Seungho and soyeon dating

Yoo Seung Ho Talks About "I'm Not A Robot" + Thinks He Deserves "Kissing God" Title

seungho and soyeon dating

Yoo Seung-ho is a South Korean actor who rose to fame as a child actor in the film The Way .. Retrieved ^ Park, So-yeon (31 December ). Read Yoo Seung Ho (Actor) from the story KPOP Profiles by rheneca (ㅀ) with reads. korean, profiles, kpopprofiles. Name: Yoo Seung Ho (유승호). So Yeon (소연) is a South Korean singer. Stage Name: So Yeon (소연, ソヨン); Real Name: Park So Yeon (박소연); Birth Name: Park In Jung (박인정); Nickname : So; Date of Birth: Went to school with Seungho of MBLAQ & Gyuri of KARA.

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seungho and soyeon dating

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seungho and soyeon dating

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You had never heard of him mention her before but his brother continued to talk about how he always thought Seungho would end up dating her.

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You tried not to think anything of it until it dawned on you that she was a member of the girl group, T-ara. If she had been that important to him, you thought, then he would have talked to you about her or introduced you two at one point. And between all the new promotions and your own work on the new musical, alone time was beginning to be hard to find.

At one point you had an thirty minute conversation on the phone while he drove back to the dorm and he fell asleep on you.

MBLAQ and T-ara are dating

The fortunate side to it was that one of the guys picked up to tell you he fell asleep before you jumped to the conclusion that something worse might have happened. It had been a very exhausting month for the members of MBLAQ but they were making headlines and becoming very popular through all their hard work.

In the midst of all the chaos there was finally a bright side towards the end of January. Manager had become too busy to be around the dorms to check on the boys in the last few days and so Seungho invited you over with the permission of the rest of the band mates. Everyone had been more than fine with it and so you found yourself at the same familiar building where you had dropped off Seungho plenty of times before.

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When you arrived Seungho answered, taking your coat and helping you by being your shoulder to lean on as you took off your boots. It was a very quiet dorm that day, an unusual occurrence. You looked around for any signs of members but not a trace of them seemed to be evident. Once inside you helped him slip it off along with his under shirt, kissing his chest and running your hands down towards his belt as you moved towards the bed. The back of your knees were hitting the edge of the bed as you were about to unbuckle his belt but the sound of the front door closing froze your movements in an instant.

You looked towards the door.

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Without a shirt on? Nothing was said while manager continued to stare at you.