Syed and amira dating in real life

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syed and amira dating in real life

She goes on to tell Syed he can be a part of Yasmin's life, so long as Christian doesn't go anywhere near her. Can't see that causing any. Marc Elliot is a character named Syed Masood, On Eastenders. He plays a gay character on TV, but this does not mean he is actually gay. Despite his characters . When she finds out Syed is planning to marry Christian she is furious. Amira is manipulative and her presence looks set to turn the lives of the.

He is hurt when Christian kisses another man at a party, but is able to forgive him. They decide to have a child, although Syed is at first against the idea. A drunken Roxy offers to be the surrogate mother and although Syed tells Christian that it is happening too quickly, Roxy has already impregnated herself with Christian's sperm. The insemination is unsuccessful however. Syed rents a room at Roxy's salon for his massage therapy business, but steals her client list and plans to go into business with Roxy's manager, Tanya Branning Jo Joyner.

He and Christian attend Tamwar's engagement party together, much to the disgust of his parents. The roof of their restaurant collapses and knocks Syed unconscious, Christian and Yusef Khan Ace Bhatti come to his aid. Zainab is led to believe his condition is critical and visits him in hospital, but rejects him once he is discharged. Zainab visits Syed after being urged to by Yusef, but she leaves after a while admitting it was a mistake.

Masood discovers them but Syed says he cannot stop them seeing each other. Syed confronts Zainab and Masood in The Queen Victoria, telling them that if they do not accept Christian as Syed's lover then there is nothing more to say.

Syed calls Masood a hypocrite for gambling and tells Zainab that they are in no position to judge him.

Do Syed and Amira from eastenders date in real life

He then tells them to live their lives and he will live his. Eventually, Syed and Zainab make amends.

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  • Syed and amira dating in real life

Christian and Syed try to pursue an adoption and Christian finds a new flat for them. However, Syed almost changes his mind and the couple split up until Syed realises that he does want a child.

Syed tells his family he and Christian are engaged at a family meal, but they do not take the news well. Syed decides to find Amira so he can get a divorce, but has trouble finding her and Christian worries about Qadim getting involved in their lives again.

It is revealed Amira is practically being held hostage by her father and that she had Syed's baby, a girl called Yasmin.

syed and amira dating in real life

Eventually Amira comes to Walford and wants Syed to be part of Yasmin's life as long as Christian is not part of it. Syed and Christian agree that their relationship comes first and they will go through the courts to gain access. However, when Christian is asleep, Syed sneaks out to meet Yasmin.

Syed continues to secretly see Yasmin and Amira, but when Christian learns of this, he confronts Syed and declares that Syed has to choose between him and the baby. However, he relents and gives Syed his blessing to see his child.

Once Zainab knows about Yasmin, she and Amira both try to manipulate Syed into spending more time with his daughter, at the expense of Christian. Christian reveals that he had a paternity test performed, which proves that Syed is not the father of Yasmin. Syed is devastated, but Amira continues to claim that he is the father. It later emerges that it was Yusef who falsified the paternity test. Syed and Christian then let Amira and Yasmin stay with them, as they have nowhere else to go.

syed and amira dating in real life

Amira tells Syed that she has a business opportunity in Pakistan, and invites Syed to join her and Yasmin there. Syed is initially reluctant, but after Christian's sister Jane Beale Laurie Brett says that Christian is unlikely to reunite with him, Syed considers the move.

Christian returns to Walford at Christmas, and when he sees Syed and Amira, he mocks them for behaving like a couple.

However, Syed is determined to win Christian back and insists on a divorce, though Amira refuses, so he brings Qadim back to convince her. Christian and Syed then reunite, and Amira agrees to a divorce, but tells Syed that she will not leave Walford with Qadim.

syed and amira dating in real life

However, Amira soon tires of Walford without her husband, and leaves. Syed is relieved when Christian finally reconciles with the Masood family, and Zainab invites Christian to a family dinner and to the mosque. Syed's business ventures fail and he is in debt to a supplier. When Zainab puts Syed in charge of Tamwar's restaurant, he forges Tamwar's signature on a cheque to pay off his debt, but leaves the restaurant in debt with the mortgage unpaid.

Syed meets Danny Pennant Gary Lucyand they are attracted to each other. Syed and Danny kiss, but Syed regrets it and goes on to marry Christian in a civil ceremony after confessing the kiss. However, after the wedding, which takes place in the restaurant, bailiffs arrive as four months' mortgage is overdue. Syed tries to leave but eventually decides to stay, revealing that the debt is his fault and the money taken from the accounts was for him.

syed and amira dating in real life

Christian stays with him, saying they can sort the debts together. Syed later sees Christian covered in blood and bruises. Christian lies that it was a homophobic attack, and Syed calls the police without Christian's knowledge.

However, Christian is arrested for the assault on Danny. However, Masood threatens to tell the police about Danny's dodgy investments, so Danny withdraws the allegations.

syed and amira dating in real life

Christian asks Syed for his reassurance of their love and marriage or he will end their relationship. Syed cannot give it, so Christian moves out. Syed allows Amira to take her, not telling Christian, who is angry when he finds out. Christian plans to move to America to live with Jane.

Syed discovers this through Masood, and brands Christian a hypocrite.

EastEnders to have its first gay wedding as Christian proposes to Syed

Zainab and Lucy lock the pair in the Masoods' restaurant where they reunite. Refusing to leave without Syed, Christian has Jane book them both tickets and they leave together to go to America, planning to live closer to Amira and Yasmin once they return to the UK. Creation[ edit ] Syed had been mentioned regularly since the Masoods arrived in Walford inbut was not introduced on-screen until April Elliott was cast in the role after a successful reading with Ganatra and Wadia. Eliott was told he had been successfully cast just before Christmas I was given a biography when I got the part [ It's a process all characters go through to decide what they'd do in certain situations, given certain choices and basic things, for example who they'd like or dislike on [Albert] Square.

That helped to cement the character in my head [ He's such a complex character. It's such a collaborative experience. I'm discovering things about Syed at the same time as the rest of the team. He is also described as "handsome, suave and sophisticated". Executive Producer Diederick Santer described Syed as "Entrepreneurial, reckless, dashing and complicated, [he's] set to bring surprises and chaos to the Masood family.

His drive is to be successful and there's nothing really Machiavellian about him — well, there potentially is — but he just wants the money because he believes he can use it to make more. He's charming, confident and reckless.

Then you see what he's really like over the subsequent weeks. Elliott has described the relationship between the characters and Syed's motivation: There's certainly an honest attraction there and I think he does love her. But the money that her father has might be an additional aspect of their relationship.

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