Dating truck driver advice for new moms

Advice to New Truck Drivers -

dating truck driver advice for new moms

I was in a relationship for three months with a man I met online. He is a truck driver. The moment we met, I felt something so special. It might. There are a few things a new driver should consider taking on the truck with him/ her .. experience behind the wheel again to apply at some company at a later date. . Necessity is the mother of creativity, and there are very few situations that . Truck stop dating? . Afterwards I sort of assured myself that as long as I'm a truck driver, I will My mom tried to talk me out of marrying him.

I mean the lowest possible? Why even TRY to keep drivers on if they can replace the older drivers with those working for. It HAS to stop!! They spend millions of dollars every year trying to get you in the door instead of spending the money to keep the drivers they already have. That, in and of itself, should kick off an alarm in your head.

Trust me when I say there are lying. These recruiters can smell when you are desperate. They will eat you alive if you insist on being in a hurry.

Look at my polls on trucking companies or Trucking Company Reports to see what the actual drivers say about them.

It’s hard to date a truck driver

If you did kill someone while they are running you tired they would just shake their heads and say too bad, oh well. Remember, they do not make any money while you sit a a dock for 8 hours either so they will try and force you to make it up for them.

Being subtle about it, of course. THEY get paid for holding a truck for them. YOU get NO extra pay and sit up all day waiting for it and have to drive all night. You may have to become belligerent about it, but tell them NO. For some reason it has become an issue with drivers using their brights to flash instead of turning off their lights.

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This helps stop some of the turbulence. Advice on backing an eighteen wheeler When one first becomes a truck driver the backing in part can be a daunting task. It is without a doubt the hardest part of learning how to sling an eighteen wheeler around. While we weren't sure about taking on an extra bill with a new and uncertain income, the security of knowing we could call each other day or night was priceless.

Learn About the Trucking Life When your husband becomes a truck driver, it's easy to feel left out.

dating truck driver advice for new moms

There's a simple way around that--learn all you can about the trucking life. There's plenty of info available including books, websites and industry publications. Truckers have a language all their own. Buy a road atlas and look to see where your hubby is and how he got there. Make yourself a part of his new life. Remember, trucking is a family affair. Do a Run with Him This will help you see what life on the road is like.

dating truck driver advice for new moms

While you're at home holding things together it sometimes seems like he's out seeing the country and having a big old time. While this can be true to an extent, those of us at home have no idea of the loneliness, boredom or headaches that accompany truck driving. Getting out on the road with him from time to time will give you the perspective you lack when you're safe at home. Trust Him This can be hard for new trucker's wives. Who hasn't heard the stories of cheating truckers and predatory lot lizards for those of you who don't know, that's the slang name for hookers who frequent truck stops?

It can be terrifying to imagine your hubby out on the road, lonely and vulnerable. It goes both ways though. He may be worried about what you're doing at home! Being separated for weeks is hard. It takes trust to keep those crazy worries at bay. Just remember, if your husband was trustworthy when he was home then he'll be trustworthy on the road. Our truckers are working hard and they're dedicated to their wives and families.

Give your man the benefit of the doubt and unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, trust him! By the same token, don't give him any reason to doubt you either. Stay Busy The consensus among trucker's wives is to stay busy, particularly when you're new to the life. Whether you're doing projects around the house, learning a new hobby or spending time with family and friends, time passes quickly when you're busy.

I spent the first weeks my husband was away wondering what to do with myself.

Relationships on the Road: Dating a Truck Driver

Staying busy helped get my mind off of missing him and eased the way into this new life. Have Your Own Activities and Interests While it's easy to put your life on hold while he's gone, it's not wise.

It will only make you clingy and boring. You need your own interests. All of us have some interest we'd like to devote more time to. For me it was writing. Once my husband was on the road, it became harder to make excuses about not having time to write.

Time was suddenly abundant. It's probably the same for you. Maybe you want to paint or play an instrument or decorate cakes.

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Take this time to become proficient. Not only will it give you an outlet for your energy, it will impress your husband that you don't turn into a vegetable when he leaves. Remember, truckers need strong, independent women at home! If he's too busy to talk or can't be reached remember, he's working! It's not that he doesn't care, but he has to get from Point A to Point B and there's probably a dispatcher breathing down his neck to do it quickly. Ditto when he's coming home.

dating truck driver advice for new moms

After weeks apart you may have visions of candlelight dinners and of him taking you in his arms and telling you how much he's missed you. While that may happen, if he's like most truckers, his first priorities when he hits that door are food, a shower and sleep.