Rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

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rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

J-Lo is a free soul, and when it comes to her love life, she doesn't give a Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro met when they were co-stars in. Rumors have re-surfaced about Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper. has been romantically linked to Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro. Slide 1 of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart They started dating in November and had gone their separate ways for a brief period in.

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Chris, who is an ex-con after pleading guilty to being involved in armed robbery, dated the musician up until The co-stars were only together for a short while, parting after less than a year together. After 10 months of dating, the pair got married on the 22nd of February Consequently, a confidentiality agreement was drawn up but he breached the contract and was also sued for invasion of privacy alongside the breaching. These occurrences made the marriage seem more like a battlefield other than what it was meant to be.

The couple finally separated in January and got divorced on the 1st of March The two had been together for months but never publicly acknowledged their relationship.

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Sadly by Februarythe relationship was over. Cris Judd With Chris Judd: They got married on the 29th of September, At this time, Lopez was still married to Cris Judd. When Jennifer was in the process of divorcing Cris Judd, Affleck started making his intentions known. They were both later seen at a Vancouver strip club.

Jennifer Lopez Dating Rodrigo Santoro…in Movie Scene!

Intheir relationship blossomed into an engagement and even on to wedding plans. The couple frequently collaborated together.

We need more like her! Oh, sure you do. Everyone has had that special sweetheart from high school. Even though sometimes these stories can get funny or even embarrassing, nobody can deny puppy love is a cute thing in life.

We know Jennifer Lopez is everything we will always want to be. She's hot AF, she dances incredibly well, and she also had an amazing love story.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

She started dating David Cruz when she was just 15 years old and the couple remained together for ten years! This is quite a long time! Actually, any couple that has Lopez on one side is definitely a hot couple.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

Fame is hard, and being in the spotlight was a bit hard for Chris Judd. I mean, I love his music, but poor guy. I mean, I would date him if he asks me to.

Jennifer Lopez looks distressed on 2nd outing with hunky Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro

Maybe he prefers to have this inspirational muse rather than have a solid relationship, and if this is the case, J Lo was a pretty good muse choice. Early this year, J Lo admitted they were dating and sure they made a lovely couple.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

Unfortunately, this just lasted a couple of months, and we just have one cute Instagram photo to prove it. Some sources said he was very happy with Lopez, but unfortunately he was still thinking about Riri. That track is dope!

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

Eonline Oh my, this is absolutely my favorite J Lo love combo. They used to make such an amazing couple, a completely Latin power bomb. I mean, both are extremely talented musicians and a totally amazing combo when they're together. It was just meant to be. After many years together and two adorable twins, the hot couple confirmed their separation in Nydailynews We know that Jennifer Lopez has this thing for dancers, and who are we to blame her?

Actually, her career started like that, and each one of her presentations and videos prove that she is great at dancing!

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This couple met when Casper Smart was one of her backup dancers. But apart from being one of the Jennifer Lopez lucky exes, he has also toured with artists like Nicki Minaj and Sean Paul. They started dating right after she divorced Marc Anthony in The couple had this on and off love story for nearly five years, but it seems they had an amicable break up in Yes, they all have dated this man.

Chris Paciello grew up in Brooklyn, and by the age of 15 was already a former criminal! When he was just a teenager he was stealing radio cars, and then cars. Then inwhile J Lo was pursuing her dance career, he was robbing banks!

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating who

I guess at least once in a lifetime we are into bad boys. At some point of his life, Paciello moved from Staten Island to Miami to clean up his past, and to start all over again.

It was there where he became one of the richest business men in the city, and also where he met all the rich and famous. Yes, the Harlem born and raised rapper met J Lo while she was working on her first album. To be honest, I think this couple had a huge potential. Unfortunately, the bad boy was probably too bad for her, and they split after an awful incident. In December ofhe was involved in a shooting that took place at a nightclub in New York City.

The bad news is that Jennifer was with him, and both got arrested. The good news is that charges against Jen were dropped the same day.