Cocky funny opening lines for dating

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cocky funny opening lines for dating

37 Best Tinder Openers – Hilarious Opening Lines. By: Trevor And we here at Appamatix don't judge anyone for using Tinder or any other dating apps. Cocky & Funny Openers II. (she says (In line at fast-food restaurant) "Damn I- AM-SICK of .. funny best man speech opening line, google page 3. pua forum. Want to know what are the best tinder pick up lines? Whether it's a terrible opening gif, a weird choice of emoji or just a bad chat up line, So lazy, it's almost funny I Can Get On Board With Online Dating, But I'm Already Over Tinder.

Further learning how to do this takes some real work, and is difficult to target because you have to really size up the woman you're dealing with. That said, it isn't impossible to learn. Here's how it works: First, being "cocky" is a matter of degree. If you're too cocky, you look like a jerk.

Cocky & Funny Openers II

If you're not cocky enough, you look insecure. It is a very fine line. That's one of the reasons why so many guys try to add humor to their cockiness. It tends to "soften" it a bit, letting them take it slightly farther than they could otherwise.

But believe me, humor isn't an absolute necessity. Further, once you start this, you have to keep it up. If you let your guard down, or she "slips by" you're going to have a hell of a time regaining control.

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You've always got to keep in mind that women are better at this game than you are. Thus, don't drop your guard. So, here's how this works: For example, you and she start talking, you attitude should be that you control the situation - not her. You can say things to her like, "Yeah, you're cute, but I'm used to dating much younger women", or "Gee, what an interesting color for a dress".

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The point here is that you're not complimenting her, you're challenging her. She may come back with something like, "Are you saying you like the color of my dress or not? She may ask you direct questions like, "What do you do for a living? Don't say, "Oh, I'm a lab tech" or something equally boring. Say, "Oh, I work with chemicals, like the ones in your hair dye.

A little friendly banter back and forth is a great conversation starter, but if the guy continues to insult you then push him aside. You will get an automatic "Excuse me?

cocky funny opening lines for dating

If it is grungy and hipster, say she is classier than it. If this one doesn't get you, no pick up line ever will.

cocky funny opening lines for dating

It is so genuine and sweet that a girl can't help but blush when she hears it. It is charming, but still funny and clever. Sometimes I actually like to throw guys off and use this one on them; it is the most universal pick up line out there. Because it actually works.

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Hitting her with a headline. I love when a guy comes out of nowhere with a line like that. This guy is a no games kind of guy and just lays it all out there on the table. When a guy uses this pick up line, I am most definitely picking up what he is putting down. Asking her a question she can't say no to. You have made me blush and now successfully have my attention.

A line like that immediately makes a girl stop in her tracks and take notice of you. It is also flattering - like, yes you may compliment me for a couple minutes sir, I'm not opposed to that. Staring her down from across the bar. You look like someone I wanted to meet too. The minute a guy shows me a shred of confidence, I'm hooked. I love a man who is bold, but there's a difference between confident and cocky.

Show her you are confident, but don't be arrogant.

cocky funny opening lines for dating

Especially when he does it in the manner above - it is light-hearted and jokingly, making this pick up line an instant conversation starter. Blaming it on your friends.