Russian women black list dating scams and scammers

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russian women black list dating scams and scammers

Interested in Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian brides: girls dating Photos of scammers, Surname, name, Scam scheme, Samples of messages, Comments. The internet dating scams include some common elements: dating scammers. Does the U.S. Embassy have a blacklist? I think I have been scammed. Dating scammer Weber from Birmingham, ID Dating scammer Arhipova from Nytva Perm, ID Dating scammer bultman from houston, ID

I have read about you in your profile. I am very interested in you.

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May be she is a scammer? Probably, we should continue our communication. What do you think? Write me back, please. I will be waiting for your reply. The clients of online dating agency sites get messages like this regularly. But they will still keep the correspondence going just in case you change your mind. If you do send the sum required, the announcement of some unexpected additional expenses comes shortly.

It may be an increase in the cost of the tickets, need for additional "travel insurance" money, some problems with the visa process, some terrible tragedy with girl's relatives, she got robbed on the way to the airport, or the money just got stolen.

The problems are usually unexpected and not the girl's fault. Since you started sending money, some evil eye is on the girl and her family. The money got stolen again and again, her mother is hit by a car and needs an operation, she herself got a heart attack and is dieing in hospital without necessary medications If you feel that our article was useful and helped you to avoid being scammed by a con artist, please consider showing your support to our web site Am I being scammed if: She tells me she can come on a tourist visa to see me Probably yes.

Most likely you are being set up for the "visa and tickets scam". But check with your Embassy to see how easy would it be for her to get a tourist visa to your country. She tells me she can come on a student visa Unlikely but possible. Do not send her money just yet. Ask her to provide more details on the University that she is going to come to study at, and then contact that University.

I am sure that if they have some kind of student exchange program in place, they will be happy to tell you about it.

russian women black list dating scams and scammers

Also, you can contact the Embassy that issued that visa to confirm that the visa is valid. She tells me she can come on a fianc? One of the requirements for the fianc? And YOU will have to file lots of paperwork before she can even fill out her application.

She tells me she can come on a business or work visa Unlikely but possible. Do not send her money without verification of the validity of her visa.

Ask her to send you a scanned picture of her visa and then contact the Embassy that issued that visa to confirm that the visa is valid.

Some ladies offer to come on a work visa and then to get a fianc? You will still be asked to pay for travel expenses see example. She still has ads running on many dating sites even after she states that she likes me and wants to marry me? Well, if she placed a half of dozen of those ads in different catalogs before, she may not remember to remove them later.

Also, the agencies may keep selling her address for their own profits. She tells me that her Internet costs a lot, and she has very little money to pay for it. But if this is one of the FIRST things she mentions in her very first letters, then it is a scam-alert.

Blacklist of dating scam websites

Usually honest girls will wait until some degree of relationship has started to develop to get brave enough to mention that some support is needed. The agency requested me to pay something to be able to continue writing to her. Unless it is a scheduled membership renewal - yes, it is a strong scam alert. Ask the agency to give you the girl's address or phone so you could contact her on your own.

If they refuse to do so, just stop using that agency and please report that agency to us - we will place it on the Possibly Dishonest Agencies list. If your desire to continue your correspondence with the girl is still very strong, consider using one of our investigation services - we may be able find out if the "girl" exists at all and to locate her address and phone if possible.

She never uses my name. She gives me a lot of sweet and nice names but never calls me by name. We would say it is a usual scam indication. But if the letters are very personal and have all your questions answered in detail and do not have any other scam-symptoms, then it might just be that person's manner of speaking.

If there ARE other scam-symptoms in the letters, then you may wish to be careful with that person. She said her friend works in a travel agency. Of course there IS a possibility that one of the girl's friends really works in a travel agency, but we would suggest you keep your eyes open for other scam-alert signals.

If you would like to know for sure - ask the girl for the name of the agency her friend works for, and see what the girl says. If she gives you the name of the agency her friend is supposed to work for, then we can check that agency for you easily. She said her mom is very ill and they are paying a lot for the treatment. Well, it is the second most often used reason for scammers to ask for money, but we would not rush to place her on our black list just because of that.

In her particular situation this may be the complete truth. Many people's parents especially if they are pretty old already do get very ill and do need an expensive treatments and drugs.

russian women black list dating scams and scammers

We suggest you go though all black lists you can find and make sure that your friend is not on one of them already. If you didn't find her on any black list, but still would like to find out for sure how her mom is doing, we could check it for you.

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And if her mom is really as ill as she says, then we would suggest you help your Russian friend if you like her a lot, and if you are in stable financial condition yourself.

That will probably mean a lot to her. If the story with mommy's illness turns out to be a lie, then you will know exactly with whom you are dealing. She has already fallen in love with me but we have hardly been writing each other for a month. Unless you recently won Mr. Universe and lots of girls everywhere are crazy about you - it IS probably a scam.

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Check all black lists and send us copies of her letters, if you wish. We can compare her letters to a few hundreds of other scammers letters and see if we find your Russian admirer in our database. Her feelings for me are very strong. I am many years older than her and in my country I am not considered to be very attractive for a girl of her age. Many girls in Russia do prefer dating older men I was one of them. The age difference between my husband and myself is 29 years, and I am completely happy in my marriageand years difference is very common.

But be aware that many scammers commonly prey on older western men, since they are considered to be a pretty easy target. What you can do to try to make sure she is not a scammer: See what she will do. She didn't mentioned ill mom or money for visa yet, but she is telling me about her poor financial situation in every letter.

She may be a scammer or may be a girl in a very poor financial situation, who desperately tries to get your help. To see what kind of person it is you may just mention that you are in a bad financial situation yourself and would love to help her with money but cannot at the moment.

If she is as attracted to your personality, as she says, then she will understand and in that case I would suggest you do help her at least with the money for her Internet costs. If she is there just for the money, her letters will become less and less loving, and she will probably drop the correspondence.

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In many of her letters she tells me the same things over and over again, in exactly the same words. Yes, big possibility of a "copy and paste" scammer.

They use prewritten letters and take pieces of them as they need. Check all black lists very carefully, and consider writing the girl using a different name.

Blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian women

See if her letters will change. She said she doesn't have a phone so I cannot call her. Maybe a complete truth. Even in major cities lots of people in FSU do not have a phone in the house. But we can check if she DOES have a phone.

russian women black list dating scams and scammers

If she does you may ask yourself why would she lie about that. She sent me only one picture of herself and says she does not have any more to send to me. May be a scammer using someone's picture. If you would like to get more of her pictures, order a surprise flower delivery for her. Ask the delivery agency to make a picture of the addressee upon delivery. If the girl will refuse to let them make a photo, something is definitely wrong. To begin with they will make some shootings of professional or semi-professional models or just attractive girls of different ages, and maybe make a few videos with girls introducing themselves with whatever name they will be told to use.

The girls may have a very little idea what this for and just want their three or five dollars per picture maybe more if nude or half-nude. This way the agency actually gets some real girls and real addresses.

Then some free or cheap web site and free or public e-mail address will be obtained and the process will begin. It is a very common practice for an international marriage agency to offer their clients some additional services like translation of the correspondence, mail forwarding, flowers and gifts delivery, English lessons and sometimes even obtaining the girl's visa and tickets "at discount prices".

The scammers will not only provide these services, but they will often insist on using only their services, and no outside interpreters or flower deliveries are allowed. If a client buys an address of a real lady, they would insist on using their translation services and easily take control over the content of the letters.

If a client buys a photo of a model who is long gone, the agency will correspond with him as if they were the girl and the client will never know the difference. In this case prewritten letters are usually used. To make sure they will get paid for their efforts, the agency will start to push the girls to ask their men for "financial help", money for the Internet, money for sick family members and so on. In some extreme cases the agency would actually add this money requests to the girl's letters without the girls knowledge.

Or, if it would be completely necessary to inform the girl about the money requests, the agency would just force the girl to confirm money transfers but keep the money for themselves.

The girl, who dreams of getting married aboard, is completely dependent on the "agency", and would probably do whatever they force her to, by naivety or by strong wish to get married at any costs. Sometimes to get paid even more, the agency would force the girl to correspond with as many men as possible, even if she has no interest in them or has already chosen the one whom she likes the most.

The agency is making a good chunk of their money on flowers, mail forwarding and translations - so they are pushing their profits from one "girl" to the limits. They promise the girl, that when she will leave to get married, they will help her apologize to her other "fianc? Right" After a while the usual request for visa and tickets money will come. How much money are visitors required to show? To receive a U. Can you recommend a travel agency I can send the money and have them buy the ticket?

The Embassy cannot suggest or verify the validity of private companies or organizations within Russia, nor can the embassy purchase tickets. Tickets can easily be purchased in the United States directly from the air carriers for Russian citizens. In addition, applicants are NOT required to have a ticket prior to the visa interview. In fact, applicants are counseled NOT to buy tickets or make arrangements until they have the visa in hand.

Scammers will cite fictitious American or Russian regulations requiring that the tickets be purchased in Russia with cash in order to get the cash sent overseas. What is the procedure for Russians to get a tourist visa?

All visa applications are submitted to a Russian courier service — Pony Express — for delivery to the Embassy. However, there are no additional fees, nor any requirements to show traveling money. Once an applicant submits their application, they are immediately scheduled for an appointment to appear for an interview within the following 10 days or within 21 days during peak travel seasons.

At the appointment at the Embassy, the applicant is interviewed by an American Consular officer and is immediately told whether he or she is eligible for the visa.