Furukawa yuki and miki dating sites

Mainichi no Hanashi — New “Pretty Boy” Exclusive Interview: Furukawa

furukawa yuki and miki dating sites

New “Pretty Boy” Exclusive Interview: Furukawa Yuki's 49 Private lead, Miki Honoka, that 10 years younger than himself, Furukawa shows his. Name: Yuki Furukawa; Japanese: 古川雄輝 (フルカワユウキ); Born: December 18th Yuki Furukawa moved to Toronto, Canada at 7 with his family and lived abroad for 11 years. I really would love to see Honoka Yahagi(Honoka Miki) and Furukawa Yuki colab again in . Moving into different places really benefited him✨. Items 1 - 20 of 47 "Furukawa Yuki" - All Products at sheptonmallet.info with Free International Shipping! - North America Site. Search. Furukawa Yuki Release Date: . Version) Blu-ray Region All Miki Honoka | Furukawa Yuki.

Miki Honoka & Yuki Furukawa

He has a hatred for Naoki due to the way he treats Kotoko and his cold attitude toward her, but also because he knows that Kotoko loves him. He goes to great lengths to win Kotoko over, even after high school, in the hope that his unrequited feelings will eventually be reciprocated.

He proposes to Kotoko when Naoki is due to marry Sahoko. He is rejected and painfully comes to terms that Kotoko cannot love him the way she loves Naoki. When Kotoko and Irie got married, he was forced to admit defeat. Despite this, he warned Naoki that if he ever breaks her heart, he will be there to wipe her tears. She usually wears headphones around her neck and, along with Satomi, she looks out for Kotoko and adores her. Jinko is very into music, supported by her equally musical boyfriend.

She has a habit of telling people things that are supposedly meant to be kept secret — such as when she told Naoki's mother that he and Kotoko had kissed and when she told Naoki that Kin-chan had proposed to Kotoko.

She is well aware of Kotoko's feelings for Naoki and despite being aware of his cold attitude toward her, supports her friend to pursue this love. She is a little more mature than the other two. She is interested in design and hopes to become successful in this field. She is level-headed but can be just as clueless as Jinko and Kotoko.

She loves Kotoko more than anyone because she has always wanted a daughter and treats Kotoko as her own from day one.

She acts very young and can be somewhat immature. She is a lot younger than her husband and is very bubbly, energetic and positive. When she first found out Kotoko loved Irie, she was very happy and from there she would stop at nothing to make sure they end up together. She supports Kotoko in her endeavour to win Naoki's heart, aiming to foil anyone else's plans to get close to him. She can sometimes be seen as a bit controlling, in the sense that Naoki moved out because he wanted to live his own life and not one that his parents planned out for him.

Despite this, she really loves her family and is ecstatic when Naoki confesses and proposes to Kotoko. He is a very jolly man, which surprises Kotoko because he looks and acts nothing like Naoki.

furukawa yuki and miki dating sites

He is hard working and is the head of a large company, which Naoki is supposed to take over in the future. He is somewhat controlling of Naoki's life, raising him to be his successor, though his son thinks differently.

When he collapses due to health problems, Naoki takes over the company. It escalates to a point where he almost allows Naoki to marry the company partner's granddaughter to save the company.

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In the end, he supports Naoki's wishes to marry Kotoko instead being fond of her cheerfulness and allows Naoki to pursue his dream to become a doctor. He takes after Naoki and looks up to him. This makes him act cold toward Kotoko when she first moves in.

An elementary school student, he is a genius and is smarter than Kotoko. He works as a chef at his own restaurant named Aihara. He is good friends with Naoki's father.

furukawa yuki and miki dating sites

He cares about his daughter very much and knows that Kotoko's love for Irie is one sided. She also likes Naoki. She is very good at tennis and convinces Naoki to join the tennis team with her. She is very smart and beautiful but she chose to go to a college that is below her standards is because she saw and fell in love with Naoki when she was in high school.

Honoka Yahagi

She fell in love with him at first sight. She is very jealous of Kotoko because Naoki's mother loves Kotoko a lot. Probably at my middle school days then! Could say it like that. She is mixed, in the midway she quit school and go to America. So I and her have no choice TL note: If myself get a confession from such frank girl, frankly, I would be very happy.

What action that Furukawa-san will take? Will it be like Naoki initiallytake rejecting attitude? Strong girls and considerate girls, which type that you prefer? Both types are OK.

Yuki Furukawa - Wikipedia

If you really must choose? Um…… Very hard to choose. Girls type that I like, no special criteria of what it must be. In the drama, you play role of a boy that fall in love, if Furukawa-san fall in love in the real life, what will be your move? Or what kind of relationship that you want to build?

I myself will accordingly respect adjusting with other party. For example, she wants me to do something, I will do so.

furukawa yuki and miki dating sites

However, overall, I will do things that my girlfriend want me to do. Be the lead or not, I hope when dealing with my girlfriend, we each other can show other our reckless side, if only one person become the lead, such a relationship can be very tiring, so for me, get spoiled with each other, depend on each other, is the ideal love.

Honoka Yahagi - Wikipedia

Girl that has a unique temperament, will be very appealing to me. Yuki, are you refering to Honoka? LOL Do you believe in love at the first sight? Must get along first, will only confirm that you like that person. How is your ideal date?