping on the action movie bandwagon, Abbasi is trying his hand at a different genre, one that is close to his heart as a lover of cinema.

I can see Forrest Gump a million times. Hera Pheeri is great. People tend to have too many expectations from films that are now coming out of Pakistan, especially after Waar. That was an exception. Films like Operation have become obsolete after Waar. Everybody used to bring films from their own countries and I had nothing.