Roman reigns and nikki bella dating real life

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roman reigns and nikki bella dating real life

WWE Hell in a Cell could feature Nikki Bella turning heel on Ronda Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins shockingly reformed The Shield last month on Raw. dating back to Shinsuke Nakamura's unforeseen heel turn and the be a better story if Nikki turned heel in route to their match at Evolution. NIKKI BELLA seems to have moved on after her shock breakup with John Cena but claims her dating life is “boring”. According to the Daily Mirror, Bella seems to be dating again but she usually prefers to stay home and watch WWE RAW: Kane and Shawn Michaels to be part of Undertaker vs Triple H. Nikki Bella and John Cena were a pro wrestling couple that soon became Cena, everyone is wondering about what is going on in Nikki's love life. Comes Under Fire For Capitalizing On Roman Reigns Leukemia Situation.

It's the best feeling ever. When you returned to the ring last summer, it was following a serious neck injury. How did you find that period, when you were re-establishing yourself in WWE and seeing what your body was capable of? I think so much of it is the heart, passion and strength that you have inside and what you truly want to overcome.

I wasn't okay with them saying my career was over.

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I was like 'no, I am going to get back in that ring'. I think that drive is really what helped me heal and that heart, because you just start to do things that you never thought you would, because you want to be better. It was a whole new world for me coming back, because there were certain things I used to be able to do well that I couldn't do and it was difficult looking backwards, I was like 'oh my gosh I can't do this anymore'. So I definitely changed a little bit of my powerhouse style, but it was a new fun adventure.

I was like 'okay, if you can't do these things, what can you learn and do differently and how can you turn into this new character, a new version of you'.

WWE News: Nikki Bella talks about bringing her real life drama to WWE storylines

Since I looked into that as being a fun new challenge, I think it made my comeback even better. Of course you have those times when it's frustrating, but overall it makes me think what I have accomplished.

roman reigns and nikki bella dating real life

Carmella applies a bow and arrow hold on Nikki Bella using the ring post Image: It didn't look like you had taken your foot off the gas. My poor surgeon was texting me every week like 'What are you doing?

You promised me you wouldn't do this. But honestly, how could I come back when the women are doing absolutely amazing at WWE and just be mediocre. I didn't want to come back and be mediocre, I wanted to hang in with the girls and I wanted to prove myself every week.

So I definitely pushed my limits but I knew I was safe. And the thing is the girls in the ring, all my colleagues, they really took care of me as well. I couldn't have done it without the girls I share the ring with every week.

It seemed like you all had a lot of fun in the build-up to it. How did you find the skits The Miz and Maryse did, when they parodied you and John? Were you able to laugh at yourselves and appreciate how funny they were? Oh my gosh yes. I have to say it was a lot of fun. I felt so blessed that I got to be in that position, to have such an amazing mixed tag match at WrestleMania and especially to have the love of my life as my tag partner.

Those videos I felt they were so comical, it really made me realise I am a character that you could easily make fun of. I do talk pretty valley, I totally have this look, and I'm so in love with my man he makes me talk in a weird voice John was like 'you've made it, you're a character' and I was like 'I guess so'.

It was really funny.

roman reigns and nikki bella dating real life

I think having a twin sister who makes fun of me constantly in a good way, I'm used to it! It was great, I loved it. Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now All four of you have worked together for a long time, so there seemed to be a natural chemistry.

I've known Miz and Maryse for 10 years and John as well. We had real life stories, so knowing each other for a long time but bringing that reality into our stories, it made it real but it also made it fun.

Don't get me wrong, it made it hard at times as well, but that's why you got such natural reactions, because there was a lot of stuff to talk about.

roman reigns and nikki bella dating real life

It led to an incredible moment for you, when John proposed to you at WrestleMania. Did you know for certain that he was going to do it? Don't get me wrong, I saw all the speculation, but I know my John, and I was like 'he would never do that, ever, ever'.

I kind of was embarrassed by all the speculation, because I was like 'everyone is going to be waiting for it and then it's not going to happen and they will probably be making fun of me', like 'ha ha, you'll never get married'. So then when he grabbed the mic, I was like 'wait, no way'.

And when he started talking I was in shock, like 'is this really happening? In front of all these people? Wait is he doing it? A recently divorced Randy Orton befriends her and tries to help her through this hard time.

Nikki Bella

Can it help her attain her 3rd Divas title? Brie and John's marriage continues to thrive. Will Nikki find love again?

Or will her inability to let John go ruin everything. This isn't rated M for any old reason. Companion to Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Brie and Nikki Bella are coming for dinner.

Phil is not amused. Full list of warnings inside! You caused us to fall. M - English - Drama - Chapters: It's not his thing. Wrestling is his thing.

But if that's still true then why is Nikki Bella under his skin? Mendes worked in a number of roles, wrestling and managing different talents most memorably Primo and Epico. All in all, she was the sort of talent who raised some questions about her longevity on the roster.

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Melina was introduced to the main roster as the manager to the MNM tag team of John Morrison and Joey Mercury before breaking out as a wrestler in her own right. Melina was romantically linked to Morrison for most of her WWE tenure, but Batista wrote in his book about dating her briefly while she and Morison were on a break. Rumors have swirled about Batista still having been married during their tryst Batista explicitly suggests it was shortly after his divorcethat Morrison may not have broken up with Melina or had some arrangement where she dated both men concurrently, or that hard feelings in the aftermath saw Batista politick against Morrison.

Long before Cena, however, Bella was romantically linked to Dolph Ziggler. The story goes that Kanellis was real life friends with Ziggler for a long time and wound up dancing up close to him at a party only for Bella to confront her about making a move on her man. She made the transition to WWE after the buy out, where she was never featured at quite the same level, but nonetheless, remained on the roster for years as a manager and wrestler.

She was most memorably romantically linked to Billy Kidman, whom she had some storylines with in wrestling, and to whom she was married for a period of years.

The logic goes that people resented this young, unproven talent for being involved with this wrestling sex symbol, and the result was his budding career getting marginalized. He wound up attached to AJ Lee whom he would eventually marry. In addition to these WWE contemporaries, he also had a public relationship with Lita.

Nikki bella and Roman reigns and sasha banks love song mv

This relationship tended to fly under the radar, and subsequently be forgotten on account of it being relatively low drama, with neither side having bad things to say about the other and little of note resulting from the relationship. There is a persisting rumor though, that Punk began seeing AJ Lee at the same time as Lita, and the timeline of Punk marrying AJ roughly a year after breaking up with Lita lends some credence to that rumor.

The two seem amicable enough, or at least fine with leaving one another alone.